Marinated Rainer Cherries

Cherries, Balsamic vinegar and orange rind, that’s all it takes to make some delicious tasting cherries. Marinate till soft. The juice from the cherries infuses into the vinegar, lightening the acidity and making them good to eat straight up! Serve over or in salads, over animal-free ice-cream or as a side condiment! Delicious all theContinue reading “Marinated Rainer Cherries”



MARINATED TOMATOES AND FRESH HERBS Even when cooking with oils, fresh herbs rarely flavor a sauce as much as we think they should. Dried herbs are always needed in addition to the fresh. We usually add the fresh right at the end of cooking time for best result, but even then, the flavor effect isContinue reading “MARINATED TOMATOES AND FRESH HERBS”


MARINATED PLANT MEAT Field Roast Frankfurter ovals marinated in a sweet sour Pineapple Mustard marinade 1-3 days. I made hot sandwiches out of mine: One on a Steak & Sausage sub bun and the second on spinach flatbread – each a little different but each equally tasty and satisfying! Take a look. Serves 4-6