Habits Don’t Have To Die Hard

I used to have a sweet tooth as a kid and into adulthood. When I finally conquered that habit, I just never went back to it.

It’s kind of like going animal-free. At some point you don’t look back. You could put me in a hotel room with a refrigerator filled with all kinds of animal meat dishes and I wouldn’t touch them.

I wouldn’t even toy with the idea. My interest in eating animals disappeared over time. It’s like the fat. The more I eat, the more I want. The less I eat, the less I want. That’s why manufacturers put the animal in everything – even salads and now desserts. The egg and the milk wasn’t enough. Now they’ve got to have the flesh in there too.

Advertisers know, based on scientific studies, that people’s interests wane and habits loosen their grip over time if people aren’t continuously re-exposed to keep that familiarity ever-present with whatever it is that they want you to do. Buy their product is their main interest and whether you do or don’t directly affects their bottom line. So they pay attention to studies that predict behavior. So then they can change yours by the advertisement techniques they use.

It’s like moving away from home and being homesick for a while, then it’s okay to live on your own finding the path in life that suits you, rather than simply following in the footsteps of your family. You lose the familiarity that kept you tethered, which allows you to branch out in your own direction.

Switching from EATING ANIMALS to ANIMAL-FREE is much the same process.

How do I know? I know myself and having the benefit of looking back over a long life, the picture of the process becomes even more clear.

There’s a period of adjustment between going from the old to the new. That’s life. Quitting anything has that adjustment period that follows which many call withdrawal – that varies among individuals. Whether the cessation of any activity is sudden or gradual, losing the familiarity factor is what makes us not want it any more. We branched beyond it and saw other things of interest and value to replace it.


Later Gators,



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