First Diet Of 2023 plus MyWeigh on 1-1-23

First Diet Of 2023 plus MyWeigh on 1-1-23

Return to the THE BANANA DIET with variations, so I’m going to call this THE MONKEY DIET.

I’m going to eat bananas, drink clear liquids and do the monkey dance as my only exercise.

Why are humans required to eat a variety of foods to survive and thrive, yet monkeys and apes eat mainly bananas and do just fine? Aren’t we humans descendants of the furry people?
What makes them so flexible? Maybe it’s what they eat.

How long can I go eating only bananas and drinking clear beverages while doing the monkey dance? I don’t yet know.


That was Nike’s slogan years back – the maker of sport shoes and later sneakers – originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, founded 1964.

Actually my mother used that phrase long before Nike existed. She used it on me.

I had this habit of always telling my mother what I was going to do. Maybe I thought it was a requirement, or maybe I was just thinking out loud. Either way, she had a way of making me outgrow something I was supposed to outgrow with age. But it was always said with exasperation when I’d quickly share an idea of what I wanted to do. “JUST DO IT, just do it”,  she’d say, “why tell me before hand, you know I have to say no”. 

“Okay,” I’d say, then I’d look up and she’d pretend to be mad, but I knew she wasn’t.

I think we all do that, especially around the first of the year, with New Year resolutions. Somehow saying it doesn’t always produce results and might even delay what we know we need or even want to do. It’s like once it’s said, it’s out in the universe and almost feels like it’s done already.

I did THE BANANA diet, locate under the DIETS tab in the header menu, and lost seven pounds in nine days. Back then I was making recipes out of bananas. Monkeys and apes don’t make recipes, they eat the whole banana, peeled of course.

So here I am telling the world what I’m going to do before I do it, so am expecting that I won’t last long.

Well, I’m a little cooked-out and have hundreds of worthy recipes needing to be typed from their handwritten status, then matched up with photos not labeled in a bin of 28 thousand images also not labeled, so I’ve plenty of work to do and food to share without adding any more to the file. At least not now, but who knows in this world, at my age and degree of injuries from COVID vaccine, anything can happen.

I had my first banana this morning. I have leftover food in the fridge, so will eat that till it’s gone, doing the one banana in the morning thing to prep my body for more to come, which could be three days. Then it’s all banana till I drop out or soar. 

Hey, maybe I’ll start thinking like an ape and learn something about longevity and motor skill flexibility that the pharmaceuticals seem bent on blocking with side effects from the drugs they manufacture prohibiting in roads that we as humans would make without them.

Those pharmaceuticals just lu-u-u-u-v to give us all those side effects. Multitudinous is their middle name and destruction is their game – NOT MINE!! I construct not destruct.

I weighed in on my digital scale to get my other stats, plus the spring scale. The digital scale is more like the scale in the doctor’s office minus the shoes. There’s usually about a 4-5 pound difference between spring scale and digital naked. Unless I want to see my other stats I use the spring scale; it just easier.

Sharon’s STATS 1-1-2023

Spring Scale naked weight = 139 pounds

Digital naked weight = 144 pounds

34.7 % muscle

17.8% fat

7.0 % visceral fat

22.8% BMI

1445 resting metabolism

Implication: If I eat 1445 calories a day I should maintain my weight at 144 pounds. To lose weight I need to eat less than 1445 calories per day.

One medium banana = 105 calories

5 bananas a day will be 505 calories.

I’m going to test my blood sugar periodically while on this diet, since I have a test kit at home.

I just found out that monkeys also eat other fruits, leaves, flowers, nuts, and insects, but the ones I encountered as a kid were in a zoo and they were eating the same bananas I ate and they weren’t fat. Of course they swung a lot, like trapeze artists, so maybe their metabolism was high from all the exercise.

I swung a lot as a kid when outside and rocked a lot when inside, seems I always had to be moving. Maybe we really did evolve from the monkey/ape or I’m a Jew. But that was seated. I couldn’t hang from a tree with my hands; my arms would dislocate from my shoulders.

Anyway, DID YOU KNOW bananas are berries?

A banana is an elongated, edible fruit – botanically a berry – produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. In some countries, bananas used for cooking may be called “plantains”, distinguishing them from dessert bananas. Wikipedia

Happy and Better New Year to you all!

Later Gators,

Chef Sharon, at your service, as always


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