Smoked Almond Garlic Green Beans


Not your typical green beans almondine. Better. Easy to make. I could make a main dish out of these beans and feel like I had a complete meal. Yet they go well with other main dishes, especially holiday ones. If you’re serving a crowd, this is a perfect side dish vegetable, requiring little effort!

Serves 6-8

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Collards In Mustard Cider Sauce fat-free


There aren’t many sauces you can make fat-free that will stand up against the fatted version. This is one of them. All added flavors and textures compliment the greens and vice versa. I just happened to have cider on hand, because it’s Fall in America where I happily live. My status means nothing. Location, location, location is everything. I don’t want anybody’s life, money or fame. I can get my own in my own way on my own terms. I don’t buck the system or game it, or corrupt it. I work with it. Everybody wants a free pass with nothing to offer. Not me. I raise myself. I don’t need somebody else to do it for me. 

Enjoy this unique way of serving collard greens. Holidays are coming up. Surprise family and guests with something familiar yet different! Serve over a combination of white and sweet mashed potatoes, or seasoned long grain rice. You decide!

Makes 9-1/2 cups 

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