What exactly is intuitive eating?

What exactly is intuitive eating?

“Intuitive eating is a simple idea. It means that you make peace with all types of food. Unlike traditional diets that restrict or ban certain foods, intuitive eating requires you to stop looking at food as “good” or “bad.” Instead, you listen to your body and eat what feels right for you. Mar 5, 2021

What Is Intuitive Eating? – WebMD”

Comment from Sharon: Whoever came up with this intuitive eating scam is so far off the mark of doing what’s right for your body, and the environment, which happens to include all the animals on the planet who intuitive eaters dream to consume.

So back up and back down. Wrong is wrong intuitively speaking or not. If you’ve been eating animals all your life, then your body has become addicted to the flesh and blood. So of course intuitively your body will tell you to eat what it craves. Intuitive eating feeds your addictions.

Your mind seeks to please to keep your alert mechanism in check, even though it knows what you consume is hurting you; it figures not giving you what you want will hurt you more through the added stress of withdrawal from what you’ve been consuming all your life as normal and good for you.

So, tell your mind/body what you want, based on the science and your early experiences with food. If you’re addicted to anything, withholding that which you crave will not make you intuitively feel better.

If you’re addicted and you think listening to your body will force you to make the correct decisions, you’re wrong; it won’t.

Listen to how you felt as a child before the massive deluge of eating all the wrong things hit you like a tsunami. Take yourself back to a better time, then research and be willing to feel the discomfort of withdrawing from those foods which hurt not help your body.

That’s the real intuition talking. The intuition of addiction is a broken intuition. Look elsewhere to heal your intuition.

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