An Excuse And A Reckoning

“It could have been worse.” VS “I could have done better.” One lets you off the hook, the other accepts responsibility. TWO STRATEGIES. WHICH ONE ARE YOU? OR ARE YOU BOTH? ONE IS A NON-STARTER. THE OTHER A GO-GETTER. Yes, no matter the occasion or the incident we can always say we could have doneContinue reading “An Excuse And A Reckoning”

WATCH YOUR WEIGHT – be a work in progress

WATCH YOUR WEIGHT | BE A WORK IN PROGRESS Too often we set unrealistic short-term goals that should be in the long-term category. We’re always going to start tomorrow or next week and those weeks turn into years, because the job of reaching the goal is overwhelming. Your weight doesn’t begin and end with a weightContinue reading “WATCH YOUR WEIGHT – be a work in progress”

From One Year To The Next

The main goal, maybe the only goal, is to lose weight. Too often, having too many satellite goals clog up the process. Sure, eating more healthy, abstaining from animal products, lowering the fat, exercising more, stress management, fatigue management are all important. With me however, by focusing on all the peripherals, the losing of theContinue reading “From One Year To The Next”

‘A Watched Pot Never Boils’

Distraction makes it boil faster, or so it seems. Watch your weight and see how long it takes to lose it. Look away and poof it’s gone before you know it? When I was a kid, I’d stay up till Mom got home from work, greeting her with a familiar face, a cup of coffee,Continue reading “‘A Watched Pot Never Boils’”