Are you or anyone you know growing or gaining weight faster than normal?

Are you or anyone you know growing faster than normal? Gaining weight faster than normal and not being able to lose it?

If you want to solve the world’s obesity problem, stop feeding the world growth hormones injected into the flesh and blood that humans eat.

Add to that all the drugs, vaccines, hormones, antiviral, antibacterial drugs that ranchers pump into the flesh and blood you consume.

Nobody strips the flesh and blood of these additives prior to going to market, originally meant to grow the body bigger than is normal and keep that body alive just long enough to get it to market. Otherwise that force-fed body would die from the stress of the assault if it lived any longer.

You can’t wash it out. it’s there and once you consume it, it’s in you, and you can’t wash it out of your flesh and blood either.

Ever notice that nearly every pharmaceutical commonly prescribed for humans has an added side effect of weight gain? Take a lot of pharmaceuticals, gain a lot of weight.

At least you can look up the drugs that you take and decide if you want to take them.

Don’t you think you should be able to look up online the drugs given to the animals you eat – from birth to slaughter? What if those identical drugs were listed on a can of chopped beef. Do you think anybody would buy it? That’s why congress doesn’t require animal meat companies to list the drugs that are contained in the meat they sell; you might not buy it.

Maybe they were convinced that they were harmless drugs. You know, like the pharmaceuticals try to convince the public that the pharmaceuticals they sell are safe. Take at your own risk they add. ‘May cause side effects that won’t go away. Do you want tendonitis for the rest of your life? Then you came to the right place. Homicide, suicide, rage disorders, dizziness, vomiting, rashes, could kill you, see a doctor promptly. But for the rest of your life? The side effects are so numerous it would take a book.

If those side effects are for life in a living, breathing human who has access to all kinds of cleanses and anti-toxin brews and none of them work, then what makes you think that the drugs given to animals raised for slaughter, whereby they only live a few years, are any more safe? If they were, then they’d be begging congress to allow them to put the real contents on every label containing the flesh and blood of every animal.

Is the human animal dying from the stress of the assault on their body due to consuming animals soaked in additives to make a body grow fast before the body dies? They wouldn’t have to slaughter the animal; the animal would die, like I said, by the assault from the additives.

They even drill a hole the size of two fists, like a colostomy, on the side of the cow, so they can force the food by hand into the cow’s stomach, since cows can’t and won’t eat as much as is required to make them grow as fast as the ranchers want them to grow.

FISTULATED COWS they call them. It’s a fistula aka opening.

  • Some of these photos had to be taken undercover, which meant by law the public had no right to see their food supply – the food they were destined to eat. Humans. You.

Scientists will tell you there’s no proof of weight gain from eating animals. If so, then that’s because they didn’t look for proof or if they looked and found proof they hid it. Or they designed the study not to find it. If they looked and found none they would be shouting it out all over the planet.

So you, much like the cow, can only eat so much before you don’t want any more. With the cows that was easy to fix. Drill a hole in the side of the cow and feed them by hand, through the hole. Obscene. Disgusting – to put an animal, any animal, through that. The ones doing the feeding say the cows don’t mind. What if they did mind? What could they do about it?

When it came to force-feeding humans for profit, the humans couldn’t be leashed and controlled the way they controlled the cows. Not that humans have never been corralled and systematically tortured over long periods of time, throughout history, but this article is about gaining weight.Their suffering being acknowledged, we’ll get on with it.

Somebody had to think or say, ‘wish we could do this to humans, force-feed them; imagine how much money we could make. Feed the cow that feeds the person. We can grow a cow quicker by growth hormones, then even quicker by force-feeding it.

No wonder they pass so much gas that it’s actually changing the climate around the planet. Who would think that was even possible? Most of the world, when they discovered what they do to geese to create a fatty liver were outraged and now it’s banned in some not all places. Nobody seemed to care when they did essentially the same to cows.

  • ‘To produce “foie gras” (the French term means “fatty liver”), workers ram pipes down the throats of male ducks twice each day, pumping up to 2.2 pounds of grain and fat into their stomachs, or geese three times a day, up to 4 pounds daily, in a process known as “gavage.” The force-feeding causes the birds’ livers to swell to up to 10 times their normal size. Many birds have difficulty standing because their engorged livers distend their abdomens, and they may tear out their own feathers and attack each other out of stress.’ peta

So somebody knew somebody who had a feeding tube inserted in hospital and a light bulb went off in somebody’s head. It has an almost biblical tone to it. And here we are today, force-feeding cows through feeding tubes to make them gain weight faster. Going against nature they are. Why should a cow need to be force-fed? To make the slave master more money.

COWS ARE SLAVES. The HUMAN MASTERS own the cows and evidently that ownership gives them the right to do whatever they want to do to those cows – even to the point of hiding what they do from the public. Congress allows it. One nation under God not for cows or any other non-human animal.

Next up, the Human. How do we get the human animal to eat more?Since we’re going to have a surplus of cows, we need a bigger appetite in humans? We can’t stick a tube down their throat.

And here we are today, eating more than we’ve ever eaten. Across the board. Advertising was their primary tool. But even without it, people would have grown bigger, requiring more food for energy. Nobody had to do anything different, except keep force-feeding the cows and giving them drugs, supplements and hormones.

When the humans ate the cow meat, they ate what the rancher fed the cow to expand girth and increase weight. More weight, more money to the rancher. It didn’t take the cow nor the human much effort to grow bigger faster than normal.

An interesting article here. An immunologist finds a link between Crohn’s disease in humans and Johne’s disease, a major disease in cattle worldwide caused by a microorganism called Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis, or MAP for short.

As it turns out, this MAP organism can be found in a lot of healthy humans, which discounted the connection to Crohn’s disease by the science community. It probably exists in a lot of healthy cows too.

Professor William C. Davis wanted to link Crohn’s to Johne’s and it probably is linked. But there are too many people who have Johne’s in their blood who are not symptomatic.

Do all cows have this disease or just some? Do cows absent symptoms have the organism in their blood, like many humans do?

Is it like coronavirus and humans, whereby everybody has it, but not everybody gets sick from it? Something happens along or some set of conditions emerge and bingo a virus connected to the coronavirus is created.

So, the existing coronavirus in our bodies interacts, interfaces with conditions on the ground, a variant is created and passed then by the human to another human. Humans don’t herd with non-human animals, so the likelihood that a non-human would catch it from a human is slim but possible if greater numbers of infected humans hang out with another species not yet infected. Or if a non-human hangs our with a human a lot, then if one gets it the other can get it.

On the other hand, most humans don’t hang out with a multitude of dead non-human animal corpses (slaughtering, dismembering, awash in blood and secretions) eight or more hours a day processing them for sale. Now there’s a breeding ground. If the animals have it, the blood, gases, secretions, flesh, all of it can distribute into the air, on and around the carcass, and on work table surfaces, any viruses which those carcasses harbor. And yes, I would have to assume, in susceptible humans, some, or eventually all, exposed will get that virus.

Or if a worker comes in, working in close proximity with other humans and dead non-human animals, that worker could pass the virus to other workers and to that which the worker is handling – animal product, moist and susceptible to carrying any microorganism inserted into the immediate environment of that carcass.

Vaccine development for Johne’s disease in cattle could benefit Crohn’s in humans

linking MAP disease in cows to Crohn’s disease in humans

Johne’s disease, (pronounced YO-knees disease) is a major animal disease problem worldwide. It is caused by a microorganism known as Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis, or MAP for short.

 November 4, 2016

Researcher finds possible link between cattle, human disease

PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University professor William C. Davis and colleagues published a case report last month that provides more evidence that two gastrointestinal diseases, one in cattle the other in people, may be linked.

Davis is an immunologist in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology in the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. He explains that Johne’s disease, (pronounced YO-knees disease) is a major animal disease problem worldwide. It is caused by a microorganism known as Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis, or MAP for short.

Professor William C. Davis

MAP infections result in an inflammation of the lining of the bowel leading to severe damages in the gastrointestinal tract.  Once the process begins, the animal can no longer absorb required nutrients, develops severe diarrhea, loses weight, drops milk production, and eventually dies.

He also says humans can suffer a suspiciously similar disease known as Crohn’s disease that has been linked to MAP infections in some studies.  Estimates are that up to 1.4 million people in the U.S. suffer with Crohn’s disease, costing more than $1.7 billion in healthcare costs annually.

Here too, the intestine is inflamed resulting in severe diarrhea, excessive weight loss, debilitating abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, bowel obstruction, fistulas, and abscesses. About half of Crohn’s patients require surgery to remove a portion of their inflamed intestine.  Each day, about 55 people between the ages of 15 and 25 are diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in the U.S.

“MAP was initially theorized to cause Crohn’s disease in 1913 because of the similarities between the intestinal inflammation seen in cattle and humans,” explained Davis.  

“It wasn’t until the mid-1980s when MAP was successfully isolated from three patients with Crohn’s disease that the idea gained more traction.”

Doubt quickly arose in the medical community as to whether MAP actually was the causative agent of Crohn’s. Investigators were unable to consistently demonstrate the presence of MAP in Crohn’s patients.  Other doctors isolated MAP alive and well in otherwise healthy subjects and some patients with other diseases.

Proponents in the MAP-causes-Crohn’s-disease camp counter by explaining that advances in technology have indeed revealed the presence of MAP in blood, tissues and feces in Crohn’s patients.  Still a lack of definitive proof has resulted in a continued reluctance to accept that MAP is a zoonotic pathogen, meaning it is one that causes disease in both animals and humans.

Ongoing studies in Davis’ laboratory in Pullman, Wash., and collaborative studies with investigators in India may now reveal why it has been so difficult to show MAP is the causative agent of Crohn’s disease, in at least some patients.

A survey of 42,400 subjects in India was recently undertaken.  The subjects had a variety of diseases, including subjects with the clinical features of Crohn’s disease and subjects with no apparent health problems. The survey found that humans, regardless of health status, are susceptible to MAP infection.

These findings are consistent with more limited studies in the US and elsewhere. What was overlooked is the similarity in the way Johne’s disease develops with the way another deadly disease, tuberculosis develops.

Tuberculosis is caused by a member of the same genus of bacteria as Johne’s disease. In the case of tuberculosis, the infection leads to an immune response by the body that controls the infection, but cannot eliminate the causative organism. Tuberculosis patients develop a lifelong latent infection and most do not develop the dreaded clinical disease.

The survey in India shows a latent infection also develops in humans following infection with MAP, identical to what occurs in cattle. Davis says studies thus far have only focused on demonstrating patients with Crohn’s disease are infected with MAP. “For these patients, the question has been, do they have Johne’s or Crohn’s disease?”

Last week, Davis and colleagues in the U.S. and India published a case report in Frontiers of Medicine .  The report described a single patient, clearly infected with MAP, with the classic features of Johne’s disease in cattle, including the massive shedding of MAP in his feces. The patient was also ill with clinical features that were indistinguishable from the clinical features of Crohn’s. In this case though, a novel treatment approach cleared the patient’s infection.

The patient was treated with antibiotics known to be effective for tuberculosis, which then eliminated the clinical symptoms of Crohn’s disease, too.

“The findings presented in this case report suggest MAP is zoonotic and can cause disease in humans with the clinical manifestations of both Johne’s and Crohn’s disease, a key point that has been argued for more than 100 years now,” said Davis. “I suspected all along that it was only a matter of time before a patient would be identified that linked Crohn’s disease with an MAP infection.”

This case report adds more information to that reviewed recently by a group of gastroenterologists at Baylor University’s College of Medicine, who in their 2015 paper describe the evidence for and against the hypothesis that MAP infections cause Crohn’s disease.

Davis’ theory linking Crohn’s disease to MAP infections in humans, has driven him to devote a significant part of his career to the development of a vaccine to remove MAP from cattle, and thus from the food supply and the environment.

Regardless of whether or not MAP is causative, “We’re making significant progress on a vaccine,” explained Davis.  A cattle vaccine provides the greatest promise for controlling Johne’s disease and benefitting cattle, regardless of the uncertainty surrounding the associations to human Crohn’s disease.

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Charlie Powell (509) 335-7073 (all hrs.) or

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