Eat Sugar Responsibly?

Eat Sugar Responsibly?

Why not? The government in their healthy ads are always telling you that sugar is essentially poison to your systems – leads to high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes.

Why doesn’t the government tell you to stop drinking alcohol? There’s big money in alcohol. All they’ll tell you is to drive responsibly or drink responsibly. They’ve even proven by their theoretical correlation science, that a couple drinks a day lengthens your life and has health benefits. 

So why not use sugar responsibly? The equivalent of two alcohol-free sugar drinks a day has heath benefits. The most recent is that it strengthens your immune system. It’s contained in every protein molecule, so the body must need it. 

Maybe what the body needs is less protein. There’s big money in animal factory farms. There’s big motivation to  keep the animal out of the diet consideration, in other words keep the status quo by keeping it front and center of every meal or snack.

Less red meat is about all we ever hear. But have all the pig, chicken and lamb you want. Come on, we’re not talking steak here, which usually is what people mean when they refer to red meat. How many people eat steak every day? In comparison to burgers? The numbers are low comparatively speaking.

When people started getting fat it wasn’t because they started snacking between meals; people always found a way to have something in between. It started when fast food came into play and it’s been playing with us ever since. 

It’s the availability of all kinds of fast food, but mainly the burger and now the chicken equivalent proven by the chicken wars between the fast food companies – as long as it’s on a burger bun. Nobody sells hot dogs, why not? That’s what they eat at home – mostly.

When chewed up, the mass is in the meat, not the bun or lettuce or tomato or condiments. It makes one feel like they’ve had a whole meal, when they were only going for a snack. Then they want another and another and fries with it, then pizza for supper and then more snacks at night. Breakfast sandwiches – same thing, as long as it’s on a bun and one can eat it mostly with one hand, they’ll buy it.

Convenience is key. 

Maybe we should add to the responsibility category – eat meat responsibly. I would, but it connotes it’s a bad thing and the slaughter industries won’t allow it. Why do you think vegans get beat up all over social media? Not because they’re bad people and deserve it, but the slaughter people think they’re bad for business and the advertisers and government allow the abuse. Remember that those who consume no animal are a minority. What happened to freedom of choice for the people who don’t eat animals? Their rights need to be respected but they’re not. They’ve basically become enemies of the state. END THAT NOW while you still can do it on your own – I’m talking to every government on the planet here.

Drive responsibly, eat responsibly, drink responsibly. 

Drunk drivers kill. Eating animals kills – you and the animal you ate – you get the slower death. Too much sugar causes disease. Too much of anything adversely affects health. Everything that we should be consuming is already part of our chemistry, except the animal. Animals were not born to be in anybody’s stomach. If our bodies were furnaces, we wouldn’t put furnaces into them, would we?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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