Sharon’s Umbrella Spotters

Not just for seniors. Plenty of people have trouble with their balance when doing certain exercises they aren’t used to doing and even when they are used to them.

Squats are top of the list for balance issues. It’s easy to lose your balance while squatting or feeling like you’re going to lose your balance. It’s strange, because squats are also the #1 go-to exercise for balance deficits – for all ages.

So what does this old goat do? Puts two long umbrellas to good use. I don’t always use them as spotters. However, when I’m a little off balance and I still want to squat, these allow me to do way more than if I had nothing.

I don’t lean into them much, just keep them at the tips of my fingers so I can glide up and down a lot easier.

Canes, sticks, a doorway, two countertops opposite each other within arm span also work.

So happy squatting!