Anticipated Results


Nobody likes discipline, but everybody likes the result.

The Anticipated Result is eventually what motivates us to move beyond our limbo state of mind.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Finish One Job Before Going Onto Another

NEW RULE> FOR ME. Finish one job before starting another. I’m tired of all the loose ends in all my days and nights, that never seem to end, whereby I feel some satisfaction for a job well done. There’s just too many of them. Everywhere. Even when I complete one job it seems insignificant compared to the mountain of stuff I’ve started, but haven’t completed.

I’ve got my foot in the door of so many things to do, that my feet hurt.

Too much multi-tasking becomes detrimental to all the tasks in the loop, creating chaos rather than order. Complete one job to your high standards of satisfaction, savor the victory, then move on to something else. Success breeds success, so the next job up will be anticipated with excitement rather than dread. Your focus increases, becomes actually pleasurable. In the long term, you will accomplish more with less stress and be better at all of it.


Go With My Own Flow


I’m not doing a very good job at sticking to particular days I target to do stuff. I just do whatever I want to do when I feel like doing it.

Why try to box myself into a schedule that doesn’t fit my personality? Or my needs or my wants?

I’ve got to go with my own flow – even when I break the rules I make for myself that were well-intentioned, but didn’t fit.

I want to organize everything, but end up in chaos because of it.

New rule: Do what fits me, not some organizational method of achievement.

The achievement will come when I stop boxing myself in.

This isn’t for everyone. All I know is me.




When I looked over the months of weights recorded, my best weigh-in day is usually (not always) Wednesday. Steve’s week-end (Monday and Tuesday) is over – that’s when I weigh the least. I eat less when he’s home. We do more together. I’m not working all day – alone with Lilly Belle – cooking, maintaining websites, writing, typing, researching, cleaning, planning – and for some reason it all makes me hungry, especially seeing food – pictures of my own recipes – makes me want to cook and eat.

The morning after my week-end with Steve I weigh myself, plus the morning before my week-end. My worst weigh-in day is the day before our week-end – our Friday morning. I’m hoping and figuring that now that I see a pattern, that the pattern will change. No, not change itself. I have to change the pattern. I need to eat less on my work days. I exercise more on my work days, though. When Steve is home, I walk more, which may have something to do with the eating less. I don’t know that part yet.

Most people eat more on their days off than on their work days. Not me. I’m not as distracted by food when Steve is home, though we both love to eat. We regard our days off as time to catch up by cutting back on some of the excesses during the week. The proof is in the scale and the amount I eat. I actually kept track of everything I ate and drank for two weeks. Keeping track made me eat more, since I figured as long as I wrote everything down I could eat it.

Nice trick. The ‘at least I’m being honest’ trick that we all use to justify just about anything. What for, I wonder? Being honest never produced a good result for me in anything. I’m beginning to wonder why I do it. I guess it makes my life easier in that I don’t have to keep track of lies, but the benefits are slim and none.

How am I doing? I’m out of the 60’s, which means I’m in the 50’s – the 150’s. So I’m doing okay.

My goal is to stay out of the 60’s forever. Focus on that, and maybe soon I’ll be out of the 50’s forever. All the while I’m establishing new little habits to eat more nutrient-dense foods in smaller portions. My portions aren’t that big to begin with though.

For me it’s primarily the frequency. Nutrient-dense foods are not an appetite suppressant for me.



Right now I’m not so much concerned about weight, as I am focused on establishing new habits that will eventually lead to the weight loss I desire.

Laying the ground work – the foundation – I am.

P.S. I’m not sure if this is a rule or a tip. Guess I’ll go for both.


No guessing, that’s a new rule.

I’m laying a foundation. That’s a tip for you and a rule for me.



When I make some, I’ll let ya know.

Until then, “that’s the way I tumble” will be my working rule, like a working title.

Chef Davies-Tight




You’re strong enough to make your own rules regarding your own goals.

The rules I make for myself can only serve as a motivating tool for you to make your own.

That old saying is true, ‘what works for you may not work for me and vice versa’.

Rules are meant to organize, simplify and motivate.

If you organize, simplify and motivate, then you have your rules.