It’s The Scale’s Fault

The BIG FOOT scale I put in our tiny bathroom tripped me in the middle of a bathroom run in the middle of the night and the bathtub sucker-punched me right in the kisser as I fell. I could have died. I could have broken my nose, jaw, teeth, neck. Maybe I did. My nose... Continue Reading →



New rule: Weigh myself fully clothed with shoes on after shower and breakfast. At the doctor office I don't get weighed naked right out of bed, and they don't take my word on how much I really weighed in the morning - a mistake all medical professionals make. Still, I refuse to fear the scales with... Continue Reading →

How to Track Weight-Loss Progress Without a Scale 

Unfortunately, the metric we've been relying on for decades — numbers on a scale — isn't always indicative of the progress you're making in your weight-loss journey. In fact, some really powerful transformations that appear to be slim downs involve very few pounds lost — some even have gained weight! Here are some little victories to keep an eye... Continue Reading →


   18 September 2012, 143 lbs. 12 August 2016, 165.6 lbs. 30 September 2016, 154 lbs. 30 October 2016, 149 lbs. 22 January 2017, 160 lbs. 13 February 2017, 159 lbs. 2 March 2017, 164 lbs. 15 April 2017, 157 lbs.

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