Hunger Pangs vs Instant Gratification


I’m beginning to think that my fat-loss is so slow, because I’m not feeling the hunger. And why not?

The most obvious answer to my slow fat-loss is that I’m eating and drinking too much. However, my calorie count is lower than recommended. My fat count is low. My total calorie to fat calorie ratio is well below what’s recommended. I’m moving around a lot – up and down, down and up, walking, climbing, stretching, dancing.

So what’s going on?

Because I eat, I think I’m hungry. When I go to eat again, I think I must be hungry. But am I?

Maybe I’m thinking too much. Maybe I’m thinking about the weight so much that I’m putting my brain into chaos. Steve’s doctor told him to stop recording all of his stats regarding the lowering of his blood pressure. There’s a point when it becomes obsessive and obstructive. Steve agreed, and now Steve’s telling me the same thing.

You know what’s good for you. All your life you’ve focused on good health and maintained that health. So you have a little weight. We’re old, sure we’ll slim down, but not by record-keeping.

I wonder why everybody tells you to keep records of everything you do to change your behavior?  It changes for the short-term, but long term I believe now that we need more physical recognition of ourselves, rather than viewing ourselves through the intellectual process.

If I don’t feel the hunger pangs, then I shouldn’t be hungry. During those five weeks I said I didn’t suffer or feel deprived. I ate and drank that which prevented hunger pangs. Even though intellectually I knew I should be feeling something to signal myself to get ready for a meal, I didn’t follow that rule of the body.

Preparing yourself for a meal isn’t the same as eating immediately upon thinking about it.

I believe that, for me at least, I have to feel the hunger if I’m going to lose the fat.

Instant gratification has become a norm in our society. Advertisements are in part responsible for making you think you’re hungry when you’re not – yet. Ever see some food on television and immediately want it, even though you weren’t hungry? It’s playing with the hunger receptors in your brain.

It’s impossible to remove yourself from the influence of advertisement – it’s everywhere, all the time.

Entertainment. Food and drink is the entertainment.

Because of that alone, never mind all the other factors, it’s going to be a challenge to not eat when you’re not hungry.

Wait for the hunger pangs. Hunger pangs don’t kill; you’re not dying.

Fifteen minutes. Can you wait an hour? Do people really eat more after they abstain? I don’t think, for me at least, that it averages out to be more. Filling my stomach past capacity hurts, and I’ll back off.

Still, even though I’m doing most things right, I still have that gut. Frankly, being out of the 60’s helps (160’s). I’m not that bad off when I weigh in the 150’s. I’m out of danger. When I get up into the 60’s I’m out-of-bounds and I feel it.

My new goal: In five weeks from Friday 10 August 2018, using the GREEN DIET, that wasn’t so green the first two weeks, I want to be out of the 50’s. A hundred and forty-something. It can be 149.5, but out of the 150’s.

I have three weeks from tomorrow to accomplish that. This time there will be no maybes.

I know myself. I’ll dance around something for a while, before doing it. I do the same thing when I prepare to paint a picture. I don’t even know I’m preparing, till one day I paint and I couldn’t have done it the way I did it without the dance preceding the event.

In hind sight I recognize that familiar dance. It’s always the same.

Well, it’s the same here too.

When I zero in, it’s over.

Bye-bye 50’s.



Refried Beans @El Jalapeno Mexican Restaurant = Diet food

Okay, we all like to eat out, probably more than eating in. Some were raised that way, others wished they were.

You don’t have to cook, clean dishes, argue with your family, everybody’s happy.

But it doesn’t even matter if sometimes we experience bad or rough or not so great times when eating out – we all still do it – sometimes putting the onus on ourselves, or we look for better places and they abound – they’re everywhere.

Who wants diet food when they eat out? Okay, some elitists skinnies do. But that’s not the rest of us.

As all vegans know, it’s not easy-going without the animal in the food when we eat out, because restaurateurs want to keep the animal in – everything if they had their way.

So, I found a place that not only keeps the animal fat out of the refried beans, but there’s no fat, which is right up my fat-reducing alley. Plus they’re creamy delicious! And they serve $2.50 bottled beer on designated days. Steve always gets Heineken, I get Modelo Negra.

They also on designated days have a taco bar, so I can load my refried beans up with cilantro, tomato, onion, lettuce, (Jalapeno peppers, not for me), green and red salsa.

I also get tortilla chips and salsa and I do limit myself to 8 chips to use as scoopers for the entire dish. I could in future request flour tortillas that would help with the total fat grams – we’ll see.

A glass of red wine, a plate of side dish refried beans, 8 chips and all the trimmings, which are free foods (negligible calories and fat) = 451 calories and 6.6 grams of fat. The Fat Calorie to Total Calorie Ratio = 13% (well below the 25%-35% recommendation by the government forces that set them.

Now, if I omit the chips and don’t sub in the plain flour tortillas, this becomes a fat-free animal-free meal. However, when eating out, it doesn’t make much sense to deprive myself to that extent. I’m doing everything else right and they deep fry in 100% vegetable oil.

For all these reasons, I’m placing El Jalapeno’s refried beans on the Fat-Free Chef = Diet Food list.





7/11/2018 WEDNESDAY Day 6

Weigh-In = not today

Total Calories = 1500

Total Fat grams = 27.22

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = .16 or 16%



7/09/2018 MONDAY Day 4

Weigh-In = 158.5 lbs.

Total Calories = 626.90

Total Fat grams = 11.2 

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = .16 or 16%



How Much Fat Should You Eat Per Day?

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest that 25 to 35 percent of your daily calories should come from fat. So, if you consume 1,500 calories on your weight-loss diet, you’ll want between 42 and 58 grams of fat daily; whereas a person eating 2,000 calories would consume between 56 and 78 grams of fat. Apr 26, 2018

I can list several other articles from Google search that write essentially the same thing way back to 2012.