Are You Vulnerable To the Histamine Factor?

FFC ClipBoard: Do you sniffle and sneeze a lot? Are you interested in histamines? I was, so I did a little research. HISTAMINES AND ANTI-HISTAMINES “Well, there are an increasing number of vulnerable people who are literally trawling around the internet looking for a “proper” food list, for the “ultimate” food list, for the “best”Continue reading “Are You Vulnerable To the Histamine Factor?”

Memory Loss Caused by Over-the-Counter Medication

How Memory Loss Can Be Caused by Over-the-Counter Medication June 13, 2016 Alissa Sauer Some common medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, have a certain property that can contribute to memory loss and mild cognitive impairment. Learn more about these drugs, how they may accelerate cognitive decline, and what to do if you or a loved oneContinue reading “Memory Loss Caused by Over-the-Counter Medication”