What’s it’s name Sharon or Steve? Depends on who dies first. Steve and I have been half the time dying and half the time living with long COVID this year. In an effort to cope I bought this skeleton yesterday at Walgreen’s. If I die first, her name is Sharon. If Steve dies first, hisContinue reading “SHARON OR STEVE”


The Law Of Inertia Keeps You From Losing Or Gaining Weight

THE LAW OF INERTIA KEEPS YOU FROM LOSING OR GAINING WEIGHT Quitting one food or beverage to lose weight may not work. For instance, say you quit alcohol and you cut calories by 500 per day. Your body will instinctively try to replace those 500 calories with some other food or beverage to keep youContinue reading “The Law Of Inertia Keeps You From Losing Or Gaining Weight”

The Nature Of The Beast

When you gain weight you gain muscle and fat. When you lose weight you lose muscle and fat. So why do people get worried that they’re losing muscle plus fat when they lose weight? It’s the nature of the beast. It’s the nature of the beast to worry – about every action that creates changeContinue reading “The Nature Of The Beast”