Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is the Healthiest Fat on Earth

F-FC ClipBoard: Extra virgin olive oil has been a staple in our home for fifty years. Although I use a variety of oils, extra virgin olive oil is the Davies-Tight house oil. We are rarely without it. When cooking animal-free it’s important to that the oil you use add flavor to the dish, after all,Continue reading “Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is the Healthiest Fat on Earth”


How to Maximize Broccoli’s Cancer-Fighting Potential

Broccoli has been widely studied for its many health effects, and research shows that it may reduce risk for many common diseases like arthritis, cancer, and more. By Dr. Mercola Vegetables offer a wide range of health benefits, but some seem to have greater potential to ward off disease than others. Broccoli falls into this category, havingContinue reading “How to Maximize Broccoli’s Cancer-Fighting Potential”