Tainted Food

Tainted Food

Fresh produce (that I buy) has a faint mold smell and taste, even though it looks perfectly clean. I want to know what they’re treating the produce with and/or what they’re cleaning the mold with. 

Are they spraying it all with a mold retardant after harvesting/picking or cleaning it after the mold shows up? What’s in the solution? Even the tap water smells like mold. Even viral protective masks; open the package and they smell like mold.

Who in government even decides? I hope they’re not treating a virus with a mold, thinking they’ll cancel each other out. We the people have a right to know, since everybody knows politicians and now scientists cannot be trusted with our health. 

Everything they told us was safe turned out to be a safe investment for the greedy among us, not safe for humans or any other animal to consume. When everything you consume or apply gets tainted with poison, that’s a lot of poison cumulatively.

Keep asking the questions till somebody wakes up.

What right do scientists have to determine our life span based on the amount of poisons we can consume?

My recommendation? Stop buying fresh till we get some satisfactory answers and not the one that claims mold is good for you!

Lilly says, stop feeding your dogs dog food made from a sewer. Animal-Free is best for all your four legged companions and/or families.

Lilly’s Animal-Free Diet


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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