No More All-You-Can-Eat

Some diet advisors suggest that people fill up on low or essentially no calorie, high fiber foods to help lose weight.

If you stuff yourself with an all-you-can-eat nearly raw broccoli, the fiber is good for sweeping the intestines, but you may still be hungry in an hour or less.

More importantly and detrimental to the success of your diet efforts, that stretched out stomach will always be wanting an all-you-can-eat and next time you won’t stick with the broccoli, you’ll instead go for the double bacon, cheese patty burger times two.

It’s best not to stretch your stomach in the first place. Retrain it and allow it time to shrink (not by inserting an all-you-can-eat intermittently).

What’s the point, unless you’re in a starvation location and can eat only once a week. Those places rarely exist in the modern countries and in those countries where starvation is common, they aren’t trying to lose weight like those of us in more prosperous nations.

The same goes for liquids. Those super-sized drinks go to your stomach first; they’re not automatically diverted to your kidneys like some may think.

It doesn’t take long to shrink your stomach. You can shrink it in a week by eating small portions of everything you eat, or by skipping a meal a day.

If you want your stomach to stay shrunk it’ll take about a month to consistently feel full after a small portion. You’re not sick when it happens; you’re getting healthier by eating less and if your brain won’t tell you, since it takes longer for the brain to catch up, then your stomach will. So listen to the stomach.


All-you-can-eat meals are not healthy and result in a sleepy you – not much fun there.

What’s the point of stuffing yourself now, when you know you’ll have a next meal on demand?


Plan a small one, packed full of nutrients and flavor and textures you enjoy. Chew and savor.

Remember, the average stomach is about the size of a fist.

Also take into account that all stomachs aren’t the same size, neither are any of our other organs, so some people may be at a disadvantage if they were born with a larger than normal stomach. Your row is going to be a little more difficult to hoe. But stick with it; even naturally large stomachs can shrivel up. Remember the stomach is inside behind that big wall of fat. The fat is not your stomach, even though we commonly refer to the location as including that wall of muscle and fat as we pat it lovingly. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s your stomach. You own it. Tell it what to do – in a nice way!

Instead of loading it up with sugar, sweet talk it into wanting less, but better.

In fact, as long as I opened up the talking to your organ ditty, talk to all of your organs and body processes, your blood too. Don’t forget your brain; that’s an organ too. Let the body know you’re fully cognizant of their existence and you want to work with them, not against them.

You are fully engaged.

Together, you and your organs walk this Earth as a unit. Not separate. Make it into something fine, something you can be proud of. Forget everybody else’s. Your job is YOU, not them.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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