Intermittent Fasting Challenge Put On By The No Meat Athlete

Okay now I’m ready to talk about THE INTERMITTENT FASTING CHALLENGE. It’s been a while I know – I put it off and put it off. There’s nothing new about intermittent fasting. All animals naturally do it. You stop eating some time before you go to bed and resume some time after you get up.Continue reading “Intermittent Fasting Challenge Put On By The No Meat Athlete”



F-FC ClipBoard: Very interesting short video – easy to understand. We actually recycle the garbage that accumulates in our cells to form new cells. Starvation or Intermittent Fasting accelerates the process… TAKE A LOOK…


SUSHI GINGER GRILLED CHEESE Out of the box grilled cheese sandwich. Rye bread, guacamole salsa, creamy Caesar dressing, smoked Gouda plant-cheese, sweet onion and pickled sushi ginger, all grilled in a light sesame seed oil! Wow, I was in grilled cheese heaven after coming off from a 16 hour fast! Makes 1 sandwich

Healthiest Foods

F-FC Clipboard: I eat all these foods. Not every day, but throughout the week I hit all the bases. Although it hasn’t made me lose weight, because I eat a lot of other foods too – remember I’m a chef who develops animal-free recipes for everyone – those on a diet and those not –Continue reading “Healthiest Foods”


Workshop: Intermittent Fasting for the Plant-Based Athlete – No Meat Athlete Academy F-F CHEF Clipboard: If you’re beginning the IF (Intermittent Fasting) CHALLENGE this welcome video is informative, casual and they answer lots of questions. This is what I gleaned from watching the webinar and taking notes: The most startling fact that really stuck withContinue reading “(IF) INTERMITTENT FASTING VIDEO”

Intermittent Fasting Challenge BEGINS MARCH 1st SIGN UP NOW

F-FC ClipBoard: Okay, I’m not an athlete but I’m interested in accepting this challenge for 30 days and 5 dollars. I already signed up and it begins March 1st 2020. I have a positive outlook and plan on success. Years ago when I was thin, I wasn’t cooking and eating all the time. So IContinue reading “Intermittent Fasting Challenge BEGINS MARCH 1st SIGN UP NOW”