The Results Are In For The 1 week Flatten Stomach aka Power Trifecta drink challenge

I was up early while it was still dark at 5ish AM. I did the scale measurements first this time. SPRING SCALE = 159 LBS. DIGITAL SCALE = 164.6 LBS. FAT = 23.5 VISCERAL FAT = 11 MUSCLE = 31.0 BMI = 25.9 CALORIE/RESTING METABOLISM = 1532 RESULT: I gained two tenths of a poundContinue reading “The Results Are In For The 1 week Flatten Stomach aka Power Trifecta drink challenge”

End First Phase AFC Rapid Fat-Loss Diet = Sharon’s Fat Reduction Diet

There are no statistics for the last week of the FAT REDUCTION PHASE of AFC RAPID FAT-LOSS DIET, that wouldn’t be essentially the same as the first four weeks. TOTAL FAT-LOSS = 10.5 LBS.


8/7/2018  TUESDAY Day 33   FAT-LOSS GOAL Had I set a specific number of pounds I wanted or expected to lose, it wouldn’t have been an experiment as I indicated in my first post regarding the AFC RAPID FAT-LOSS DIET. Perhaps I should have defined rapid. Maybe I did. I better go back and check.Continue reading “FAT-LOSS GOAL – DAY 33”


That half pound attached to the 155.5 lb. reading on the scale this past Friday bothered me, so I weighed myself this morning (Monday) at 4:14 AM, even though my rule was to weigh-in only once a week on Fridays. Obviously I woke up feeling a little lighter, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. So,Continue reading “11 DAYS AND COUNTING”


7/6/2018 FRIDAY Day 1 Weigh-In 162.5 lbs.  Total Calories = 1649 Total Fat grams = 49.5 Fat calorie/total calorie ratio = 27%

Feel Your Weight

I want to feel my weight. Being numb to it isn’t helping to reduce it. When factoring in the time and effort it takes to wake up to it and stay awake, it isn’t worth whatever short-term benefit the ‘numb to it’ provided. So each day for a while, in my mind, I will weighContinue reading “Feel Your Weight”


New rule: Weigh myself fully clothed with shoes on after shower and breakfast. At the doctor office I don’t get weighed naked right out of bed, and they don’t take my word on how much I really weighed in the morning – a mistake all medical professionals make. Still, I refuse to fear the scales withContinue reading “WEIGH SELF FULLY CLOTHED”

How to Track Weight-Loss Progress Without a Scale 

Unfortunately, the metric we’ve been relying on for decades — numbers on a scale — isn’t always indicative of the progress you’re making in your weight-loss journey. In fact, some really powerful transformations that appear to be slim downs involve very few pounds lost — some even have gained weight! Here are some little victories to keep an eyeContinue reading “How to Track Weight-Loss Progress Without a Scale “