The Law Of Inertia Keeps You From Losing Or Gaining Weight


Quitting one food or beverage to lose weight may not work. For instance, say you quit alcohol and you cut calories by 500 per day. Your body will instinctively try to replace those 500 calories with some other food or beverage to keep you where you were with your caloric intake.

It’s like the law of inertia. A body tends to stay where it’s at whether still or in motion. The inertia resists change. The body doesn’t like big changes. It takes a while to adapt to produce the change desired.

So discourage not, when you’re attempting a change or conversion and your body resists. It’s built that way so you don’t flip flop all over the place putting your body/mind into chaos.

Keep at it. Let your body/mind know who’s boss. Don’t punish yourself when your body/mind doesn’t respond quickly to your demands.

The best way to let your body/mind know you mean business and that you really do want and need what you say you want and need is to stay the course with or without obvious benefit.

Eventually you’ll reap the benefits as your body/mind falls in line with your aspirations.

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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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