Minute Maid Limeade Dressing fat-free


Minute Maid Limeade combined with pineapple explodes onto your greens like no other dressing. Use as dressing for any salad you like or over cooked veggies or as a dipper for fried tofu!

Makes approx. 5 cups

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MOTT’S Granny Smith Applesauce = DIET FOOD

A six-pack of unsweetened granny smith applesauce = DIET FOOD to me.

3.9 oz. per container = 23.4 ounces for the whole six-pack. That’s a lot.

You could eat all six containers and still only be at 300 calories plus no fat.

I don’t know why I don’t buy applesauce more often, because I really like it, especially for a between meal snack, but also over sauerkraut pierogi or egg-free noodles with a smoked almond crumb topping mixed with minced fresh garlic and fresh grind black pepper.

Steve has certain foods that he buys on a consistent basis; not me. I don’t know the why of that either.

Zero sodium. That’s a plus too.

Applesauce doesn’t need sugar, unless of course you’re making it into a fancy dessert. We can do that too and still keep the added sugar to a minimum.

Tom Brady (New England Patriot football player) once said that chewing was over-rated. I believe that too. Sometimes soft and easy satisfies more. There’s no work to eating it. I’m tired of working so hard at everything. Why does eating have to be hard too? It doesn’t, so don’t let anyone tell you to eat the whole apple instead of the applesauce. There’s a half an apple per container. Eat two containers, then. Pre-chewed is the way I look at it.

We’ll get to the whole apple in a dessert. It doesn’t have to be whole all the time.

Give this applesauce = DIET FOOD a try. There isn’t going to be one food or one diet action that makes you lose all the fat you want to lose. It’s a conglomeration of a lot of simple, easy, little actions that gets you where you want to be.


Gimme Lean Meatless Sausage by Lightlife = Diet Food

Gimme Lean Meatless Sausage by Lightlife contains no fat. Each 2 ounce serving contains only 60 calories.

I make 14 patties out of 1 tube that = 14 oz. I either eat them plain with a dipping sauce or put them on a small burger bun. Each of my patties = 30 calories plus a negligible amount of cooking oil.

Charred is how I like them best, but not charred evenly – that would be too much char.

It’s a great product just fried up and eaten. It doesn’t hold up well when refrigerated after cooked. So I do like my mother used to do with fresh fish on Friday – buy it, cook it, eat it. Once cooked there should be no leftovers.

For these reasons Lightlife Gimme Lean Meatless Sausage is added to Fat-Free Chef = Diet Food list.

Serve with scrambled tofu eggs for brunch or make meatballs using ground walnut.




Frozen Mixed Vegetables = Diet Food

Cook and serve with nothing on them.

Boil till plump and tender.

Eat 1 cup after drinking a glass of something: doctored water, juice, plant milk, whatever.

Years ago I did this on a regular basis – not every day but mostly every day.

One part of staying trim is to be regular in the digestive department. This works better than a laxative. For me, this is a perfect fit.

I could eat these all day just plain – snack on them while I work even. The variety of vegetables is what I like and it’s an easy chew. and it’s filling.

Another feature: If I only eat this and nothing in between I don’t get food cravings.

Along with the 50 calorie Tofu Pups – animal-free hot dogs – this  for me qualifies as a diet food coming in at 90 calories per cup – fat-free, sugar-free, animal-free.




7/11/2018 WEDNESDAY Day 6

Weigh-In = not today

Total Calories = 1500

Total Fat grams = 27.22

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = .16 or 16%

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AFC Greens And Beans Cabbage Weight Reduction Soup (WRS)


Some of us would prefer some options for the Weight Reduction Soup (WRS). When we tire of one soup, there’s another style, just as tasty and effective in weight control, to peak the interest of our palate! This WRS does that!

Makes 38 cups

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Weight Reduction Soup (WRS) Program



This is my new favorite soup. I love everything about it. It’s simple, easy, doesn’t cost much and it makes a ton. This will be Steve’s and my lunch for the week. Today, for lunch he had 5 cups. This soup is definitely a keeper! I’m going to reduce my weight by eating this soup and lots of it. I just know it to be true, before I even start my WRS program! Ready? There is no part of any animal nor any fat in this soup! 

Makes approx. 45 cups

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Fat-Free Creamy Cauliflower Dressing


Sometimes fat-free gets complicated – till the cauliflower appears from out of nowhere and shows us how to do it! This is one version. Try your own and see how it develops! Then share it here!

Makes 4-1/2 cups

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Pink Lentil Cream


Serve as an elegant first course appetizer soup, use as gravy or as thickener/flavor enhancer for other sauces instead of cornstarch/flour and bouillon. Easy, cheap and super smooth!

Makes 4 cups

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I Thought This Was A Fat-Free Site

I thought this was a fat-free site. What happened?

Even though the site URL is fat-free chef, it’s not all fat-free. It isn’t even all about fat. It’s about working with fat in conjunction with other ingredients or working without fat – and then a bunch of other stuff.

So why not change the URL? It’s too complicated. I posted too many articles to change the URL on all of them, and then I’d have to change it on all the places I posted them. So I’m going with it. Staying with it. I’ll get to the fat-free stuff eventually. I’m circling. I’m out on the periphery, taking stock of the entire picture. I have yet to begin the zeroing in process. I haven’t zeroed in on anything.

Eventually I have to go high wide and deep on this one. I’m still on the surface. There is a lot of surface to cover, that I wasn’t aware of when I first had the idea to go fat-free to lose all the weight I wanted to lose. It isn’t that simple. Or if it is, I’m not buying into it. It’s kind of like the skin being the largest organ of the body and I’m just at the skin level.

Just because I haven’t found a one size fits all solution, doesn’t mean I won’t. I always get my man – as I used to say. Well, my ‘goal’ is probably more accurate. I always reach my goal. Sometimes the goal morphs into something else – some new goal. I’m open to all of it.

I like to experiment. So I’m not going anywhere in the New Year, except closer to all my goals. I’m on the right track. Several actually. That’s the way I like it, so why resist myself?

I didn’t weigh myself today. I lost some fluid I had been carrying around for a long time. I stopped the supplements I was taking, which now I associate with the fluid retention. I’ll reintroduce them one at a time to find the culprit.

You know a lot of the supplements on the market today have as a benefit or side effect: vasodilation. If you have high blood pressure that’s a benefit. If you don’t, then that’s a side effect that can make you dizzy and retain fluid in the legs and feet. I feel best when I’m not retaining fluid. So that will be one of my goals – how to keep my body in the non-retention of excess fluid zone.

Amino acids appear to have the same effect on me. Fluid retention, especially around the middle (trunk), making it difficult to breathe and move about without effort. So those are out. I’ve tried a lot of them and they all do the same thing, so why keep taking them just because nobody else seems to have that issue with them? Maybe they do and don’t know it. Slow down your brain and maybe it will get stuck in the slow department. I’m not taking that risk any more.

I don’t believe the recommended requirements for protein that the government puts out. Why would I believe anything they put out with all their individual and private interests? If they want all those in business to stay in business, you’ll be buying and consuming a lot of stuff that isn’t good for your body. How long did they tell you cigarettes were okay? They still say alcohol is and slaughtered animals are. Come on. They’re lying to you. They’re all controlled by the government. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) – add to that slaughter houses, the insurance industry and pharmaceuticals. Communications – don’t leave that out.

Coffee? Good for you? Really? How much stuff do we have to consume from other countries based on deals made that we had no say in? When companies begin manipulating the caffeine content in foods and beverages, then you know it’s bad for you.

Think for yourself. Even when you do your own research, the intel you need to make an informed decision is often lacking, mysteriously not there anywhere on the internet. Then go by your gut if that’s all you have. All these calcium supplements over all the years we’ve been told we need or bad things would happen to us, caused a lot of calcium deposits everywhere in the body that has soft tissue.

Now how do we get rid of that huge miscalculated based on prejudicial facts mistake? Oh, we thought we had it right. Yeah and there was a bunch of money to be made on the theory that when people stopped drinking milk, they’d switch to calcium supplementation, because we told them they had to – we even kept the animal bones in it – because we didn’t want the slaughter industry to lose money.

Yeah, it appears that the government manipulates the stock market with your taxes. They gamble your hard-earned cash that’s supposed to go for services and infrastructure and running the country. You have to ask yourself, if we’re the richest nation on earth why do we look like a third world country – not fully developed – with crumbling structures everywhere? Why can’t we afford to treat our sick people? Why do we have to use Senior Residences as dumping grounds for all those people who have no place to go? Because all gamblers lose. When you gamble big you lose big.





A simple fresh carrot puree used as a side dish vegetable or a lunch all by itself or as a special topping to a special green salad! You pick. It’s all good! Fat-free too.

Makes 3-2/3 cups

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Color overload – just what your system wanted! Great flavor, texture. Freezes well. Fat-free too! Easy to make. Long shelf life in back of refrigerator. Breakfast, lunch or dinner – it works for me!

Makes 14 cups

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A plant meat and veggie saute. Tastier and more satisfying than the animal counterpart! No leap needed here. Low-fat too!

Makes 6-1/2 cups

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30 October 2016 – weight loss update

My goal is to lose 5 lbs. per month. For the third month I’ve reached that goal. For weeks I weighed myself everyday, then only when I felt like it. Now it’s about every ten or so days, usually after a weekend, but not always. My final weight for the month is usually taken on the 30th of the month.

I’m pretty much going by the Circle Of Fat-To Fat-Free on what I eat (besides being animal-free). One half of the time I eat fat-free, then the other half is divided into low fat, medium fat and fatty. So far it’s working. I’m estimating everything, so the lines are blurred. Just being on some kind of weight control program makes one lose weight, although for the first three weeks of essentially no fat, the scale went up and down like a yo-yo. Sticking with it seemed to be key, at least for me. Eventually the scale moved and stayed moved. Then the yo-yo effect starts over again, but at a lower weight. I’m good with that.

My mother died. I had a sinus infection, then got a bladder infection, then upper respiratory and just got done with what I think was the flu. I didn’t get medicine for the flu, because I wanted my body to beat the illness it by itself. I figured if that happened, then my immune system would strengthen. I did take antibiotics for the bacterial infections, and maybe I didn’t really have the flu, since my fever soared to 103 degrees, but I don’t have a fever now, so I’m okay.

Perhaps the fever upped my metabolism and is responsible for the success of losing 5 lbs. a month. Stress, especially of losing such a powerful force in my life, my mother, tended to make me eat more. I don’t know the actual why of losing that 5 lbs. per month, except that maybe because I posted it, I felt compelled to succeed. Anyway, I’m back to work after nearly a month of grieving and processing and healing and bingeing on a lot of Netflix. I kept recalling what my mother had said to me decades ago regarding my work, “the animals need you”. Then I attended to when Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech, “…fighting for what’s right is worth it”. I think what she meant was ‘worth the pain of losses’. I’ve known many losses in my animal rights endeavors – in every realm of those endeavors. And sometimes when the body gets sick the mind gets weak, especially when progress is so slow. But I’m feeling better. Top of the mountain I’m at today. I’m optimistic.

After I weigh in on the last day of the month, I let my body know that I’m not starving, by eating more fat for a few days. I figure that will jack up my metabolism. Then about mid-month or just before it, I buckle down and focus on not gaining the 5 lbs. back and on losing 5 lbs. more.

The most recent morning after my 5 lb. weight loss success I made myself a Fatty Veggie Sandwich and loved every bite! A perfect breakfast.

Toast 2 slices potato bread. Spread one slice with peanut butter and the second slice with veg mayo.

Spread dill pickle relish on top of peanut butter, then squirt with a little mustard.

Top mayo side with lettuce, tomato and sweet onion.

Sprinkle all with fresh grind black pepper.

Lots of fat, but lots of veggies too! I like that. So of course I look forward now to the day that I make my weight goal.

fatty-veggie-sandwich-1 fatty-veggie-sandwich-2




Fresh steamed brussel sprouts charred in a little extra virgin olive oil. Tossed with garlic, smoked paprika, fresh grind sea salt and black pepper. Served with Ball Park Mustard mixed with a little veggie mayo! Serve as hors d’oeuvre or side dish vegetable. Low fat!

Serves 6

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Seasoned chick peas baked till dry on the outside and creamy on the inside. Serve as a snack or as a topper on your favorite salad!

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Some fresh ginger sticks, a few walnuts, some fresh spinach and a fat-free dressing created a nice lunch combined with the apple and carrot cut into tiny julienne style pieces. Fresh, succulent plus an attractive presentation! The addition of the walnuts makes this lunch salad mostly fat-free!

Serves 2

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Nobody is going to miss the oil on these appetizers. Just don’t tell anybody it’s fat-free. If you say that, they won’t want to eat it. Just serve it and they’ll love it. Good quality ingredients – remember that! It’s mostly fat-free – just a teeny bit in the tomato spread. 

Makes as many as you want

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Animal-free hot dog slices sauteed with charred onion, then cooked in a Balsamic, brown sugar and garlic marinade. Mixed with canned baked beans, pinto beans and soy bacon bits. Nobody would notice the absence of fat. Rich and delicious!

Makes 5-1/2 cups

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Edamame (soy beans) cooked with split green peas. Seasoned with rosemary, fennel and garlic! Fat-free!

Makes 7 cups

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Just a tiny bit of oil brings the pureed solids to a happy place for the palate! The olive juice, ground fennel and liquid smoke help bring out the richness of the tomato, while the onion and garlic create a surprisingly fresh flavor quality, making one think it’s a fresh tomato dressing! Use over green salads.

Makes 1-3/4 cups

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We go through a process when sautéing without oil. It’s easy to caramelize if you follow the steps required. Expect perfection the first time!

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Not everything we eat is a recipe containing several foods and methods. Sometimes plain, by itself, with nothing else is just as good. Try these collard greens and see if you agree!

Serves 1

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