The Results Are In For The 1 week Flatten Stomach aka Power Trifecta drink challenge

I was up early while it was still dark at 5ish AM.

I did the scale measurements first this time.



FAT = 23.5


MUSCLE = 31.0

BMI = 25.9


RESULT: I gained two tenths of a pound which was insignificant and everything else remained insignificantly unchanged.

I expected that, since I didn’t consciously increase my exercise or decrease my caloric intake during the ONE WEEK FLATTEN STOMACH CHALLENGE.

I forgot to check my blood sugar, but it’s not something I focus much on.

ONTO THE BODY MEASUREMENTS using the tape measure.

WAIST = 38 sucked in and 40 hanging out


HIP = 41

One week ago:

waist = 40/42

chest = 44

hip = 43

RESULT: I lost 2 inches in my waist, 1 inch in my chest, 2 inches in my hips. All three measurements were reduced from one week ago. My trunk, in other words, the main box, showed changes which are probably consistent with a reduction in fluid retention.

I’m good with that.

Remaining Measurements:

NECK = 15

RIGHT THIGH = 18-1/2



LEFT CALF = 13-1/2

One week ago:

neck = 15

right thich = 19

left thigh = 19

right calf = 16

left calf = 15

RESULT: My lower extremities showed the same consistent changes in smaller measurement as did my truncal region. Each showed a small reduction. The neck remained the same. That’s not where I retain water.

Many times people point out that they lose inches not pounds. That’s usually as a result of exercise. Although I felt lighter this morning, it was because I was carrying less fluid. One might think the scale would have recorded a loss, but it didn’t – unless my scale weight was actually higher yesterday, but I didn’t weigh myself yesterday.

So what am I to make of this?

Lots of times when dieting I feel like I lost weight, but the scale didn’t show it. Maybe I lost fluid instead of fat, but a pint of water still weighs a pound. So if I’m losing water, the scale should reflect that in pounds.

During this CHALLENGE I didn’t diet or restrict calories or change exercise habits. My resting metabolism/calories was the same before and after at 1532. Resting metabolism is the number of calories burned when the body is at rest, conducting basic life-sustaining bodily functions.

I don’t know what to make of the scale vs tape measurements.

I ate what I wanted, drank what I wanted.

Had desserts, alcohol beverages, diet soda, black coffee, water, carrot juice. My evening snack consisted of a few Tablespoons of peanut butter and an equal number of jam.

Main courses, salads with fat-free roasted pepper and peach dressing, sandwiches with veggie meats, lettuce and veggie mayo. Lots of veggies, mostly cooked. Lots of green beans whenever I dined out. Pizza too with lots of veggie cheese. Mashed potatoes with corn and mushrooms, barbecue potato chips. New England Boiled Dinner (cabbage, carrots, beets, green beans) and lots of it. Lots of collards and baked beans and kraut. Fresh corn. Beefless tips. Almond walnut smoked crumble. Rumtopf beets. Unsweetened applesauce.

Beer, hard seltzer, a few rusty nails and a couple black Russians, coconut water.

I went back for seconds, almost always, which means I’m making my portions smaller to start. My food just tastes too good.

My Takeaway:

Today’s the eighth day of the one week challenge. Upon rising I drank a full glass of warm water with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and ginger juice. I didn’t measure; I poured from the bottle liberally rather than scantily, which could mean 1-1/2 Tablespoons of each.

I didn’t add any of the other ingredients I experimented with, since it takes too long first thing in the morning to bring out all those containers.

Warm Water/Lemon/Vinegar/Ginger. That’s what I’m continuing till it runs out, then I’ll reassess.

I do believe that the power trifecta drink has merit. The addition of ginger was a personal choice.

I also believe that all food causes bloat. So the more food you have in your system at any given time increases the bloat.

I also noticed that in the beginning with the nausea I didn’t feel like eating, which can be translated to reducing appetite, which it did, but I ate anyway, which probably points to my system using food as an antidote to the nausea. The same with the heartburn.

In the end, I suggest taking the drink with food, or eating shortly thereafter and determining how much of each ingredient is tolerable for you. Do your own dosing. As with alcohol, “DON’T DRINK ON AN EMPTY STOMACH”.

I can see this drink being marketed and sold at restaurants, bars and taverns.

Chef Sharon, the animal-free chef on the move

It’s now 11:16 AM. I had the power drink, then one black coffee, then breakfast of leftovers, then another black coffee and I haven’t had heartburn or nausea yet.

I’ve been working six hours on the computer.

I did get hungry about thirty minutes ago and settled on one teaspoon of dark brown sugar.

The evening peanut butter and jam snacks need to go.

Although I was happy with the 2 inch difference in waist measurement, it could just as easily be 2 inches greater tomorrow.

We’ll see.

The power trifecta drink (superfecta drink with the ginger) is no longer a challenge for me and will become part of a morning routine as long as it’s available.

I’m 72 years old. This is one experience from one senior.

at your service, as always,

Chef Sharon

NO MIRACLE SIGHTINGS. Perhaps the miracle will be if I keep going with this.

My mother made us drink a juice glass of orange juice every day no matter what while living at home. So I have a history of compliance, duty and successful execution. This should be a piece of cake then.

Somehow with independence comes the shedding of ‘have to do certain things’ when you’re dependent and living at home under someone else’s roof.

“You can’t go to school unless you drink your juice”. That was the deal. We all took it. And we’re glad now that we did, if I dare speak for the others this one time.

Mom also added, egg or cereal, not just toast. All I wanted was toast and juice. We all made our own breakfast. Mom made Dad’s.

I can see my slim self as I write this standing at the stove waiting for my fried egg, the yolk smeared to cover the white part, cooked well-done on both sides with no crispies on the edges, smeared with ketchup in order to eat it without seeing any egg part – took a while to accomplish that, given I didn’t like eggs, and disliked cereal even more.

But Mom gave us choices – limited as they were – but they were choices none-the-less. She couldn’t offer us steak, sausage and hash browns for breakfast. She knew how to conserve, budget and stick to it, while satisfying our tastes and curiosities. A taste of many life experiences, that’s what she gave to us – the rest was up to us. She opened many doors as did my father.

Regarding Steve:

He starts tomorrow, maybe.

I’m emailing him DAYS ONE TO EIGHT. He’ll decide if it’s worth it for him.


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