My Verdict On Coffee

I’m not talking about caffeinated beverages other than coffee or caffeinated anything for that matter.

It’s all about the coffee itself, every feature of it. Plain, forget what you or I put in it, though mostly for years, except on a rare occasion, I took mine black. For years also, I would take my first cup full strength, then drink the remaining pot diluted with water throughout the day and sometimes evening, anywhere from two to four twelve ounce full strength cups plus all that extra water per day.

Recently I began cutting back.

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Heavy Metals Gettin’ You Down?



I don’t know if this works, but logically it appears sound enough for me to at least try it.

Steve eats a big salad every day, yet he still looks and feels toxic. So, adding chlorella, which is a binding agent along with cilantro may make a difference.

I already have chlorella tablets, all I need to do is add cilantro to his salad, then he can take the tablet before, during or after the meal. That’s the plan. Adding water and apple juice to make a smoothie is okay, but why not use the salad as the vehicle? He already drinks a lot of water.

Chlorella is already known for its detoxifying qualities, but cilantro? Who would think a tiny leafy plant could do so much good for you? And it’s cheap considering all it does. They should package this stuff like marijuana if the snake oil claims turn out to be true. It even protects against food poisoning. Those Mexican restaurant owners are pretty darned smart. Put cilantro in everything, and don’t get sick.

I’ve been fooled by false promises before. One more time won’t hurt, and it just might help. Don’t we all have heavy metals in us?

Take a look here too >

Forty-two days seems like a long time for something to work. I take back the marijuana analogy. If I have to wait forty-two days for anything, chances are good that I won’t try it.

Still, I’m mesmerized by the claims.

Let’s see, two dollars a day for a bunch of cilantro is sixty dollars a month just for that. Add the chlorella tablets and the price jumps, plus the other smoothie ingredients. And of course they all have to be organic. The price just jumped again.

I wonder if I put the mixture in a pint of Guinness beer if the metal leaching process will speed up? I know I know, eat the green stuff with a Guinness chaser. That’ll do it. Then I won’t care so much about the cost.

Cilantro doesn’t stay fresh thus edible very long. There’s a lot of waste via dirty bruised bottoms. So you should buy it every day. I wonder if the seeds are as effective? I use a lot of ground coriander seeds in soups and sauces. Does it have to be eaten fresh | raw? I’m thinking about making a coriander cilantro broth. Maybe I’ll add the Chinese Five Spice àla Sharon that I ground up yesterday per Steve’s request. Add some pink Himalayan salt, then while still very hot I’ll clarify it by passing it through a coffee filter. Oh, I should add red cayenne pepper too – just a little, and maybe some fresh lime juice. I’ll let you know if I make it and how it turned out.





Top 19 Health Benefits of Chlorella

FFC Comment: I’ve been taking this supplement for about a month once a day. Since I tolerated it well, I’m going to increase the dose to twice a day.

“If you’ve been tuned in to the health food world over the past few years chances are you have heard of something called chlorella, though you may not know exactly what it is. Often referred to as a potent superfood, chlorella, or c/ vulgaris, is a type of single-celled algae whose incredibly high content of chlorophyll gives it a rich, green colour.

It is one of, if not the highest, food sources of chlorophyll, which may contribute to its impressive array of healing benefits. Many natural health practitioners recommend including chlorella in your daily routine as a nutrient dense dietary supplement and for good reason!

Helpful for everything from weight loss to cellular detoxification, liver support, and immune function this simple little organism packs a big nutritional punch.

Let’s dive a little deeper into this single-celled freshwater algae!…”

FINISH READING: Top 19 Health Benefits of Chlorella – Herb Affair



Plants Are Medicine With Benefits And Side Effects

Benefits and side effects of chicken webMD is what I googled.  Just to be fair, I used the same benefits/side effects website I use as one of my go-to-sites for supplements, plant foods and isolates. This is what I got.

Then I googled BENEFITS AND SIDE EFFECTS OF EATING CHICKEN (even though when looking up a plant food I don’t insert the word ‘eating’). This is what I got.

Some of these are directly linked to broiler chicken, while the others are linked to wrong cooking techniques.

  • Food Poisoning From Broiler Chicken. …
  • Risk Of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Infection From Broiler Chicken. …
  • High Cholesterol Content In Chicken Meat Even Without Skin.

Chicken has long been lauded as a healthier option than red meat, but broiler chicken, with its harmful and antibiotic-resistant bacteria like E. coli, is not the best choice. While the bacteria can be killed by cooking chicken at 165 ˚F, grilling or frying the chicken raises cancer risk. So does a diet that replaces fresh veggies and fruits with just chicken, which is quite high in cholesterol. Choose more plant proteins and roast or stew the chicken…

Source: 5 Side Effects Of Eating Chicken You Need To Beware Of

There are several sites that discuss whether a particular animal is healthy for you or not. It’s usually under certain circumstances for both. More often referred to is what the animal consists of: such as protein, fat, minerals, vitamins – basically the same composition of humans in varying degrees – which are touted as being healthy for the human. I guess based on the theory that if the human could eat itself it would, but because it can’t it needs something very close to it. That theory just doesn’t hold water.

Food is fuel. Fuel is used to activate and drive an entity (whether it be mechanical, a being or a seed). You don’t grind up cars and put them into a tank to fuel the car. You don’t grind up a plant in which to grow new plants. You need to put a seed in soil which is the fuel to nourish the seed and make it grow along with water to keep it moist and steady so it can grow – upward. Manure and compost (decomposed plants) can nourish the soil also, and can be used to steady the plant as it grows. Roots need to anchor to something – or the plant does.

Humans don’t rot animals to add to the soil to make the plants grow better. Nor do they rot humans or other animals, dry them, then put them into their bodies as fuel. Humans and a few other species are the only ones who attempt to eat themselves by eating somebody else. They are the only ones who use as fuel for energy either themselves or a close replica.

It’s a deviation – an abomination.

Who would believe that vitamins, minerals, amino acids, teas, coffee (well yes), alcohol (well yes), vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, legumes, flowers all have benefits and side effects? Mostly all. My conclusion is that plant food is medicine. What you eat matters. If some site merely tells you that what you googled is healthy or not, then assume nobody has studied benefits and side effects. Google the specific item within a food or supplement category for best results.

Google what you consume. What are the benefits and side effects of ___________?


Side Effects & Benefits Of Malic Acid


Malic acid is an organic compound that is naturally found in fruits such as apples. It is often taken as a supplement, especially for the treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Malic acid is known for its ability to increase energy and tolerance to exercise. This is because it is an essential component in the Krebs cycle, which is how our bodies convert food into energy, according to the “Journal of Nutritional Medicine”.

Generally Safe

Since malic acid is naturally occurring and is found in many fruits that we eat safely every day, it is generally regarded as safe. There are no serious or dangerous side effects known or reported regarding malic acid in regular recommended doses, but it is still a good idea to speak with your doctor before taking any new supplements.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Although they are a rare and mild side effect, gastrointestinal problems such as bloating or cramping have been reported by some people who have utilized malic acid supplements, states the Journal of Nutritional Medicine. To avoid gastrointestinal side effects, take malic acid with plenty of water and continue drinking to stay hydrated throughout the day. To prevent gastrointestinal problems, don’t take any dose of malic acid higher than your doctor recommends.

Reduction of Pain

For people who suffer from fibromyalgia and/or chronic fatigue syndrome, eating foods high in malic acid or supplementing with malic acid has been shown to reduce muscle pain and muscle soreness, according to the Journal of Nutritional Medicine. This reduction of pain has been noted to be increased by the addition of a magnesium supplement, along with the malic acid. Some patients with fibromyalgia have noted a relief from pain as early as within 48 hours of taking a malic acid supplement.

Increased Energy…READ ON: Side Effects & Benefits Of Malic Acid




You don’t have to eat prefermented food, such as sauerkraut and yogurt. All you have to do is eat raw foods that when ingested will naturally ferment in your digestive tract.

You don’t need to take probiotics, because when you eat the raw food, the body naturally produces the probiotics. When you eat vegetables such as raw onion, raw crucifers, cooked beans, cooked mushroom, the body naturally makes the right balance of beneficial bacteria.

Early stage cancer is reversible with cancer-fighting foods.

Mushrooms are powerful angiogenesis inhibitors which don’t allow the body to grow new blood vessels [to nourish tumors]. When you eat cooked mushrooms it’s difficult to store fat and get cancer…Watch the video, there’s much more.


The Healing Power Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Remove Painful Calcium Deposits From Body VIDEO


No Pain Pill For Sciatica VIDEO


Pink Himalayan Salt – health benefits VIDEO


Saffron vs Alzheimer’s Drug VIDEO


Melatonin Dosage, Melatonin Benefits & Melatonin Cautions

For millions of people, melatonin might be the answer to avoiding another terrible slumber. We know that sleep is highly important to maintaining the health of the entire body and warding off acute and chronic health issues. But what is melatonin? It’s actually a hormone that is responsible for setting our sleep-wake cycle, so long as you have the proper melatonin dosage.

According to new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, one out of three American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. (1) At the top of the list for melatonin common uses is definitely assistance when it comes to a good night’s rest as a natural sleep aid. Melatonin is used to treat sleep issues resulting from jet lag or insomnia, and it’s even used to help treat certain cancers. (2) Scientific research has shown that it can benefit cancer patients, specifically those diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer. Those are two hormonally linked cancers so it makes sense that a hormone like melatonin can play a pivotal role in their treatment.

Melatonin is naturally produced by our bodies, but caffeine, alcohol and tobacco use can all lower melatonin levels in the body…

Finish reading: Melatonin Dosage, Melatonin Benefits & Melatonin Cautions – Dr. Axe

FFC Comment: I don’t know what a hormone-linked cancer means, or why it makes sense that a hormone-linked cancer can be treated effectively with a totally different hormone. That’s like saying growth hormones or testosterone or estrogen or progesterone or even thyroid pills ( thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) ) can cure breast or prostate cancer.

Melatonin does however induce sleep – at least in me. It doesn’t create a long sleep, just a quick sleep, especially when taking the chewable tablets. I take 5 mg. before bed. I do wake up in 4 hours, however, and had been taking another pill to get 4 more hours. Two for me is too much, since I’m groggy and discombobulated the next day.

So then I take none. And then I take it every now and then. Everywhere I researched, it said not to be taken long-term. Don’t know the why of that. No research on long-term usage is my guess.

I tried it during the day for my dizziness due to concussion, but it made the feeling like I’m going to fall and the dizziness worse.

For those who want to go to sleep quickly I suggest what everybody else suggests, not more than 5 mg. I’m thinking of trying half the dose and see if it works as well. You can’t cut the 5 mg. chewable tablet in half. But since I bought both types, I’m covered.

Melatonin relaxes smooth muscle, which can be helpful for people who have smooth muscle agitation, anywhere in the body. I have urinary incontinence due to a spinal cord injury and Tarlov cysts, so relaxing my bladder further makes it worse. However, I experienced fewer PVCs (premature ventricular contractions) while taking it.


Oregano Replaces Need For Antibiotics…VIDEO – Oregano Water Recipe

…at least in chickens.

The people over at Perdue Chicken Farms put oregano in their chickens’ water to eliminate the need for antibiotics. Supposedly oregano contains antioxidants that keep the chickens from getting infections, which is the reason for the antibiotics in the first place.

In another advertisement, Perdue claims that rosemary and thyme help the chickens’ immune system.

What a discovery! Since we humans base what we put into our own systems on test studies done on animals, that then are generalized to the human population, I’m thinking “GO OREGANO”!

Oregano water is the plan. For me and Steve. Actually, I’ve been making it for a few months now and we drink it fairly consistently – Steve puts it in his hibiscus and lavender water that he takes to work five days a week.

For Steve, the ratio is one part hibiscus water, one part lavender water, one part oregano water. I drink a juice glass of it plain and cold every few days or in the evening when I’m thirsty and I think of it. There’s no set schedule. We just think we’re doing our systems good with it.

Organic is best, since it isn’t grown with the use of pesticides. He says the oregano water makes the other two taste better. I agree.

To make the oregano water simply steep dried or fresh oregano – as much as you want – in boiled water – as much as you want. Strain solids through wire mesh strainer, then through a coffee filter lined in a wire mesh strainer.

Pour into clean jars and refrigerate till ready to drink.


Take a look at what’s being said about oregano >



If you juice, then watermelon and/or cucumber are good choices, especially when the melons or cukes aren’t in the greatest shape – off-season.

Although sometimes I’ll juice carrots if I find a good bulk price, usually I let Bolthouse Farms brand do the juicing for me. I prefer to juice items that produce a lot of juice, since I don’t find any use for the pulp that I would enjoy. If I’m going to use the pulp, then I might as well eat the whole carrot.



Okay, so I ask a bartender what she eats to stay slim. I said, ‘now don’t say pizza because I know you don’t eat pizza’. She agreed. I was looking for a tip from a slim person. After all, they must be doing something right.

She drinks a lot of water, and instead of the costly flavored mineral waters, she makes cucumber water.

Any cukes will do, just clean them well, peel or don’t peel, or partially peel and slice them or chunk them. Put them into a large container – I used glass. Then cover with filtered water to the top. Screw on lid and refrigerate.

She said it tastes more refreshing than bottled water and there are no calories, plus the cost is low. I tried it and I agree. It is refreshing. Buy only really fresh, firm cukes. I replaced the water several times before deciding to eat the cucumber slices and starting the process over again.

Great tip in my view.


10 Surprising Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

Written By  from Doctor’s Health Press

Hibiscus tea benefits your health in many ways. It helps lower high blood pressure, control blood sugar, lower bad cholesterol, reduce depression and many more.

Hibiscus Tea: Overview

The other day, I was relaxing by the pool in my favorite outdoor recliner. I had my sunglasses on and my favorite summertime beverage in hand. Let me tell you—there is nothing like the tart, cranberry-like flavor of a cool glass of hibiscus tea. I like to sweeten mine with a little honey instead of sugar. I also like to enjoy a hot glass of hibiscus tea during the winter months.

I’m not the only one who loves a good cup of hibiscus tea—it is heavily consumed in the Caribbean, Mexico, China, and Europe. In fact, the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt once enjoyed hibiscus tea as well! In Egypt and Sudan, hibiscus tea has long been used during wedding toasts.

However, hibiscus herbal tea is more than just a delicious beverage. The health benefits of hibiscus tea are what make it so special. Hibiscus tea is made from the deep magenta sepals of the roselle flower, and is thought to be native to Africa. It is also known by its plant name Hibiscus sabdariffa—hence the name hibiscus tea. The hibiscus name also comes from the Greek word hibiskos and is a flowering plant from the mallow family.

It is important to note that there are 232 species of hibiscus, and not all of them are used for tea or healing. For instance, the Hibiscus sabdariffa plant should not be confused with other hibiscus species, such as the non-medicinal Hibiscus acetosella. The traditional hibiscus tea plant has yellow flowers and a red center. The Hibiscus ascetosella has red flowers…

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How to Lower Blood Pressure with Hibiscus Tea – The People’s Pharmacy

Hibiscus tea (made from Hibiscus flowers) is tart and many people find it pleasant. There is now scientific evidence that it can lower blood pressure.

Blood pressure control is essential to maintain good kidney health and reduce the possibility of a stroke or heart attack. But it can be difficult to find blood pressure medication that does not have unpleasant side effects. You and your doctor might have to use trial and error to find a medicine you can tolerate. But if blood pressure is only moderately high, could you lower it with hibiscus tea or other kitchen remedies?

Using Hibiscus Tea to Control Blood Pressure:

Q. At my last physical my blood pressure was 158/90, the highest reading I’ve ever had. (I chalked that up to white coat hypertension). It had been running 135/82 or so, which still concerned me. I bought a high-end BP monitor that keeps records on my smartphone.

I started drinking hibiscus tea, 20 ounces iced per day, minimum. After 6 months my readings average out to 109/71.

I don’t add salt when I cook, and I have also started to avoid food with added sodium. I’m sure that has helped as well. I read about the DASH Diet online and found it very enlightening. I’m a 54-year-old menopausal woman who exercises regularly…

Finish reading: How to Lower Blood Pressure with Hibiscus Tea – The People’s Pharmacy


Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits – From Weight Loss to Neuropathy


Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid, including facts about ALA and weight loss. What foods contain ALA? Will ALA cure health issues?

Diet Reviews / Ingredient Reviews / Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits – From Weight Loss to Neuropathy

Alpha lipoic acid, an essential fatty acid, is a part of every cell in the body. It is also a natural antioxidant that aids in turning glucose into energy. [4] [2] It can also be referred to as thioctic acid, lipoate, lipoic acid, ALA, and thioctan. The scientific name is 1,2-dithiolane-3pentanoic acid. [20]

When first discovered in 1951 it was categorized as a vitamin until three decades later when scientists recognized it as a powerful antioxidant that could stop healthy cells from harm by free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules). [19]

Aside from being found in the body’s cells alpha lipoic acid naturally occurs in many foods as well. [8]

Alpha lipoic acid has been used as an alternative medicine for multiple conditions and could be useful for weight loss. [8]

In this content, we will highlight the many uses and health benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid.

What exactly is Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Finish reading: Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits – From Weight Loss to Neuropathy

Sharon’s Comment: I bought Alpha Lipoid Acid online in veggie caps – all vegan supplement.

Years ago when Steve and I had a toxic mold injury we were prescribed ALA and we both thought it effective – it was prescribed in much smaller doses back then.

Since we both gained weight after a recent exposure to a lot of neurotoxins, over several months,  in a large building inhabited by a multitudinous insect population, I thought it prudent to seek out a supplement that could help our systems heal from the onslaught. Alpha Lipoid Acid came to mind only because I happened upon it while searching for something else on

Most of us are old, so there’s not much concern by the owners of this HUD approved building regarding the damage these toxins can do to the systems of elderly people. Maybe they figure we don’t have long to live anyway, so what’s the big deal – as long as they control the pests we all should be happy.

Hey, not so fast.

Steve and I are not the only ones who gained a lot of weight. Plus quality of life is important as one ages. Don’t bury us before our time because protecting our brains from the damage caused by poisoning the air and all surfaces of one’s living space is a nuisance. There are infants and young children who reside in the building – who stay overnight for days at a time whom the management didn’t consider. One infant died. Nobody knows from what. Infant Death Syndrome they called it. Maybe. Those of us who still have our wits about us aren’t so sure.

Toxins can and do contribute to weight gain, and they should not be ruled out as a weight-gain factor, simply because nobody can actually see them. Toxins, especially neurotoxins, affect all systems of the body. Every cell. So toxins need to be looked at in the pursuit of answers as to why there are so many younger, fat, sluggish people with old people diseases.

These management people have no problem assaulting our bodies and brains with neurotoxins, but are afraid to tell tenants to clean up their living spaces.

In our last lease there was a new provision stating that if a tenant criticized the outfit that owns and runs the place, they would be subject to deportation – ops, I mean eviction.

Here’s to renewed hope that ALA will be just what the doctor should have ordered. It’s not to late.

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