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What Can STUCK Do For You?


Even if it’s a bridge to nowhere, no one cares; they want to see what nowhere looks like.

Blame our adventurous animal nature to seek beyond what we can see to find what we need to survive or better yet to thrive.

We like the anticipation of not knowing what to expect.

The thrill of the wobble scaring the sense out of those who like to wander unopposed.

Making it to the other side, an achievement in itself. Whatever lies ahead can’t be as bad as what we just endured.

It’s an adventure. That’s right. An adventure of the will.

Crossing a little creek, carefully maneuvering from stone to boulder to dry rotted tree trunk broken to the water by a stroke of lightning transforming itself into my good luck, enabling me to make it to the forest border. A clear path. Wow, I made it.

Sure, stepping stones are bridges too.

What happens next is all up to me, as it was in the beginning.

I can see how I was making my choices, scoping out the territory, even when I thought I was standing still going nowhere.

We’re always going somewhere. The planet is in continual motion, which means everything on it moves at the same speed.

See? I never was stuck. It’s impossible to live on Earth and call myself ‘stuck’. That word was made up by people who didn’t like the speed of the planet – people who wanted to slow everything down. We all get a little motion-sick at times. But people can’t slow it down. Nothing people do can slow it. Earth would have to be hit by a huge asteroid that might veer it off course that could end in its demise, but what lies on Earth now cannot slow the motion.

So, yeah, we’re stuck with it, stuck to it, but not stuck independent of the motion. We are part of the motion, being one with the universe, thus the planet – every cell, every chemical reaction, every thought, action, idea, fragment.

Looking at the reality of the bigger picture allows us to realize we’re not stuck at all. We can’t be stuck.

So why aren’t we succeeding in becoming thinner? Because we made a decision to become fat. That’s the result. We made all the moves to get there. So why blame it on being stuck?

What can STUCK do for you?

Nothing, nothing at all.

The glass-bottomed bridge in China was designed as a tourist attraction to be visited by 8,000 people per day and to hold 800 tourists at a time by an Israeli architect, Haim Dotan. The architect obviously was schooled in lucky numbers for the Chinese – 8 being the luckiest. As it turns out zeros are as important in forecasting the usage of the bridge as it is in making the luck. The bridge was so popular, that 80,000 people visited the site daily. Two weeks after the bridge opened it was shut down to make the necessary accommodations for the increased number of tourists. It reopened on 30 September 2016.



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Extending Courtesy

Do what makes you feel good, not what makes somebody else feel good.

Always though, within the realm of courtesy.

Enslavement, torture and slaughter of the world’s animals lie outside the realm of courteous behavior.


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Working It Out With The Main Brain

If my brain gets that I’m unpredictable in my food consumption choices within the category of animal-free, then that’s what it will expect as being okay with me.

I’ll stay in the unpredictable category and my brain will rest easy with that, since there’s a lot going on there to focus on without needless worry about getting stuck in one place.


General category I = animal-free

General category II = unpredictable

Sub categories = all over the animal-free board

Sharon’s board.

Yeah, she gets bored easy.

No she doesn’t. She likes moving around.

Most like staying in one place till the universe makes them move.

She moves the universe.





After two weeks of reducing fat in my diet, I don’t crave it as much. Even if I start to eat something fatty, it’s easier for me to say no to more.

That’s a healthful, helpful result of restricting the amount of fat I eat.

Conclusion: The more fat I eat the more fat I want. The less fat I eat the less fat I want.

The more I eat, the less I want. The less I eat, the less I want – of fat.


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Walking Talking To-Do Lists

Just do it and stop talking about it.

When I announce in advance that I’m going to do something, it almost feels like I’ve already done it, so I’m not as compelled to complete the pursuit as I might have been had I kept quiet and just done it.

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Skinny People

Skinny people don’t need more fat. They need more healthy food that tastes good in all the plant categories.


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Dandelions Wanting To Make Your Wish Come True


While walking out and about a few days ago, I came across a patch of dandelion fuzz heads, separated from their stems, just laying on the ground in perfect round form, ready to be picked up and made a wish upon – outside of course, so you can spread the seeds. Seems these dandelions wanted a little help this year. Make your wish. I made mine.


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Gain Reduce Or Stabilize

Cannabilizing other animals is not a smart weight reduction method – short or long-term.

It isn’t healthy; it isn’t kind and neither is it efficient.

Plants are the only wise choice to make when looking to gain, reduce or stabilize weight.


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Everything About It Clicked

Recently I started holding back posts for the purpose of releasing them on the same day every week, in response to reading someplace that people like the consistency of knowing what day new posts are scheduled to be released.

In doing this, I sometimes forget to post on the day I commit to, due to a shift in focus on some other matter. Thinking on it further, I might disappoint some people if I get on a schedule and then miss the scheduled date. I do spread myself thin with all the sites I maintain and creative work I do.

I don’t like feeling disappointed either.

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Discipline Leads

We tend to think discipline is doing something we don’t feel much like doing, but we suck it up and do it anyway, because it’s good for us or somebody or something else.

Quite the contrary. True discipline is finding that which we enjoy doing and then doing it. Suffering is not a by-product of discipline nor a requirement.

Discovering our talents and applying them effectively is the effort exercised in the discipline process, that brings us joy not despair, desperation or dread.

Discipline liberates. It does not enslave as one might think.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


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This Is Why You’re Obese



I can’t help but think of the families of all those enslaved, tortured, slaughtered, broken up, destroyed forever, by the Hand of Human Men & Women & Children who through their actions say, YOU DON’T MATTER BECAUSE WE DON’T CARE.



Can A Strict Eating Schedule Prevent, Treat Or Cure Diseases?

FFC COMMENT > A strict eating schedule could probably assist in weight control as well as lessening the ravaging effects of some diseases and disorders. The world is out of control with its eating habits of eating and drinking something all the time. Even in poor countries I see lots of fat people. I don’t think scientists and researchers are looking hard enough for the cause and effect of eating whenever, whatever, and however much we want.

The food and beverage industries are too large and powerful due to the backing of respective governments for the purpose of increasing its financial growth as nations. Since we all need to eat, the food and beverage industry is the most likely category to sustain the greatest amount of corruption through purposely designed misinformation regarding what, and how much is actually healthy, and when frequency and amount become liabilities for everyone, not just the majority

Most single diseases are not experienced by the majority of people. The model we’ve used in targeting only those diseases affecting the majority of people is actually hurting the majority of people, because we all have some type of disease or disorder, even if the individual disease and disorder doesn’t fit into the majority category. Add them all up and yes they do.

The pharmaceutical industry accepting the multi-diseased human as the norm, seeking to feed them pills to make profits, rather than lead them down a path of recovery and cure by promoting a change in cultural and social eating patterns doesn’t solve the problem, it exacerbates it. With drugs come side effects and more diseases and disorders, many of which now are known to not go away when the person stops taking the pills. That in itself should sound off a huge alarm among all people. Imagine a world where side effects don’t go away even when the medication is stopped. We are in that world right now and no one is doing a thing about it.

Governments are now afraid of the very industries they propped up, by opening every door, instead of closing some that needed closing on ethical grounds. Governments in essence gave up all their power, with a handshake and a wink, to these corrupt institutions and now ‘We The People’ are paying the price.


Strict eating schedule can lower Huntington disease protein in mice

March 6, 2018, University of British Columbia

New research from the University of British Columbia suggests that following a strict eating schedule can help clear away the protein responsible for Huntington disease in mice.Huntington disease (HD) is an inherited, progressive disorder that causes involuntary movements and psychiatric problems.

Symptoms appear in adulthood and worsen over time. Children born to a parent with HD have a one in two chance of inheriting the disease, which is caused by a buildup of mutant huntington protein (mHTT).

In research published today, scientists stimulated autophagy—a process in which the cell cleans out debris and recycles cellular material such as proteins—by restricting access to food in mice with HD to a six-hour window each day. This led to significantly lower levels of mHTT in the brain.

“We know that specific aspects of autophagy don’t work properly in patients with Huntington disease,” said study lead author Dagmar Ehrnhoefer, who conducted the study while she was a researcher with the UBC Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics.

“Our findings suggest that, at least in mice, when you fast, or eat at certain very regulated times without snacking in between meals, your body starts to increase an alternative, still functional, autophagy mechanism, which could help lower levels of the mutant huntington protein in the brain.”…

FINISH READING: Strict eating schedule can lower Huntington disease protein in mice



Something About Weight Watcher’s That Came To My Attention

Curious about their 200 zero points food list that everybody’s been talking about, I surfed the net looking for it, and found I had to go all the way to Canada to get it. It just didn’t seem right. Weight Watcher’s in the USA under the direction I’m assuming of multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey – she’s the one whose face is plastered all over the Weight Watcher’s program – making again I’m assuming a large financial investment in the ‘whatever you want to call it’ company? Corporation? Business?

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 8.15.21 AM

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 8.15.34 AM

When I get to the weight Watcher’s website on the front page it talks briefly about the 200 zero points list, but that’s it. Nowhere on the site is it to be found. As I scroll down the page I see that I have three pricing options.

In other words, I have to pay to see the list. I join and then maybe I see it. It doesn’t say, even though it’s on the page that has in the menu bar: zero points foods >

All the other publications on Google didn’t have a complete list and some even added their own interpretation of what they couldn’t see.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 8.18.12 AM

I go to Canada Weight Watcher’s for the same list and right on the front page it gives me a download. Free. They don’t want to screw people over. Give them the list, maybe they’ll join, maybe they won’t.

Being stingy isn’t good for business, I can tell you that with all certainty. And why should I have to go through numerous back doors of other people’s hack sites to see something that should be right out front? It’s all over the news, yet I can’t see it.

Oprah Winfrey in all her tirades against Donald Trump should talk about prejudice toward poor people?! Ms. Winfrey is the Queen of Prejudice against the poor.  Make me famous so I can get rich taking advantage of all you poor slobs. Yeah, white slobs. She made her billions by humiliating white people on national television in front of the world, thinking she was Johnny somebody Carson.

Hiding the list? Making me join Weight Watcher’s to see what all the news commentators obviously already saw? How could they report on something they didn’t see? That’s another prejudice.

No, it’s discrimination now. Oprah Winfrey discriminates against poor people. She withholds knowledge. You have to pay for it. What’s the deal? It’s a stupid list. Oh I can join for free, but you don’t get anything. It’s like signing up for a newsletter from any major site you go to. That’s her big deal on free.

So she gave away a lot of cars. Then she complains about large corporations giving all their employees a thousand dollar bonus. She’s just like them. She is them. Hey, even I gave away a car, got me into a lot of trouble with the Cleveland FBI, turns out he was Muslim. So what? Palestinian Authority kill people they said. That was a long time ago. I had four different cars stolen since then. Looking back it was probably them, paying some poor slob to jack my cars, wouldn’t put it past them.

Keep your stupid list. I found one in Canada. Shows you the difference between the USA and Canada. One is selfish, the other not.

And why is she still fat, by the way, if Weight Watcher’s is the answer to the global health and weight crisis?

Stop eating animals. Nobody gets as fat as she did by eating bread. She’s a fraud and a cheat. She’s one angry Black Billionaire telling the world to eat like she does – so you can make her even more billions.

Animals everywhere hate her. They do not do her body good. They are designed to do a body bad – that’s to keep from cannibalizing them.

Investing in the enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals will get you nowhere, no matter how rich you become. She’s investing in all the bad shit that happens all over the planet.

STOP EATING ANIMALS. That’s the first thing you do to lose weight and get healthy. Your DNA has nothing to do with it.

Get your list here PDF >


Thank you Weight Watcher’s Canada!

I do not recommend any animal being on this list. Sift through to all the plant foods for your free calorie and fat foods.

They really didn’t need to come out with a list likes it’s something new. The low calorie foods listed are common sense foods that nobody would think were filled with fat.


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You’re Flooding Me

When you drink a half gallon of carrot juice your brain screams STOP. What are you doing? I don’t want all that vitamin A. Don’t need all that. Slow down. What am I going to do with all that? Where am I going to put it? It’s too much. You’re flooding me.

I’m on overload. Take a break. You’re wearing me out. Now I’ve got all this excess to figure out what to do with. While you go merrily about your way, thinking you did something really healthy for your body, I’ve got this fire to put out that you started.

Wake up to Mini.

Mini everything till you sort out all the harm you did your body, and yes the brain is part of your body. Stop denying that. You’re overdosing on everything. Every little thing you blow up for an explosive effect that you think is helping you. Where did you get that? Drink forty gallons of carrot juice to make up for forty years of bad nutrition? Where did you get that? Your overloading and overdosing has cost you your ability to think logically and rationally.

Explosions are never good for the body. Even zaps to the heart needed to revive a dying person are not good. That you let your body get to that point of disease to need an electrical shock to return you from death is obscene.

Mini everything till you sort out all that you’re doing wrong by overdosing and overloading on healthy foods.

Bombarding your system with anything is always bad – healthy or not.


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Control Your Addiction

When you say ‘I can’t help myself’ you relinquish control to food or drink or whatever else you allow to control you. We allow ourselves to be controlled by whatever pleasures us – until it becomes an addiction.

Over-eating or under-eating are addictions of control. That being the case, you can control what is controlling you, because you let it control you.

Unlet it, or you control it. Those are the only two options of addiction survival.


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Use Your Instincts

Eat wiser today.

You know how to do it. All humans instinctively know what’s good for them to eat and what is not good for them to eat.

How many times do you think to yourself or say out loud, ‘I really shouldn’t be eating this?’

That goes for amounts too.

Why do you think people say I’m going to ‘pig out’ today? It has nothing to do with the pig. It’s the amount. To overeat is what it means. We know we shouldn’t do it – instinctively.

So eat wiser today. Okay?


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A Time To Be Careful

I lost a pound today. Well, I was one pound lighter when I weighed myself this morning than I was yesterday morning.

This is the time to be careful. There’s something in my brain that happens when I lose one pound. For some strange reason I think, now I can eat, and for another strange reason I throw caution to the wind.

The wind doesn’t want me to throw my caution at it. It wants me to be cautious. It’s my day off today, which means usually I like to eat out. Big portions are not my friend after I’ve lost one pound. And why pay for something I’m not going to finish eating? Well Of course I’ll finish it, at some point during the day, after I wrap the leftovers to go.

Today is a tipping point. I can make it or break it. I’ve cut myself too much slack – and there’s always a reason to ease up on demands I place on myself because who’s looking anyway?

Self-respect has nothing to do with it. Disappointment does. Is the taste of that food and the good time I might or might not have if I go out to eat worth the disappointment I will feel when I get on the scale tomorrow morning? I don’t like that feeling. That bad feeling lasts a lot longer than the enjoyment of a mediocre meal.

Let’s face it, eating out animal-free isn’t exactly haute cuisine and it rarely reaches fine dining status. I can’t afford fine dining eating out anyway – not today. So let’s go further – how about diner status? Nobody has diner-style animal-free. So it’s not for the food I go out.

I mainly go out to socialize, since I’m tied to the computer and maintaining my living space throughout the week. But socializing involves drinking and drinking for me has to involve eating. I can’t drink and not eat like so many other people evidently can.

So there’s my dilemma: to go out or not to go out. Even if I don’t go out today, I’ll have the same dilemma next week, on my next day off.

P.S. It’s tomorrow today. I didn’t go out to eat. Binged on Netflix but didn’t overeat. This morning I weighed one pound less than yesterday. I’m optimistic. This morning at 7 AM I made a fat-free spaghetti sauce with veggies for today. Yesterday we had veggie burgers – mine.


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You’re not the problem. You’re the solution.

Hail YOU.


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Best in your own hands is where your life ought to be.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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I took the laundry cart out as a precursor to doing the laundry – only bedding today. He sees it before taking a shower and says what’s this cart doing out here? Don’t do laundry. I’ll do it on my day off.

I say I’m only doing bedding.

He says okay, then says no. I can do the bedding when I do my work clothes for the week. I’ll just throw it in when I’m down there.

I say, well leave the cart out.

He says no, I’m putting it back, as he proceeds to push the cart back into the closet saying I don’t want you to be tempted – out of sight out of mind. Relax, have some fun today. You don’t want to be doing laundry.

I’m writing something else on the computer and I say out loud: this is how controlling my husband is blah blah blah, and I’m going to write it. We both laugh hysterically, because he’s a controlling husband and I’m his workaholic wife.

I say I’m going to write this and put it on our fat-site.

He said yeah, write it – we’re both still laughing. He said this is what they mean by no good deed goes unpunished.

I’m thinking maybe laughing makes you lose weight. Hm-m.

Better on a Sunday morning to be laughing rather than regretting something from the night before. Maybe that could help you lose weight too.

Maybe I’m onto something here.

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Money is the greatest motivator – having it, spending it, saving it, counting it, giving it, making it, investing it, building with it. We all love money.

Bingo. Go for the gold.

Lose weight by cutting portion size, cutting calories, thus cutting costs. Cut back on going out to eat, buying coffee out, drinking alcohol. Save money while you lose weight.


Save. Save. Save – While you lose weight, and build strength and stamina through MOVING.




Ah, that was easy.

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Hey, anybody who knows about wishing on a dandelion knows me.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


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When you cannibalize an animal you signal to your body-brain impending death, causing your body-brain to go into a fat-producing and fat-conserving mode, slowing all your bodily functions as a means to preserve and extend your life span. This is not the same as a slowed metabolic rate, such as inducing sleep to conserve energy.

Cannibalizing is regarded as a survival tool – short term. Eating another human (or essentially yourself)  –  (or by extension any other animal with similar characteristics and systems) is by nature an act of desperation and annihilation.

Keep cannibalizing and you become morbidly obese by assaulting your body systems with your own flesh and blood leading ultimately to death.

Animal-eating people traditionally have eaten animal products at every meal, in most snacks, most beverages and almost all desserts. By doing so, you put yourself at risk for early extinction from morbid obesity and obesity related diseases.

Even in absence of obesity, diseases of the circulatory system associated with eating too much protein and fats can cause damage to all organs from the accumulation of harmful fatty, calcium and plaque deposits in the network of arteries and blood vessels that act as the vehicle to feed all of the tissues in your organs, including nerves responsible for transmitting electrical signals communicating with the brain and other parts of the body.

The same may be said for plant foods that closely mimic the taste, texture and composition of an animal. You may be protecting the animal by banning their enslavement, torture and slaughter, but are you protecting yourself from the Cannibalizing Factor?

If you’re loading yourself up with plant fats and protein at every meal, in most snacks, most beverages and almost all desserts, then your brain still thinks you’re cannibalizing and acts accordingly.

Until your body-brain actually knows that you are eating plants when you consume veggie meats and cheeses, avoid consuming them every time you eat, like you used to do with the animal.

When you replace animal meats with plants and/or animal-free meats, it might also be best not to match the protein consumption. Keep it lower than you were accustomed to eating when you ate animals.

Do the same for the fat. Keep it significantly lower than the amount of animal fat you ate prior to giving up eating animals. By how much? Low enough so that your brain recognizes the change.

If you reduce your fat and protein intake for a while, then revert back to eating lots of  fat and protein, your brain’s muscle memory may think you’ve returned to eating yourself again, and will slow all functions, which harms all functions if done long term.

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Yeah, fat-free is really a misnomer.

If it’s food, if it can be eaten, it has fat in it. Fat of some kind in some proportion, no matter how small, it’s there.

So, fat-free in the area of food doesn’t exist.

Even carrots contain fat. Plain ol’ carrots. Just try to peel a 50 gallon drum of them and see the fat accumulating on your hands.

There’s fat in fruit, not much, but it’s still there.

Essentially fat-free is what I’m going for. Then almost fat-free, when I need perhaps a tablespoon per 4 servings to emulsify the ingredients (to make stuff blend together).

I’m going back and forth between fat-free and not fat-free. Or fat-free and fatty. That’s my life and my choice.

It may make more sense to stay at a more even pace by doing low fat all the time. That doesn’t fit me. I want to indulge sometimes without going crazy.

I’m not ever going to sit down and eat a pound of butter or drink a cup of olive oil. But I do want some nut butter sometimes. And I do want some rich sauces and the occasional rich dessert.

So I prefer to be strict and then not strict. We’ll see what happens with that yoyo.

Yeah, this is the YOYO diet.

Within those parameters I’m going to lose 20 lbs. by the 1st of the year.

When the clock strikes midnight on 2017 I will weigh 20 lbs. less than I do now. And I’m going to enjoy doing it. I’ve suffered enough in lots of different ways: I’m not going to suffer over this.

Make a circle. Divide it in half. Half will be fat-free, the other half divide into low fat, medium fat and fatty.

Go to my other sites for the not fat-free. Stay here for the fat-free and almost fat-free.

I have to say though, that on my other sites there are plenty of low fat and fat-free recipes. I don’t categorize them that way though.

There are also a lot of gluten-free recipes, and I don’t categorize them as such either. Fat-free, low fat, low sugar even and gluten free just happened; they weren’t my focus. My only focus was animal-free.

My focus on this site is taking out the fat as best I can, and finding new alternatives, new ways to replace it – being ever-cognizant of the flavor and texture factors.

Here are the only stats I need to know.

on 18 September 2012 I weighed 143 lbs. I’m 5’8″ tall.

on 12 August 2016 I weighed 165.6 lbs. I’m still 5’8″ tall.

today (8.28.2016), although I didn’t take a picture, I weighed 159.8 lbs.

My goal:

I have to lose about 5 lbs. per month to reach the 20 lb. goal, which seems reasonable, but reasonable doesn’t always translate to easy or realistic, especially since I develop recipes.

I’ll talk about exercise on another post. I’ve been doing it – sporadically in several ways and areas. I am stronger, but not smaller. When I get more serious about it, beyond what I already do, which is more than most people at my age of 67 years, I’ll talk about what I’m doing.

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Too often we set unrealistic short-term goals that should be in the long-term category. We’re always going to start tomorrow or next week and those weeks turn into years, because the job of reaching the goal is overwhelming.

Your weight doesn’t begin and end with a weight goal. Look at yourself like you look at everything else. This needs improvement, something else does, then set about changing what you don’t like by tweaking, instead of overhauling.

Eat a little less to begin.

Start thinking about what your body needs rather than what you think it wants.

Stop thinking that you can never lose that excess weight. You can and will, understanding that you’re the one who controls what you put into your gut.

If you raise children, you don’t start out being the perfect parent. It’s a work in progress as you make adjustments in your approach from day to day.

When you go to work, same thing. You adjust to new information, new duties, changes in the job description, new bosses etc.

Do the same with how you approach what’s best for your body. Allow yourself to be that work in progress.

Remember, goals without a plan won’t work. Saying that you’ll do something tomorrow or next week won’t work. Declining the candy bar or super-sized soda pop or second or third helpings of food works in the moment. That’s when you’re plan goes into effect–when you’re faced with a decision to do, or not to do.

Feeding your body the same huge volume even when it’s all good food is not the solution.

Over-stuffing your gut is dangerous no matter what you over-stuff it with. Remember, the gut pushes up against the heart. Push too hard and it restricts the heart’s ability to beat unencumbered. Think of it as blowing up a balloon beyond capacity.

People often end up in the emergency room thinking they’re having a heart attack after they’ve eaten a large meal. The doctor says it’s indigestion, which translates to the lay person as ‘what’ they ate, not that they ate too much. ‘Get rid of the gas’ is the usual prescribed remedy, when actually ‘put your fork down’ should be the primary prescription. Eat less food and you’ll create less gas.

Give your heart a fighting chance. Keep smothering it and eventually when you climb that flight of stairs, when your heart needs to pump harder, your bloated gut will block your heart’s effort to get up those stairs. The heart will circumvent by beating a lot of short beats quickly in order to compensate, then because it’s beating so fast will flip into arrhythmias. Next thing you know you’re in the hospital.

Sure it takes discipline. But you get up everyday don’t you? You shower and dress and go to work and come home and watch T.V. or go back to work a second job. That all takes discipline. So it isn’t that you’re lacking in the discipline department. Eating a mammoth amount of food takes discipline too.

Stop asking other people why you do it. It tastes good, it feels good. No it doesn’t. You feel like hell. Then why do I do it? Ask yourself that question. Nobody knows you like you know yourself. Why do you go to work everyday? Because I have to. Why do you get up everyday? Because I have to. Why do you eat so much? Because I have to. No you don’t. That’s one thing you don’t have to do. Yeah, but I do it anyway. Try doing something you don’t have to do. You just might like that feeling of freedom. Just because you feel enslaved by everything else in your life, doesn’t mean you have to enslave yourself in areas that you have total power over.

Try power on for size. I’ll bet it fits like a glove!

Chef Davies-Tight


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The government is instructing doctors across the board to prescribe fewer antibiotics. They claim that overuse of antibiotics is resulting in bacterial infections that are resistant to these drugs.

People now are being denied antibiotic treatment and antiviral treatment when they need it, because the government is afraid to tell the slaughter industries to stop feeding animals slated for slaughter massive doses of antibiotics, that are responsible for your increased sensitivity to them.

I don’t eat animals. I’ve never taken an antibiotic that didn’t work, so why should I be punished because everybody else eats animals, which sensitizes them to these drugs? And why should doctors throw in the antivirals too?

It’s insane the way policy makers decide who gets antibiotic and/or antiviral treatment and who doesn’t. What these policy makers fail to realize is that each person is independent of everyone else. Restricting my use of antibiotics or antivirals is not going to make everybody or anybody else less sensitized to the drugs.

The elephant in the room is not the once or twice a year we may need treatment, but the daily consumption of antibiotics served up at every meal via the flesh and the blood of the dead animal, that was force fed these drugs in massive doses to keep them infection-free.

Wake up to the realities of the situation and stop discriminating against people who don’t eat animals, based on the majority of people who do.

If a doctor is considering not prescribing an antibiotic based on governmental concerns and guidelines, then the first question asked the patient should be: Do you eat animals?


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Everything bad gets stored in my fat. Ever wonder why when you begin to lose weight you feel like crap? That’s because all the stored toxins in your fat go into your blood stream when your fat is burned for fuel.

So, why would I want to carry around with me – every minute of every day and night – a bucket load of toxins? I wouldn’t. It’s like I have a stock pile of my own biological weapons right in my own body, stored in my own fat.

How do you get rid of a toxin? The same way the USA neutralizes its biological weapons. It burns them.

Baby fat, adolescent fat, adult fat, senior fat, what difference does it make? It’s all fat. And it’s all toxic. That’s why they tell you to drink lots of water when you’re dieting, thus burning your fat along with its toxins or even when you get a massage – to flush out those toxins they always say. Hey, I believe it.

Why would you want to give your baby or anyone else their own toxin depository by allowing them to get fat?  You can keep your toxins forever – at your immediate disposal – in your fat. The more fat, the more toxins.

Skip a meal and your body uses its own fat for energy and maintenance. Every toxin in your fat depository is at your disposal to be activated at a moments notice. Skip a meal and watch it work its destructive, disruptive magic on all your organs.

Do you want to forever recycle those toxins that are making you sick or do you want to get rid of them once and for all?

I’ll take the once and for all.

Burn that fat and don’t bring it back.



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Eating protein doesn’t make me want to eat more and more of it.

Eating carbs doesn’t make me want to eat more and more of them. Simple, complex, doesn’t matter. They don’t push the addiction button – for me.

For me it’s fat. Fat with anything. Alone too. But I don’t usually eat fat alone. Something about not much nutritional value that keeps me in line – most the time. But pair fat with anything else and I’m all in. Still, I don’t have to go overboard – at least not way overboard. I do have some control. I recognize my fat in the mirror.

The guilt of poor nutrition, not feeling good and being fat.

Good nutrition, feeling good and not being fat, as well as being fit are all status symbols that elevate one’s perception of themselves. And they’re all free. So why not eat right, feel good and not be fat? Fat has all kinds of negative connotations attached to it.

And the connotations are all bad. Sure there’s a person, a human, underneath it all, but if you can’t even find that person, why would you think anybody else should take the time to conduct a search for the real you? That’s your job not  mine.

If everybody sees only the fat when they look at you, then you’re too fat. 

Don’t say, ‘look at me’ by getting all that huge-body attention, then scream and cry when no one sees the smaller you that’s hidden. You put your best foot forward by putting all your fat out there, so everybody could see only that.

If you’re suffering don’t blame me when you sit beside me on a bus, and I don’t like your fat rubbing and jiggling all over the side of my body. I don’t want your fat rubbing on me when I ride the bus. It’s an invasion. It’s an assault. I don’t even know you and you’re getting that intimate with me? And you’re mad at me because I should like it, and understand the pain you’re in and be more supportive?  What?

If you’re fat, it’s all on you. Not me. Unless I’m fat, then it’s on me.

The purpose of this small satellite of a site is to develop recipes with no fat, no oil.

I’m not taking the fat out of a recipe, same as I don’t take the animal out of an animal-free recipe. I’m not adding it in the first place. I’m engineering the recipe without it.

Beyond that, I’m not going to talk to you about anything regarding you or why you’re fat. I don’t care why you’re fat. I care why I’m fat – or at least too fat for my own comfort, and it’s my comfort that matters. You take care of your comfort, I take care of mine. That’s how it works.

I want to weigh less. I’ve tried lots of ways. I’m pretty much convinced that the fat is the main culprit.

Years ago companies|manufacturers tried to take out the fat from prepared foods and replace it with a bunch of sugar. When it failed to make people lose weight or become more healthy, they went back to the fat. Of course they were putting a lot of responsibility for your weight and health all on the shoulders of their snack foods, which was unrealistic to begin with.

That’s them. That’s not me. They didn’t try hard enough, or maybe weren’t talented enough, or motivated enough, of maybe the fat|oil businesses got ticked off because sales dropped. Manufacturers use a lot of fat when you consider the huge orders they get for any one product. Their will weakened is how I see it.

Now I get a try. Yeah, the animal-free chef is going to see what she can do without fat. Yeah, that’s me. I already gave it up – today. Easy.

I’m looking at it like an addiction.

If I eat a steak or a cup of pinto beans or fresh fruit or steamed veggies or plain cooked pasta or a piece of dry toast it doesn’t make me want to keep eating it and ordering more. It’s not the potato part of the French fry that I really want, it’s the grease it’s cooked in. It’s the fat on the steak, the fat in the beans (pork and beans?), the whipped cream or brûlée with the fresh fruit, and the melted margarine on the veggies, the cheese on the pasta dishes, fatty dressings on my salads, lots of margarine and nut butters on my toast.

For me. That’s it for me.

If I have fat for breakfast (and every expert tells us peanut butter on whole grain toast with a banana and orange juice is the best breakfast), I’ll be eating some kind of food with fat all day.

So no fat. Fat is an addiction. I’m going to handle it like people handle addictions. It’s easy as long as I don’t take that first drink or smoke that first cigarette.

So what about sugar? I don’t eat sugar plain – except every now and then a teaspoon of brown sugar or a tablespoon of maple syrup. I want my sugar with fat on it. I want my fat sweet and savory and everywhere in-between.

Now the giving up part has a few exceptions. 

Fat in nut and plant milks not a problem. Fat in tofu and plant meats not a problem. No spraying oil on the skillet though. Find a way to saute without oil. I will. That’s what I’m good at. I never did spray oil on a skillet. Well, I bought a can about forty years ago, when it was in style, but once I got it home thought twice about breathing in the air that had oil in it from me spraying it on the skillet. It never goes to just the skillet. A spray is a spray. So not for me – nothing do to with the oil content. I suppose I could allow myself 1 t. oil per skillet for any saute. Pour it on cold skillet, then rub with fingers over skillet. I’ll think about it. Lots of stuff will be fluid with this fat-free thing I’m doing.

I might be changing my mind a lot about the rules. But I need a prototype or a plan|program, something to get me started.

Fat contained in store bought bread not a problem. Fat in veg dairy sour cream, cream cheese and other cheeses a problem. No veg dairy unless I make it myself fat-free. No nuts for now.  A few seeds as a garnish are okay. No avocado for now – maybe a little. A few olives are okay, just because I don’t eat them often, except as a small addition to a recipe.

No more margarine. No extra virgin olive oil, no coconut oil, no flax seed oil or any oil. How many seeds or olives or corn kernels does it take to extract enough oil to measure one quarter cup (an amount you might use for a salad dressing or in a cooked dish)? A lot. I don’t think nature meant for us to be eating oil in the large amounts that we eat it.

Since I still develop recipes for, and, I will have to taste as I proceed – but not eat the whole dish just because I don’t want to waste food, especially great tasting food. I’ve already started giving food to people I know around town so I’m good there.

Most chefs don’t eat their own food. That’s because they cook in restaurants and make the same recipe over and over again. They don’t need to eat an entire portion to see if it’s worthy of inclusion on a website, like I do. My situation is different being that I’m continually creating, engineering, testing and experimenting. Tasting|eating is a big part of that process.

So I’m going to lose some weight by dropping the fat. Nothing else needs to be said – except that there won’t be any animals in the recipes I engineer. Just like in only no added fat. Maybe I should say “almost fat-free”, “practically fat-free”.

Don’t worry I’m not going to make a career out of dropping the fat. It’s not going to take over my life. No calculating, measuring beyond the ingredients in a recipe, predicting, counting, keeping journals, or tearing myself down so I can build myself up in another likeness either. Just drop the fat is what I’m going to do. Easy.

Sounds easy, but I feel I might have a fight on my hands – especially if it really is an addiction.

The fat might not want to go. In that case there will be a fight. Hey, I don’t want the fat, I don’t need the fat, you’re outta here!

Now we’ve been together a long time, I know. I never needed, wanted or liked you though. And if you don’t want to go on your own, then I’m going to have to push you out the door.

Maybe I shouldn’t go in with a fighting attitude. Maybe the fat will dig its heels in. Hmm.

Maybe coax the fat. Who does that? Not me. Melt the fat sounds too manipulative. I’m not the melting type. I’m going to freakin’ bomb it. Bomb the freakin’ fat. I’ll bomb it off the freakin’ planet. Now I’m ticked. I can’t even think of a name for it.

It’s got its hooks in me already. It knows my plan. Yeah, I can’t name it. You can’t get rid of what you can’t name. Wow. Good one. That fat’s pretty smart.

Jeeze. Just what I didn’t need – smart fat! My fat’s got a freakin’ brain. How did THAT happen? I’m gonna char the wits right out of it. I’m gonna burn it to a crisp. Bacon? Who said anything about bacon? I’m no bacon.

Char the fat. Oh my God, I am bacon. Kill the fat. Burn it till it disappears. Char the hell out of it. Chew the fat? No, I’m not going to chew any fat. Chew it and spit it out. Nice trick. Chew it and spit it out!! Nice try. Chew it and swallow it you jerk. I’m not chewing it. I’m charring it. Liquid smoke baby. Charcoal.

I’m sounding like a torturer of my own fat. Jeeze. Ease up. Okay, okay. 

I’m animal-free. I’m fat-free. I’m free. I like free. Fat-free animal-free chef. Too long. Fat-free chef. That’s it. That’s me.

It fits. I’m going to prove that I can engineer chef-grade material while being animal-free and fat-free.

BIG ORDER. Better get movin’.

The war on drugs didn’t work. The war on fat won’t either. 

Gotta find another, better way. Lots of vegans are fat you know. Not eating animals doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get fat.

For me. This is for me. I must remember that.

You do what you want – what works for you. Or, come along for the ride or to watch the fight or the melt or the charring of the fat.

Whichever way – my bacon is history.


We’ll see.