The Cup Formula DIET

For Losing Or Gaining Weight


In deciding how to approach losing weight, so I could still enjoy the delicious food I prepare, and after gaining 20 pounds from quitting smoking and moving into a small apartment where I don’t get the exercise I did in the big house at Berkeley Road, I’ve come up with what I think is a viable solution – for me. Many years ago in Portland, Oregon where I was assisting Steve as a fill-in for an employee who called in sick to work – at Skipper’s Seafood and Chowder House, I sat down with a guy who trained horses and dogs.

He told me that in keeping his animals at their optimum weight he simply either increased or decreased the amount given and they would lose or gain weight commensurately. ‘Easy’, he said. Same is so for humans, only they don’t know it. They count grams of this and that and never lose or if they do they gain it back.

If you want a dog to gain weight you give it more food; if you want it to lose weight you give it less food, and you do this by measuring out the food by cups and counting the number of cups. So, remembering this method I’ve decided that I can still enjoy all of my delectably delicious recipes, and lose weight or gain weight by simply thinking in terms of cups.

Since I already eat a well-balanced diet, liking a variety of foods and eating the variety that I like, I’m going to start this diet, by restricting myself to four cups of food per day, throughout the day. As long as it’s animal-free and as long as throughout the week I have a good, healthy variety from all the food groups, except animals, which I don’t consider food, I should lose weight. 

So, I’m going to try it and see how it works. Now, I made a fresh strawberry pi

I’m not going to get fanatical and measure every crumb, but I’ll call a cup a cup and when it’s overflowing to the point of two cups I won’t claim it to be one. This morning I weighed in at 169. I know, I know…that’s a lot for a 5′ 8′ woman, but due to my dystonia I have a lot of muscle mass. Still…140 is closer to my optimal weight, so that’s what I’ll shoot for. With this cup formula for losing weight I’ll still be able to develop the recipes I love to create and be able to eat what I develop. Can’t lose. I get my cake and eat it too. So, 5/10/02 = 169. I’ll weigh in each Friday – naked in the morning.

That was in 2002. It is now 2021 and I’m still struggling with that twenty pounds.

The dog losing or gaining weight is controlled by somebody else. What and how often the human eats is usually controlled by the person doing the eating as well as many other factors. How much money can one afford to eat healthier food? Some people would rather spend their money on a new clothes rather than a high quality olive oil. Canned soup and bread is a lot cheaper than a large multi vegetable salad, with dressing and veg cheese or meat. And let’s face it, eating fast food is probably the largest contributor to weigh gain around the globe.

However, even though I ate mostly healthy throughout my life it didn’t preclude me nor Steve from gaining weight. We both recently concluded that eating out does put on weight.

People under confinement don’t get to choose what they eat. It’s delivered on a tray and they either eat it or go hungry. Some people think we have too many choices with food companies inundating us with food advertisements trying to coerce us into buying their product. Why not buy them all? We spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about what, when and where we’ll eat.

That four cups of food plan I engineered for myself didn’t last long. Nineteen years later, though, I’m still thinking about it.

The take away here is to limit portions. Don’t go for those second helpings just because it tastes so good.

There’s another factor of living with other people who eat a lot, influencing everybody to eat more. But then you see odd couples where one person is obese and the other person skinny.

There’s something about a measured amount though that still attracts me after all this time.

Allowing myself four cups was too liberal. And it can’t be three or fewer cups of anything. for instance a cup of peanut butter vs a cup of frozen mixed vegetables.

Come to think of it, looking back at times when I lost weight, those frozen mixed vegetables with no oils or margarine filled me up and did lead to weight loss. So I’m thinking of applying the cup formula once again, but not with recipes. I’ve got a load of them begging to be typed and posted; I don’t need to develop any more right now at this particular time.

So, back to the CUP FORMULA it is. I’ll let you know how it worked out. I have an event coming up in five days.

FIVE DAYS OF CUPS. I’m thinking three cups of vegetables per day – or less, nothing on them. See if I drop some fluid anyway. I did start retaining fluid again. Comes and goes like the wind. I need to address it before I end up on diuretics, which I don’t want to happen.

Okay then.

Later gators,


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