THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD You’re not going to lose weight by eating what you always ate even if you eat less of what you always ate. Those patterns of what you always ate are entrenched in your mind. They are well established and won’t, because they can’t, move. Your eating patterns have become habitual.Continue reading “YOUR FOOD IS YOUR COMFORT”



People resist change because they instinctively know that when they change, and are tempted to return to the old way, and then do it, they will be tempted to go back to the new way. And they instinctively want to stay where they are. It’s the nature of animals to stay on a certain path.Continue reading “CHANGE AND HABITS”


Sometimes baby steps are needed – in the beginning, sporadically throughout and often times when nearing the end. Today I’m baby-stepped-out. Simon says take a giant step forward. I don’t know anybody named Simon, and I’m tired of asking permission of somebody I never met, so I’m just going to do it. One giant stepContinue reading “BABY STEPS”


FOR ME Eating protein doesn’t make me want to eat more and more of it. Eating carbs doesn’t make me want to eat more and more of them. Simple, complex, doesn’t matter. They don’t push the addiction button – for me. For me it’s fat. Fat with anything. Alone too. But I don’t usually eatContinue reading “WISHING ON A WEED”

WATCH YOUR WEIGHT – be a work in progress

WATCH YOUR WEIGHT | BE A WORK IN PROGRESS Too often we set unrealistic short-term goals that should be in the long-term category. We’re always going to start tomorrow or next week and those weeks turn into years, because the job of reaching the goal is overwhelming. Your weight doesn’t begin and end with a weightContinue reading “WATCH YOUR WEIGHT – be a work in progress”


Fat or skinny you are accepted the way you are. Some people eat too much. Some people eat too little. Some people eat mostly healthy. Some people eat mostly unhealthy. Some people are in the middle on some counts and not others. Some manage their weight at great effort, others with hardly a thought to it. Doesn’tContinue reading “NO SHAME HERE”


I’M HAVING A FAT-FREE FOOD FLING! I’m stepping outside the box, testing boundaries, going beyond the familiar on this site. Always with a history though – the history of eating animals, the history of original sin – the ugliest of sins that made me and makes the world ugly. I’m looking for the beautiful inContinue reading “MY NEW THING”