What Can STUCK Do For You?


Even if it’s a bridge to nowhere, no one cares; they want to see what nowhere looks like.

Blame our adventurous animal nature to seek beyond what we can see to find what we need to survive or better yet to thrive.

We like the anticipation of not knowing what to expect.

The thrill of the wobble scaring the sense out of those who like to wander unopposed.

Making it to the other side, an achievement in itself. Whatever lies ahead can’t be as bad as what we just endured.

It’s an adventure. That’s right. An adventure of the will.

Crossing a little creek, carefully maneuvering from stone to boulder to dry rotted tree trunk broken to the water by a stroke of lightning transforming itself into my good luck, enabling me to make it to the forest border. A clear path. Wow, I made it.

Sure, stepping stones are bridges too.

What happens next is all up to me, as it was in the beginning.

I can see how I was making my choices, scoping out the territory, even when I thought I was standing still going nowhere.

We’re always going somewhere. The planet is in continual motion, which means everything on it moves at the same speed.

See? I never was stuck. It’s impossible to live on Earth and call myself ‘stuck’. That word was made up by people who didn’t like the speed of the planet – people who wanted to slow everything down. We all get a little motion-sick at times. But people can’t slow it down. Nothing people do can slow it. Earth would have to be hit by a huge asteroid that might veer it off course that could end in its demise, but what lies on Earth now cannot slow the motion.

So, yeah, we’re stuck with it, stuck to it, but not stuck independent of the motion. We are part of the motion, being one with the universe, thus the planet – every cell, every chemical reaction, every thought, action, idea, fragment.

Looking at the reality of the bigger picture allows us to realize we’re not stuck at all. We can’t be stuck.

So why aren’t we succeeding in becoming thinner? Because we made a decision to become fat. That’s the result. We made all the moves to get there. So why blame it on being stuck?

What can STUCK do for you?

Nothing, nothing at all.

The glass-bottomed bridge in China was designed as a tourist attraction to be visited by 8,000 people per day and to hold 800 tourists at a time by an Israeli architect, Haim Dotan. The architect obviously was schooled in lucky numbers for the Chinese – 8 being the luckiest. As it turns out zeros are as important in forecasting the usage of the bridge as it is in making the luck. The bridge was so popular, that 80,000 people visited the site daily. Two weeks after the bridge opened it was shut down to make the necessary accommodations for the increased number of tourists. It reopened on 30 September 2016.





That half pound attached to the 155.5 lb. reading on the scale this past Friday bothered me, so I weighed myself this morning (Monday) at 4:14 AM, even though my rule was to weigh-in only once a week on Fridays.

Obviously I woke up feeling a little lighter, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.

So, yes. That half pound is history.

Now, instead of losing a total of 7 lbs. in a little over three weeks, the new total is 7.5 lbs. lost.

Oops, now that new half pound marker bothers me. I don’t like to do anything halfway.

I’m going to knock that half pound off the planet.

Slow doesn’t always win the race. Slow might not even complete the race if the turtle slows to a snail’s pace and gets scooped up for supper along the way.

I’m at the head of the stretch, there’s no more time for maneuvering. Put the pedal to the metal.

If my brain hasn’t gotten the message that I can eat responsibly without it having to put me in emergency mode to slow my metabollism, because it thinks I’m starving, then my brain needs to be taught who’s in charge here. I’m a contributing factor to how I exercise my freedom to use my instincts as I choose.

Counting today (30 July) I have 11 days till the final weigh-in.



Scales and Mirrors (Part 5) ©

Two tablespoons to trim: oil that is. No more than that in any given recipe. Recipe, not serving. Why any? Because I know you won’t stick to none. I won’t either. And at times I’ll go beyond my own rule. Some oil/fat is probably good for you.

It’s not because of all the reasons you’ve already heard: this oil does this and another oil does that and if you take all that’s recommended of all the oils and plans to incorporate them into your diet, you’ll get all the essential nutrients you need that are covered by fat.

It’s because I like the feel of it. I’m supposed to like the feel of it. The fat is what eases the rest of the food down your throat into your gut. It’s an easier chew with fat and an easy swallow. Why do we drink when we eat? To make swallowing the solid food easier.

The result of eating all the fats that restaurants and prepared foods throw at you however is that you become three persons in one.





My Fat-Free Fling Soup. OMGod. Off the planet. Thank you for this beautiful gift!

Makes 20 cups