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Two Way Granny Smith Apple Dessert


Apple sauce with fresh apple cubes. Dusted with pumpkin seed snow, cinnamon, brown sugar. Drizzled with maple syrup and sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt. Sweet, tart, crunchy, smooth, creamy – it has it all. Low-fat, except for the negligible amount in the pumpkin seed snow! Don’t wait for dessert – make it the meal! 

Makes 1-2 servings

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Ease Up The Search For One Action Solutions

There isn’t going to be one food or one diet action that makes you lose all the fat you want to lose. It’s a conglomeration of a lot of simple, easy, little actions that gets you where you want to be.

It doesn’t have to be slow either. What if you lost most of the fat you want to lose in a year? I know you know how fast time flies. A year is nothing. Boom. Poof. All gone – just like that. One year.

The summer’s almost over. Where did the Spring go? Nobody knows. Everybody complains about the heat till winter arrives and reminds us how silly we were to complain, when that’s what we wanted – warmer weather.

One action solutions usually end up in some country being bombed, or some group burning cities, or people’s careers being ruined over uttering a word that other groups claim to own.

One action solutions are dead-end streets. They start wars; they don’t end them. Everybody claims to know the ‘street’, but do they really? If you really knew the ‘street’ you could solve any problem arising from that ‘street’.

Think about that one. What side of the street do you want to be on? Maybe a different street altogether? Maybe a new neighborhood? Jesus, I just heard an Irish accent in my mind as I whispered what I wrote out loud to check the words for cadence.

Maybe this should be in the writing tips section of word warrior. Ah, who cares. I’m tired from all the antibiotics, just finished the pain pills, am too lazy to write a separate post on how I’m doing. Two molar teeth extractions. Healing nicely – I think. Oral surgeon and assistant were professional and nice. It feels like I still have half a tooth in one of the caverns, but the doctor said it was bone I was feeling and that it would heal over. The worst tooth gave me the least amount of pain.

There’s a tip in there somewhere.



MOTT’S Granny Smith Applesauce = DIET FOOD

A six-pack of unsweetened granny smith applesauce = DIET FOOD to me.

3.9 oz. per container = 23.4 ounces for the whole six-pack. That’s a lot.

You could eat all six containers and still only be at 300 calories plus no fat.

I don’t know why I don’t buy applesauce more often, because I really like it, especially for a between meal snack, but also over sauerkraut pierogi or egg-free noodles with a smoked almond crumb topping mixed with minced fresh garlic and fresh grind black pepper.

Steve has certain foods that he buys on a consistent basis; not me. I don’t know the why of that either.

Zero sodium. That’s a plus too.

Applesauce doesn’t need sugar, unless of course you’re making it into a fancy dessert. We can do that too and still keep the added sugar to a minimum.

Tom Brady (New England Patriot football player) once said that chewing was over-rated. I believe that too. Sometimes soft and easy satisfies more. There’s no work to eating it. I’m tired of working so hard at everything. Why does eating have to be hard too? It doesn’t, so don’t let anyone tell you to eat the whole apple instead of the applesauce. There’s a half an apple per container. Eat two containers, then. Pre-chewed is the way I look at it.

We’ll get to the whole apple in a dessert. It doesn’t have to be whole all the time.

Give this applesauce = DIET FOOD a try. There isn’t going to be one food or one diet action that makes you lose all the fat you want to lose. It’s a conglomeration of a lot of simple, easy, little actions that gets you where you want to be.





16 oz. glass

1/2 t. baking soda

1/2 t. malic acid

1/4 t. taurine powder

filtered water

Place baking soda, malic acid and taurine powder in bottom of glass. Fill with chilled filtered water and watch the bubbles. Stir if you like. Now, enjoy a healthy naturally carbonated beverage. Cheers!

Occasionally I reduce the baking soda and malic acid to 1/4 teaspoon each. See how much you like for your carbonated water.

What can I say; I like carbonated water. When I make my own, I know what’s in it.

It’s a cheap way to get a FIZZ FIX.

Each glass is made to order.

Zero Calories!

It won’t melt away that twenty pounds excess fat you carry around with you. But not everything has to be geared to losing fat. Sometimes you just want to enjoy something for what it is without having to think about your fat.



The Inflammation Of Aging By Dr. Greger

The Best Diet for the Inflammation of Aging

Written By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM on August 9th, 2018

SUM: “Folks made to eat five-a-day of high-antioxidant fruits and vegetables, like berries and greens, had a significantly better impact on reducing systemic inflammation and liver dysfunction compared to those eating five-a-day of the more common low-antioxidant fruits and veggies, like bananas and lettuce.”

So, the take-away from this research in the view of the animal-free chef, even though you eat all plants, it won’t help much in the area of “inflammation of aging”, unless you include greens and berries. That’s discouraging. It’s tough enough to go animal-free in an animal-eating world, but to have to eat certain plants for good health as one ages, limits their dietary options.

One of the most recognized consequences of aging is a decline in immune function, illustrated by vulnerability to dying from the flu and poor response to vaccinations. But, about 20 years ago, a paper was published showing that the immune cells of 80-year-olds produced significantly more pro-inflammatory signals. As I discuss in my video, How to Counter the Inflammation of Aging, this suggests the worst of both worlds—a decline in the part of the immune system that fights specific infections and an aggravation of nonspecific overreactions that can lead to inflammation.

This has since been formalized in a concept referred to as a chronic low-grade inflammation that we now know is typical of aging, which may be responsible for the decline and onset of disease in the elderly. So, what can we do about it? Inflamm-aging appears to be a major consequence of growing old. Can it be prevented or cured?

“The key to successful aging and longevity is to decrease chronic inflammation without compromising an acute response when exposed to pathogens.”

How do we do that? Nutrition.

What we eat is “probably the most powerful and pliable tool that we have to attain a chronic and systemic modulation of aging process…” In the first systematic review ever published of the associations between dietary patterns and biomarkers of inflammation, the dietary patterns associated with inflammation were almost all meat-based or so-called Western diet patterns…


The Best Diet for the Inflammation of Aging |



Broccoli Curry Ramen Broth


Lots of broccoli processed with a store-bought IMAGINE brand Ramen Broth till fine-textured. Combined with water, pink Himalayan salt, a drizzle of extra virgin olive and mild sesame seed oil. Add some mellow miso, curry, coriander, mustard and garlic. Serve as is, or re-blend after it’s cooked for a creamier texture – whichever way you prefer. Maybe half and half? Tasty, satisfying and healthy too!

Makes 13-1/2 cups

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5 WEEK WALK – Steve

From 7/6/2018 to 8/10/2018 Steve walked 159.30 miles = 4.55 miles per day = 31.8 miles per week.

His two days off work a week keep his average down. Many work days he walks between  six to eight miles.

This proves that walking is not a weight nor a fat reducing exercise.

One might think that by walking that much one would be trim, no matter what or how much they ate. No so.



5 WEEK WALK – Sharon

I walked 64.37 miles in 5 weeks from 7/6/2018 to 8/10/2018.

That’s an average of 1.8 miles per day. Or 12.8 miles per week.

I need to improve on this.



End First Phase AFC Rapid Fat-Loss Diet = Sharon’s Fat Reduction Diet

There are no statistics for the last week of the FAT REDUCTION PHASE of AFC RAPID FAT-LOSS DIET, that wouldn’t be essentially the same as the first four weeks.


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Okay, so I didn’t meet expectations regarding the AFC RAPID FAT-LOSS DIET, but Steve thought I put myself on a solid path to lose more and I agree. So that meant a dinner party for two for lunch. It was a surprise. All I knew was we had to take a bus  – a nice one that travels fast. I thought maybe we were going downtown for Impossible burgers, but we stopped midway at Don’s Lighthouse.

He knew they only served a vegan main dish for dinner, so called in advance and the chef said he’d be happy to make it for lunch. I was in animal-free heaven. I’m so accustomed to eating side dishes prepared by people who don’t want to prepare anything absent the animal. This was a joy. The service was beautiful. The wine excellent. It’s been a  while since I had a Vouvray. Even dessert. Vegan? Yea! Tripe orange sorbet. Once I discovered they had chocolate syrup by Hershey that was vegan I was all set. A shot of the Vouvray over the sorbet and chocolate was divine. A perfect meal that deserved a congratulatory comment to the chef face to face.




Just so you know; this is not easy for me

8/7/2018  TUESDAY Day 33



Had I set a specific number of pounds I wanted or expected to lose, it wouldn’t have been an experiment as I indicated in my first post regarding the AFC RAPID FAT-LOSS DIET.

Perhaps I should have defined rapid. Maybe I did. I better go back and check.

It appears that my five week diet was more like a maintenance diet than a reducing one.

I basically ate what I normally eat only less, but not a lot less, obviously not less enough to lose a significant amount of fat.

I cut out margarine, except sometimes to cook with, years ago. Steve likes margarine, so I put it into recipes occasionally.

I love mayonnaise. That’s my condiment of choice on sandwiches, or just by the spoonful when I’m craving fat. The jar is still in the refrigerator after nearly five weeks, which says something.

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Extending Courtesy

Do what makes you feel good, not what makes somebody else feel good.

Always though, within the realm of courtesy.

Enslavement, torture and slaughter of the world’s animals lie outside the realm of courteous behavior.


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Working It Out With The Main Brain

If my brain gets that I’m unpredictable in my food consumption choices within the category of animal-free, then that’s what it will expect as being okay with me.

I’ll stay in the unpredictable category and my brain will rest easy with that, since there’s a lot going on there to focus on without needless worry about getting stuck in one place.


General category I = animal-free

General category II = unpredictable

Sub categories = all over the animal-free board

Sharon’s board.

Yeah, she gets bored easy.

No she doesn’t. She likes moving around.

Most like staying in one place till the universe makes them move.

She moves the universe.



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First You Kill The Animal…


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McDonald Is Fattening U Up 4 Slaughter


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Stop Raising your Children as Cannibals


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EGG Replacement Strategies


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Benefits Of Cilantro



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Benefits Of Horseradish


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Benefits Of Flax Seeds


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Beans vs Beef


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How Intermittent Fasting Might Help You Live a Longer and Healthier Life – Scientific American

How Intermittent Fasting Might Help You Live a Longer and Healthier Life

Intermittent fasting might improve health, but clinical data are thin

By David Stipp on January 1, 2013

Credit: Kelly BlairIn E. B White’s beloved novel Charlotte’s Web, an old sheep advises the gluttonous rat Templeton that he would live longer if he ate less. “Who wants to live forever?” Templeton sneers. “I get untold satisfaction from the pleasures of the feast.”

It is easy to empathize with Templeton, but the sheep’s claim has some merit. Studies have shown that reducing typical calorie consumption, usually by 30 to 40 percent, extends life span by a third or more in many animals, including nematodes, fruit flies and rodents.

When it comes to calorie restriction in primates and people, however, the jury is still out. Although some studies have suggested that monkeys that eat less live longer, a new 25-year-long primate study concluded that calorie restriction does not extend average life span in rhesus monkeys. Even if calorie restriction does not help anyone live longer, a large portion of the data supports the idea that limiting food intake reduces the risks of diseases common in old age and lengthens the period of life spent in good health.

If only one could claim those benefits without being hungry all the time. There might be a way.

In recent years researchers have focused on a strategy known as intermittent fasting as a promising alternative to continuous calorie restriction.

Intermittent fasting, which includes everything from periodic multiday fasts to skipping a meal or two on certain days of the week, may promote some of the same health benefits that uninterrupted calorie restriction promises. The idea of intermittent fasting is more palatable to most people because, as Templeton would be happy to hear, one does not have to renounce the pleasures of the feast.

Studies indicate that rodents that feast one day and fast the next often consume fewer calories overall than they would normally and live just as long as rats eating calorie-restricted meals every single day.

In a 2003 mouse study overseen by Mark Mattson, head of the National Institute on Aging’s neuroscience laboratory, mice that fasted regularly were healthier by some measures than mice subjected to continuous calorie restriction; they had lower levels of insulin and glucose in their blood, for example, which signified increased sensitivity to insulin and a reduced risk of diabetes.

The First Fasts:

Religions have long maintained that fasting is good for the soul, but its bodily benefits were not widely recognized until the early 1900s, when doctors began recommending it to treat various disorders—such as diabetes, obesity and epilepsy.

Related research on calorie restriction took off in the 1930s, after Cornell University nutritionist Clive McCay discovered that rats subjected to stringent daily dieting from an early age lived longer and were less likely to develop cancer and other diseases as they aged, compared with animals that ate at will.

Research on calorie restriction and periodic fasting intersected in 1945, when University of Chicago scientists reported that alternate-day feeding extended the life span of rats as much as daily dieting in McCay’s earlier experiments. Moreover, intermittent fasting “seems to delay the development of the disorders that lead to death,” the Chicago researchers wrote.

In the next decades research into antiaging diets took a backseat to more influential medical advances, such as the continued development of antibiotics and coronary artery bypass surgery.

More recently, however, Mattson and other researchers have championed the idea that intermittent fasting probably lowers the risks of degenerative brain diseases in later life. Mattson and his colleagues have shown that periodic fasting protects neurons against various kinds of damaging stress, at least in rodents.

One of his earliest studies revealed that alternate-day feeding made the rats’ brains resistant to toxins that induce cellular damage akin to the kind cells endure as they age. In follow-up rodent studies, his group found that intermittent fasting protects against stroke damage, suppresses motor deficits in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease and slows cognitive decline in mice genetically engineered to mimic the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

A decidedly slender man, Mattson has long skipped breakfast and lunch except on weekends. “It makes me more productive,” he says. The 55-year-old researcher, who has a Ph.D. in biology but not a medical degree, has written or co-authored more than 700 articles. Mattson thinks that intermittent fasting acts in part as a form of mild stress that continually revs up cellular defenses against molecular damage.

For instance, occasional fasting increases the levels of “chaperone proteins,” which prevent the incorrect assembly of other molecules in the cell. Additionally, fasting mice have higher levels of brain-derived…

FINISH READING: How Intermittent Fasting Might Help You Live a Longer and Healthier Life – Scientific American

FFC Comment: I noticed the same that Dr. Mattson noticed; if I abstain from breakfast and lunch, I’m more productive and feel less fatigued. However, for years we’ve been told by the media that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not to skip any meals and in fact graze every two hours. For whom I might ask? For the cereal makers and sellers, along with those selling cows, chickens and pigs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. If you want to look like the cows, chickens and pigs do when they’re raised for your plate – all fattened up for slaughterer – you eventually will if you keep eating them.


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Amino Acids And Protein Isolates Caused Unsightly Weight Gain In Me

Over the course of a few years, I took various amino acids trying to build muscle. I built something I thought was muscle, but now I struggle to get rid of it, primarily in my core.

I discovered that weight gain is a by-product of all protein isolates, whether it’s in supplement form or the form of the muscle tissue of another animal that you eat. Who would have thought? Certainly not me based on all the stories about losing weight on a high protein and fat diet.

Many years ago, when I ate steak every night I gained weight, so I don’t know who these people are who lose weight on a high protein diet. Look at football players. They’re huge because they take growth hormones in addition to large amounts of protein. When bulking up like that, then exercising to sculpt the body into the form you want, you feel like you have total control over how your body looks, because of your sculpting ability.

While in reality, throughout those muscles run intermittent, sporadically placed deposits of fat, that get utilized by the muscles when they need the energy to perform physical tasks of resistance – it’s called on-the-spot utilization of fat to the muscles requiring the on-the-spot energy.

When body builders and athletes stop performing, whereby their muscles don’t need all those fat deposits for on-the-spot energy, their muscles become limp from lack of industrial-style use and the fat deposits wallow when not supported by the muscle tissue, making the body look lumpy beneath the skin. Those lumps are very difficult to get rid of.

Even taurine, which I take daily, contributed to that gain. Now I’m off all of it and work on the strength and flexibility of my muscles rather than their bulk. I followed body building throughout my life, wanting I thought larger muscles, when in reality I wanted more control over the muscles I already had.

Now, after four weeks of reducing the fat, I see more clearly some of the causes for not being able to lose weight, and one of the causes is the amino acids I took, thinking I was doing right for my body, thinking also I needed more protein due to the fact that I don’t eat animals. I was misguided by the prejudicial research.

The unsightly part of the amino acid, protein isolate weight gain is seen nude. Clothes cover many flaws.

Here’s a link for you on everything you need to know about fat in one easy to read and understand article >



Japanese Hot Dog

The Japanese hold onto their soy sauce like we do our ketchup. Almost. We don’t put ketchup on everything, just some things. And we have a wider variety of dipping sauces than they do.

I’d like to think that the Japanese don’t require soy sauce with everything, but how would I know? Even living in Hawaii one might think that I would know that, but I don’t. I’m not a big fan of salty, though I do on occasion enjoy it. Shoyu sauce the Japanese say. There are types more robust and complex in flavor than your regular diner table variety soy sauce, but I don’t go out of my way to buy them any more. If there was a market nearby, maybe.

If I need soy sauce in a recipe I’m developing, I use what’s available within walking distance.

So, no there isn’t any soy sauce or anything that can be identified as Japanese on this sandwich, except maybe Japanese cucumber, aka English cucumber or burpless, or seedless.

What makes it Japanese is the look. The look is important. The colors. The textures. All Japanese all the way.

This is my Japanese hot dog that I made for lunch today.

You’ll like it.

Come on… yes you will.

Parmesan cheese on a hot dog with Kalamata olive and that’s Japanese?


Can You Follow Instructions?

Use a common hot dog bun that looks and textures a little reminiscent of Chinese steamed buns in texture. Oops. Don’t Japanese make steamed buns too? Yes they do. We’re in the clear here.

Microwave a Lightlife Smart Dog veggie hot dog – no frying for low-fat.

Squirt some prepared yellow mustard in bottom crease of inside of bun.

Place hot dog in center.

Squirt more mustard on insides of bun next to hot dog and on top of hot dog.

Top mustard with beet horseradish.

Chop onion, cucumber, tomato and sprinkle on horseradish.

Chop Kalamata olive and sprinkle over all.

Spoon 1 teaspoon of vegan parmesan shaker cheese over top of everything – like snow.

Eat with pleasure.



AFC Rapid Fat-Loss Diet DAY 31

8/5/2018 SUNDAY Day 31

I’m not counting calorie and fat grams in my last week, nor am I keeping a record of what I eat, preparing myself instead for what to do after the rapid fat-loss diet ends, using what I learned from recording everything I consumed.

Winding down I am. I’m not comfortable being so public with every little detail of what I consume and how I exercise. The fact that I did it for four weeks stunned even me. I’ve started a lot of journals in my lifetime, never lasting more than a day or two.

Calculating the nutritional data of every ingredient of every recipe I made, took a lot of time out of my day and evening. The stress of doing that may have hampered my fat-loss. I don’t know, but this last week will be essentially out of view, then when the weigh-in day is here I’ll see how I did. Frankly I think I’ll consume less, but it still might not push me beyond the 9.5 pound loss to date.

I read an article about low pressure recently and posted it to this site. For years I’ve had it, but no doctor ever believed me, because it was normal in the doctor’s office. Sometimes I take it at home only because Steve has a device to take his, and it’s been really low at times. I’m thinking now that my hunger and jumping up from the computer to go to the refrigerator so often might be a result of my pressure dropping too low.

So I implemented a new plan: Once I’m at the computer, I set my phone alarm at one hour intervals, going up to one hour before Steve gets home from work. When the alarm goes off, within five minutes I have to leave the computer and do five minutes of any type of exercise. I’ve done that for a couple of days now with success.

Anybody can do five minutes. That’s about my attention span for preplanned exercise for anything but walking. Yoga is the same thing – five minutes. Out of bed mattress exercises, going to sleep mattress exercises, same thing – five minutes. I don’t count any more. That’s a success. Counting is the most boring task in the world – to me. I let the alarm count the minutes. I don’t care how many reps – it’s five minutes worth of reps, whatever that is. That works better for me.

I eat less; I feel more energetic and stronger. Deron from Grow Young Fitness stresses the importance of moving as you age, and he is right. We think we move more than we do. Walking everywhere instead of driving isn’t enough if I’m sitting at the computer ten hours a day.

Jumping up to go to the refrigerator was in response to my low blood pressure, that I thought was me being hungry or just needing to move. Now since I preplan the exercise times, I’m a lot less likely to feel the need to jump up for anything. So, that problem is solved.

Sum: People who have low blood pressure should eat more often in small amounts, avoid alcohol and coffee except in small amounts, and should move their body often to keep the blood circulating. Stretching isn’t enough. Work up a sweat by doing mini-exercises rapidly. Do range of motion when you stretch, not when you’re using your own body weight as resistance. I’m back to using the lower resistance cords rapidly and I like it a lot more.

Also, when I exercise I play rock and roll music. It helps the time fly. And most importantly, I turn off all those 24/7 cable news talk shows. Listening to the opinions of a bunch of talking heads vomiting junk doesn’t do anything good for me. I get the news from the net. Success again.



Motivating. Riveting. Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations – and a plan for social change!

BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS of 8o celebrities.

Yes, it’s a click NEXT set up for advertisement purposes. Can you click 80 times? That’s how many celebrities they feature with body transformations.

It’s a good sampling, nice collection.

If you can’t click 80 times, then maybe it’s the fatigue caused by over-eating and the accumulation of too much body fat that’s causing it.

I usually don’t do the click NEXT stories either, primarily because it takes too long to load each new page, but with this set, this time, it went as fast as I wanted it to go.

Somebody in advertising got the message. People don’t particularly mind the click, it’s the wait after the click that frustrates them.



BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS of 8o celebrities.

Yes, it’s a click NEXT set up for advertisement purposes. Can you click 80 times? That’s how many celebrities they feature with body transformations.

It’s a good sampling, nice collection.

If you can’t click 80 times, then maybe it’s the fatigue caused by over-eating and the accumulation of too much body fat that’s causing it.

I usually don’t do the click NEXT stories either, primarily because it takes too long to load each new page, but with this set, this time, it went as fast as I wanted it to go.

Somebody in advertising got the message. People don’t particularly mind the click, it’s the wait after the click that frustrates them.

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New! Fantastic! Best in Taste! AFC SPOON FILLS – 6 bites to freedom | #AFC International

Do you think it’s time to put the whole world on a diet? I think so.

The world, the whole world, needs to stop eating animals.

Everybody – adults, children, and other animals too. We need to find a way to feed the carnivorous animals on the planet plant food. We can do it with the will.

We need to replace animal with plant.

It’s a lot easier and cost efficient to grow plants, than it is to birth and raise animals. It doesn’t make any logical sense to do anything but. So there’s a drought, the plants dry up and we eat our family?

That’s where we are right now? We’re eating our families, so the conditions of the earth must be in dire straits?

We’re all animals. We need to take care of each other, firstly, by not cooking each other. Why are we cooking animals? When plants are bountiful? Are the other animals cooking us? What are we saving the plants for?

What I’m hearing is that humans have their logic gene turned off.  Locked in the off positions – all of them. How did that happen?

Bad times made you eat your own children, or your neighbor’s children and they ate yours, for so long that your genetics changed and you became oblivious to eating flesh and blood.

When the earth returned to bountiful, you couldn’t switch it off, so you substituted any other animal to replace the human animal? That’s as good as you could do?

You couldn’t get the taste and craving for flesh and blood to disappear, so you satisfied it instead with the flesh and blood of anyone else who could run. The running part was important to you.

Well that’s enough of that!!

I have made for you today a simple, cheap, but elegant as well as utilitarian dish that you can make yourself, that requires no cooking and only a few minutes to prepare.

You can make it for any meal or snack.

It’s filling. It’s high fat, high protein and the carbs are negligible.

You can eat it whether you’re dieting or not.

On the 5:2 diet you can use this dish on the days when you eat 500 calories of only fat and protein. No animal. Plants.

This is how I made it:

Buy fresh ground peanut butter or if allergic, then buy some other nut butter that you’re not allergic to.

Measure exactly 1 teaspoon and put it in a flatware or sterling spoon.

Top it with a little mustard of choice.

Then top the mustard with small cuts of veggie doo-dads.

I used beet horseradish for one.

Capers for another.

Thinly sliced Japanese cucumber for another.

Tiny matchstick size dill gherkin pickle.

Kalamata olive halves plus shaker style vegan parmesan

You see now that you know how to substitute. That substitution gene never did get turned off. You know that you have that skill. Call it improvisation. You have it. You substituted the human for plants – that’s why even today you regard other animals as plants.

Then when the earth became bountiful again – with plants and animals – you substituted other animals for the human – to this day – except in some remote regions where they continue the practice of eating humans.

That’s not you though. You have what it takes to replace the animal with the plant.

Who are you kidding? You thought your ancestors would see you eating plants and forgive you the animal?

They see everything.

This AMAZING SPECTACULAR 6 bites to freedom will unlock the logic genes your ancestors, through their actions, locked many many years ago.

It’s a perfect match. Just how you like it.

6 BITES TO FREEDOM. Or 5 or 1 or 8 or as many as you want. In the middle of the night when I get hungry, I go for peanut or cashew butter with sweet relish and mustard. m-m-m-m. One is all it takes. m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m

Use commercial peanut butter if you prefer.

On your intermittent fasting days eat 1 SPOON FILL 6 times a day. That’ll do ya just fine! I did it, I know.

Source: New! Fantastic! Best in Taste! AFC SPOON FILLS – 6 bites to freedom | #AFC International