Extending Courtesy

Do what makes you feel good, not what makes somebody else feel good. Always though, within the realm of courtesy. Enslavement, torture and slaughter of the world's animals lie outside the realm of courteous behavior.  


Working It Out With The Main Brain

If my brain gets that I'm unpredictable in my food consumption choices within the category of animal-free, then that's what it will expect as being okay with me. I'll stay in the unpredictable category and my brain will rest easy with that, since there's a lot going on there to focus on without needless worry … Continue reading Working It Out With The Main Brain


After two weeks of reducing fat in my diet, I don't crave it as much. Even if I start to eat something fatty, it's easier for me to say no to more. That's a healthful, helpful result of restricting the amount of fat I eat. Conclusion: The more fat I eat the more fat I want. … Continue reading Fat-Cravings

Walking Talking To-Do Lists

Just do it and stop talking about it. When I announce in advance that I'm going to do something, it almost feels like I've already done it, so I'm not as compelled to complete the pursuit as I might have been had I kept quiet and just done it. It's like seeing a preview to … Continue reading Walking Talking To-Do Lists

Skinny People

Skinny people don't need more fat. They need more healthy food that tastes good in all the plant categories.  

Dandelions Wanting To Make Your Wish Come True

While walking out and about a few days ago, I came across a patch of dandelion fuzz heads, separated from their stems, just laying on the ground in perfect round form, ready to be picked up and made a wish upon - outside of course, so you can spread the seeds. Seems these dandelions wanted … Continue reading Dandelions Wanting To Make Your Wish Come True

Gain Reduce Or Stabilize

Cannabilizing other animals is not a smart weight reduction method - short or long-term. It isn't healthy; it isn't kind and neither is it efficient. Plants are the only wise choice to make when looking to gain, reduce or stabilize weight.  

Everything About It Clicked

Recently I started holding back posts for the purpose of releasing them on the same day every week, in response to reading someplace that people like the consistency of knowing what day new posts are scheduled to be released. In doing this, I sometimes forget to post on the day I commit to, due to … Continue reading Everything About It Clicked

Discipline Leads

We tend to think discipline is doing something we don't feel much like doing, but we suck it up and do it anyway, because it's good for us or somebody or something else. Quite the contrary. True discipline is finding that which we enjoy doing and then doing it. Suffering is not a by-product of … Continue reading Discipline Leads

This Is Why You’re Obese

BECAUSE YOU'RE AN ANIMAL-EATER   I can't help but think of the families of all those enslaved, tortured, slaughtered, broken up, destroyed forever, by the Hand of Human Men & Women & Children who through their actions say, YOU DON'T MATTER BECAUSE WE DON'T CARE.  

Can A Strict Eating Schedule Prevent, Treat Or Cure Diseases?

FFC COMMENT > A strict eating schedule could probably assist in weight control as well as lessening the ravaging effects of some diseases and disorders. The world is out of control with its eating habits of eating and drinking something all the time. Even in poor countries I see lots of fat people. I don't … Continue reading Can A Strict Eating Schedule Prevent, Treat Or Cure Diseases?

Something About Weight Watcher’s That Came To My Attention

Curious about their 200 zero points food list that everybody's been talking about, I surfed the net looking for it, and found I had to go all the way to Canada to get it. It just didn't seem right. Weight Watcher's in the USA under the direction I'm assuming of multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey - she's … Continue reading Something About Weight Watcher’s That Came To My Attention

You’re Flooding Me

When you drink a half gallon of carrot juice your brain screams STOP. What are you doing? I don't want all that vitamin A. Don't need all that. Slow down. What am I going to do with all that? Where am I going to put it? It's too much. You're flooding me. I'm on overload. … Continue reading You’re Flooding Me

Control Your Addiction

When you say 'I can't help myself' you relinquish control to food or drink or whatever else you allow to control you. We allow ourselves to be controlled by whatever pleasures us - until it becomes an addiction. Over-eating or under-eating are addictions of control. That being the case, you can control what is controlling … Continue reading Control Your Addiction

Use Your Instincts

Eat wiser today. You know how to do it. All humans instinctively know what's good for them to eat and what is not good for them to eat. How many times do you think to yourself or say out loud, 'I really shouldn't be eating this?' That goes for amounts too. Why do you think … Continue reading Use Your Instincts

A Time To Be Careful

I lost a pound today. Well, I was one pound lighter when I weighed myself this morning than I was yesterday morning. This is the time to be careful. There's something in my brain that happens when I lose one pound. For some strange reason I think, now I can eat, and for another strange … Continue reading A Time To Be Careful


You're not the problem. You're the solution. Hail YOU.  


Best in your own hands is where your life ought to be. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


I took the laundry cart out as a precursor to doing the laundry - only bedding today. He sees it before taking a shower and says what’s this cart doing out here? Don’t do laundry. I’ll do it on my day off. I say I’m only doing bedding. He says okay, then says no. I … Continue reading THIS IS HOW CONTROLLING MY HUSBAND IS:


Money is the greatest motivator - having it, spending it, saving it, counting it, giving it, making it, investing it, building with it. We all love money. Bingo. Go for the gold. Lose weight by cutting portion size, cutting calories, thus cutting costs. Cut back on going out to eat, buying coffee out, drinking alcohol. … Continue reading MOTIVATED BY MONEY


Hey, anybody who knows about wishing on a dandelion knows me. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


THE CANNIBALIZING FACTOR When you cannibalize an animal you signal to your body-brain impending death, causing your body-brain to go into a fat-producing and fat-conserving mode, slowing all your bodily functions as a means to preserve and extend your life span. This is not the same as a slowed metabolic rate, such as inducing sleep … Continue reading The CANNIBALIZING FACTOR -Animal vs Plant


THE FAT-FREE MISNOMER Yeah, fat-free is really a misnomer. If it's food, if it can be eaten, it has fat in it. Fat of some kind in some proportion, no matter how small, it's there. So, fat-free in the area of food doesn't exist. Even carrots contain fat. Plain ol' carrots. Just try to peel … Continue reading THE YOYO DIET


WATCH YOUR WEIGHT | BE A WORK IN PROGRESS Too often we set unrealistic short-term goals that should be in the long-term category. We're always going to start tomorrow or next week and those weeks turn into years, because the job of reaching the goal is overwhelming. Your weight doesn't begin and end with a weight … Continue reading WATCH YOUR WEIGHT | BE A WORK IN PROGRESS


The government is instructing doctors across the board to prescribe fewer antibiotics. They claim that overuse of antibiotics is resulting in bacterial infections that are resistant to these drugs. People now are being denied antibiotic treatment and antiviral treatment when they need it, because the government is afraid to tell the slaughter industries to stop … Continue reading COLLECTIVE ANTIBIOTIC PUNISHMENT


Everything bad gets stored in my fat. Ever wonder why when you begin to lose weight you feel like crap? That's because all the stored toxins in your fat go into your blood stream when your fat is burned for fuel. So, why would I want to carry around with me - every minute of … Continue reading BURN THAT FAT AND DON’T BRING IT BACK


FOR ME Eating protein doesn't make me want to eat more and more of it. Eating carbs doesn't make me want to eat more and more of them. Simple, complex, doesn't matter. They don't push the addiction button - for me. For me it's fat. Fat with anything. Alone too. But I don't usually eat … Continue reading WISHING ON A WEED