Agar Diet Results Are In And They May Surprise You


I’m still doing the AGAR THING. I’m on my third 12 cup batch, or 4th. I started out 2 Tablespoons per 12 cups, boil, whisk a lot, reduce heat, slow boil 15 minutes or longer. Cool to room temp. Skim off top layer and eat, then pour remainder in a half gallon recycled bottle, refrigerate and eat what didn’t fit in the bottle as I want it.

All agars aren’t the same. With this new one, less equals more. So the next time I tried 1 T. per 12 cups water. Still gels nicely, but when refrigerated I still have to squeeze the bottle to extract it.

So, next time I did 2 t. per 12 cups water and it’s prefect for my daily usage of slurping it throughout the day.

Whatever brand you buy, experiment with the amount of agar powder required for your PERSONALIZED AGAR GEL. The less you need to achieve the desired viscosity the better. You save money and waste. More of anything doesn’t necessarily result in better results.

No set time or place or reason – no plan. Just reach for it when I reach for it – take a few globular gulps or put it in a dessert dish and eat it like flavorless gelatin, or put it in my coffee almost always now.


1st five days agar gel often.

2nd 5 days I eased up.

3rd 5 days I eased up more.

Ergo: Not regimented. That seems to be my nature – to resist regimentation, even when the plan is by my own design.

I had some positive results which equaled: AGAR DIET is a quick weight loss diet FIVE POUNDS IN FIVE DAYS. Anybody should be able to do it.

Then I lost one more pound which made total pounds lost: SIX POUNDS IN SIX DAYS.

After that, it fluctuated two pounds down, then back up to six pounds lost. It never went over six pounds lost, but I only weighed myself every five days. Maybe it did go higher, I don’t know.

My weight fluctuates during the week; that’s probably why Steve’s cardio-rehab people only want his weight once a week, the same time and day.

Depending on what I eat, how much and how fast it travels through my system and the energy I expend throughout the day, my weight fluctuates much like a blood pressure or blood sugar or cholesterol reading. It’s fluid, because the systems of our bodies are fluid as are our activities throughout the day and day to day.

So when my weight jumps two pounds it doesn’t matter unless it stays for a week at that level. Up and down during the week is normal.

When I was in my early twenties, working everyday, I weighed myself upon entering the hospital on a hospital scale. I always wore the same uniform and shoes and always weighed in at about the same range. Taking three pounds off for attire I weighed between 125 and 127. I was 5’7″ tall. Back then my work hours were consistent, my days off consistent, when I ate my meals or didn’t eat was consistent and my after work routine pretty much consistent too.

When I quit to return to school full time, I gained twenty pounds. There are all the usual reasons why.

ERGO: Persistent, predictable activity including persistent, predictable food and beverage consumption can keep weight off. Alter the routines and weight gain results. That’s my take – for me, maybe not you.

I suspect that with so many millennials choosing to work at home during this pandemic, that weight gains will soar.

There were TWIN RESULTS to the application of the AGAR DIET.




Yes, the AGAR DIET also worked for long term weight loss, since it is now 9 January 2022 and I kept that SIX POUNDS IN SIX DAYS OFF. That means starting on 12.6.2021 up to 1.9.2022 equals 33 days minus six days to lose six pounds in the beginning equals 27 days. So I kept the six pounds off for 27 days.

Even though I tackled the AGAR DIET before, during and after the holidays I found myself eating more bites and fewer whole servings of anything. I did a load of holiday cooking, also went out a lot, but somehow managed to keep my intake within reason.

I AGAR-ED up generally early after rising, pre-meals, sometimes when forgotten, post-meals, plus when I drank any alcohol beverages or consumed food known to be higher in fat than I’m accustomed to, or greater in amounts – because it tasted so good – that I knew to be counterproductive to weight loss.

One could say I was agar-ing up as both preventative and treatment measures to lose and maintain weight. BEFORE DURING AFTER consumption depending on what I was about to consume or already consumed.

I’m still doing it.


It’s been 27 days at the same weight, so I don’t think it’s rushing too fast to shoot for another 5 or 6 pound weight loss. My body should not go into weight loss shock and lower it’s metabolic weight to keep the weight from melting off. My own brain must know that I’m heavier than what is optimal for me, so slow-losing it now might be just the thing to do.

Quitting the weight loss effort or stalling it at this point will keep me at that six pound loss in six days stage so long that my body, when I decide to get back to it, will resist my efforts. Been there, know that.

So, 10 January 2022 I begin a new approach, keeping in play that which has been effective in the past, while exploring new frontiers.

Oh, almost forgot. I was animal-free of course throughout. If I ate animals, trust this, I would be much heavier given the amount I eat, than I am being animal-free.

Happy New Year to everybody!

Make it your year, your style!

Later Gators,


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