Sharon ‘the neck’ Davies-Tight


I should have labeled it Sharon ‘the tooth’ Davies-Tight? I’m about to lose two more.

One has to go because the root is cracked and infected from the fall I took on 7/7/2017 in the middle of the night tripping over my big foot scale.

That was a year ago.

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Exercises To Improve Balance

1 – Romberg Exercise

Stand with chair in front and wall in back.

Arms down to sides. Feet together.

Hold for 30 seconds progress to doing with eyes closed.

2 – Sway Exercise

Stand with chair in front and wall in back.

Sway forward to back.

Sway right to left.

Do 2 times daily 30 times, then with eyes closed.

3 – Marching In Place

Stand with chair in front and wall in back.

March with arms at sides in place, lifting knees high toward ceiling.

Do 30 times twice daily, then with eyes closed.

4 – Turning In Place

Stand with chair in front and wall in back.

With arms at sides turn one half circle (180 degrees). Stop for 10 seconds if dizzy.

Do 5 times turning to left, then to right. Whichever makes you dizzier focus on that 2 times per day.

Progress to full circle with eyes shut.

5 – Head Movements While Standing

Stand with chair in front and wall in back.

Step 1. Move head up and down 10 times.

Step 2. Move head 10 times side to side.

Step 3. Move head diagonally up and down 10 times.

Step 4. Move head diagonally up and down 10 times on opposite side.

6 – Walking Exercises

  1. Walk 5 steps and stop abruptly. Wait 10 seconds or till dizziness goes. Repeat till you’ve walked 50 feet.
  2. Walk 5 steps, then turn around and walk back. Wait 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  3. Walk and turn your head to the left, then right every other step for 50 feet.


I Want My Land Legs Back

What does rest mean? I really don’t know. The treatment for my concussion is rest. What’s that? You mean sleep? I don’t get it.

In forty-five days I should have recovered completely if I rested – in one hundred days if I didn’t rest. I’m not recovered yet, so that must mean I didn’t rest, or I am a malingerer according to Google writers working for the insurance industry.

July 9th, August 9th, September 9th, October 9th. I still have some time to make the deadline for a ‘no rest’ recovery. Obviously, if I haven’t recovered yet, then I didn’t rest enough. Recovery time that goes beyond one hundred days is treated with suspicion by health care professionals, again, writing for Google. Prone to depression, anxiety and a bunch of other stuff I forgot about is how they start categorizing those people who take too long to recover completely from a concussion.

The kicker here is that the severity of the concussion has no bearing on recovery time.

These Google write-ups are starting to sound suspiciously prejudicial to me in favor of the insurance industry. But what do I know, except that I have a concussion.

I still have old blood in some of my facial and inner mouth tissues. My gum still hurts acutely when pressed at point of impact of fall. Still dizzy, still off-balance. Still ears ache, sore throat, night sweats as before the fall. Fatigue and progressive slow-moving from morning till night. Irritable.

Avoidance is to be avoided, yet they (meaning whom?) want me to rest. Falling, future falling, imminent falling is almost always on my mind when I’m not sitting or lying down – actually that’s not quite accurate. I do think about falling when I’m sitting and lying down, since I know at some point I have to get up.

I want my land legs back.

How am I doing?

The more I exercise, the more symptomatic I become. Muscles under ears high on sides of neck aggravate dizzy and nausea when exercised. Concussion doctor said he didn’t think inner ears were a factor in anything. Still exercising (total core, which also includes neck, plus arms and legs), hoping for brain adjustment, adaptation to kick in. Hasn’t happened yet, but I anticipate it will.

I’m doing everything as before, but with more effort and caution, except less computer work. After sitting for a while (not that long) and I get up, I can hardly walk. Even at hair dresser or restaurant. I walk like I’m drunk till I work into a stride – and it is work.

Sometimes I speak like I’m impaired. I guess I am. I don’t like it.

I’m not going to embrace something I expect to go away and to be cured of.

The concussion doctor said I was watching too much Netflix. How would he know what I watched? He wrote on his intervention notes for me to limit my screen time, to rest physically and cognitively. He said not to play any contact sports, where I could be hit or pushed.

To me, watching Netflix is resting.

He referred me to a bunch of people whom he said would throw a lot of medicines at me and would check my mood. He said he’s a minimalist.

If there’s no treatment, except rest and time, then why would I want to go through a bunch of puzzle tests for hours on a computer and to take a bunch of medicines? I thought I was supposed to rest?

At the end, the concussion doctor said, “I have to ask you this: Does this involve litigation of any type? Does it involve worker’s compensation?”

I suspect that the diagnosis, which I didn’t see till I got home that he wrote on a print-out, in lieu of speaking the diagnosis out loud when we were face to face, may have been different had I answered yes to either of those quesions.

You got it right, I’m taking care of myself on this one – till I can’t. And I won’t let the “till I can’t” part happen.

I need a new pair of shoes. My tires are bald. Skid-resistant. Broad-base to catch me when I waver as I turn. And I do waver when I turn.

He thought the four-pronged cane was a good idea. I try not to use it, since I want to do as I did before – you know that avoidance thing could become permanent out of fear and I resist that.


Update On Big Foot


I couldn’t get in to see my doctor till Tuesday, so took pictures in case I was healed by then. Urgent care or the emergency room would have only referred me back to him with a pat on the head and instructions to take Tylenol. I wasn’t critical, so thought to save my insurance money for my primary care guy and the tests he would order.

Doctors need proof. Sometimes they act more like lawyers than doctors, who never believe any one or anything unless they see it with their own eyes. Even then they’re suspicious if you take pictures. Damned if you do or don’t. Still, it was three days since the fall, that I thought to document it.

Today, Sunday the 16th of July I feel like I survived something. Still, very wobbly when rising, bending, turning… the longer the day gets the more symptomatic I become. Slower, slower, unsteadier to the point of needing to hold the counter, sink, stove, refrigerator, chairs, table, sofa as I turn and move while I work. Still cooking up my daily storms though. Dynamite in the kitchen. Some brilliant stuff happening here. I think it, I get it. There’s a silver coating on this rusty old nail after all.

I used to awe at people who claimed to have a head injury and woke up being able to speak a foreign language. I was hoping for something like that here. No such luck.

My upper teeth (right teeth) and gums hurt like hell. So do both sides of the top of my head. My neck and arms were already out-of-bounds – now the pain in my face, mouth and head are so bad, that I’m not noticing the perpetual state of tendonitis in my shoulders, elbows and wrists.

Tylenol swells my legs up like tree trunks. On top of all else I can hardly walk by the time I lay me down to sleep. Substituting two a day of Aleve isn’t enough either. Besides I’m already bleeding and I might make it worse. I bought some, so I’ll try some. Keep changing my mind.

Stabbing pain in right eye. Better be careful. I could detach a retina and be blind. Fear is probably my friend right now. Have to be careful walking about outside. I could go down at any time, any place. I’m being super cognizant, super careful. It’s critical that I keep going out though, acting as normal as possible, keeping with my normal routines. Still taking Lilly out for her walk first thing every morning.

The inside of my right mouth, cheek and gums are still black. My nose is displaced to the left. Maybe I did break it. I bled a lot into my tissues. My throat is still sore and swollen on right side. Difficulty swallowing. And nauseated. Jeeze.

Three weeks before fall both ears started hurting out of the blue. Stinging, deep down pain in my eustachian tubes type of pain. Needles to the ear drums type of pain sporadically. It begins late afternoon and disappears by morning, then starts again in the next late afternoon, early evening. I still have that. It’s now 10:30 AM Sunday and it’s beginning early, along with blurring vision where I have to keep blinking for clarity.

Big Foot sure messed me up. It was a useless scale. I bought it for accuracy and the needle was installed so tight, that the weight was never accurate. It was too much trouble to send it back and it did seem to work better for Steve, probably because he weighs more. So now we have three scales and I have no weight change in the past month.

We’re both eating a lot of healthy stuff – Steve bringing home most of it from his favorite upscale downtown grocery store, Heinens. Once my neck, nerve, muscle, tendon issues are addressed by a medical person, plus my new balance issues, I’ll be good to go and to do anything. Something to look forward to.

Yeah, I’m wishing on a dandelion (weed if you will) for some pain relief and structural corrections that will improve the quality of my existence.



It’s The Scale’s Fault


The BIG FOOT scale I put in our tiny bathroom tripped me in the middle of a bathroom run in the middle of the night then the sink followed by the tub bathtub sucker-punched me twice right in the kisser as I fell.

I could have died. I could have broken my nose, jaw, teeth, neck. Maybe I did. My nose still runs blood and water – but less than it did. There was blood everywhere.

The first day post fall, or maybe post concussion, I cleaned up, put some make-up on, found some big old sunglasses and went as previously planned for a bus ride on a high-end grocery store shopping outing – with Steve.

That night in bed with eyes closed I hallucinated. Wide awake? With eyes closed? All these faces coming at me, nobody I knew, talking to me like in the silent movies, moving their lips, talking frantically as if they thought I could read them. At some point I was afraid to go to sleep thinking I might not wake up.

I finally took two over the counter pain pills, that didn’t touch the pain, but put me to sleep. Was happy to wake up in bed the next morning instead of someplace I wasn’t ready to visit yet.

The swelling went down considerably two days later. Half my face was ballooned up like I’d been in a boxing match. I appear to be healing quickly though – a credit to something, I don’t know what.

I’m wobbly when I walk, talk and turn. I’m nauseated. Doctors won’t give me anything for pain, so why go and spend a couple thousand dollars on MRIs, x-rays, just to be told I’m okay now. Take it easy for a while, take Tylenol for pain and don’t jump out of bed, wait fifteen seconds before rising.

All the heroin users ruined it for everybody else. Now doctors are afraid to prescribe pain medication that actually works. They treat everybody like drug addicts.

At Walgreen’s when I picked up a pain pill prescription for Steve after his carotid artery surgery, I was put on a registry – a controlled substance registry formed by the government. They scanned my picture identification and now I’m listed as a pain pill popper with the United States government.

They put Steve in the registry too, when he picked up his refill. So now we’re both listed. But me? I didn’t have a prescription. I was just picking one up for him. It doesn’t matter. You walk out the door with a controlled substance and you get registered with the United States government. That wasn’t President Trump’s policy. It was President Obama’s policy.

Whoa. What country do I live in? I forget. All countries look the same to me from my post concussion view. I can’t even begin to image all the ways that the registry information is going to be abused and used against people in pain. So, I don’t want the pills. You don’t even have to register to buy a gun, but you have to register to buy a prescription.

Everything wobbles now. Not just my head. I’m still working. No down time. I just got a rude, out of the blue, awakening in the middle of the night to my age. I’m old, no matter the youthfulness of my mind.

So I need to take better care of balance concerns. Who would think? Exercised, walked all my life, ate right and all of a sudden I’m falling down for no reason except that a Big Foot scale and a sink and bathtub got in my way.

The first thing I did was remove all area rugs, rolled them up and threw them in the dumpster. BIG FOOT got a new resting place, where nobody could bump into it.

Be alert, always. I thought I was – except when half asleep in the middle of the night and I don’t want to wake fully since I want to get back to sleep. The plan has got to change. I can’t have this happen again.