Skinny Dirty Rice

SKINNY DIRTY RICE What to do with the water you soak your almonds in and the skins you pop from the nuts? Make this original rice, skins and dirty water recipe! Fat-Free too!  Makes 12-1/2 cups 5 c. soaking liquid from parboiled raw almonds 1 T. pink Himalayan salt 1/4 t. fine grind black pepper... Continue Reading →



LILLY BELLE PI GETS A HAIRCUT She's not so fat. She just looked fat. Was everybody ever surprised when she pranced into the building acting like Miss America. She's so beautiful. Look at Lilly!! I've got to trim her up a bit. But I'll wait till the current experience is behind her a sufficient amount... Continue Reading →


I made a salad for me, and Lilly Belle wanted it. So why not, since it's all healthy? Lilly Belle is now a salad-eater. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and blueberry and mish-mash bagel croutons with Follow Your Hearty Blue Cheese Dressing! Licked the plate clean, then licked her chops!


It only makes sense that if Steve and I are overweight, that our dog daughter Lilly Belle Pi is the same - sort of. Lilly has this strange hair that when grown makes her look a lot bigger than she actually is. People about the building always comment on how fat she is, till Lilly... Continue Reading →

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