Saturday 29 August 2021



16 oz. warm water

2 T. fresh lemon juice

1 T. apple cider vinegar

1 T. ginger juice

Drank it first thing in the morning. Followed by black coffee sipped for an hour or so, then I ate breakfast. Whatever is leftover in the refrigerator is usually the plan. I’m not big on cereal, so prefer to warm up leftovers. It works for me. As a kid I didn’t like the sulphur smell of eggs and dry cereal smelled like a pasture to me.

Eventually I learned to make the eggs palatable, but not so with dry cereal. Cooked oatmeal with sugar and raisins with melted margarine on top I like, but it takes too much time in the morning. Occasionally I make an oatmeal breakfast pie and eat it through the week warmed in the microwave, but it’s not a regular thing.

In fact, not much is a regular thing for me in the way of food. I rarely make the same salad, soup, sandwich or sauce twice; I’m always experimenting; it’s just in my blood, my DNA, to experiment.

This acid drink is still burning my esophagus and giving me heartburn. Not being able to eat right away to block it is a disadvantage and an adverse side effect. So I take 1/4 t. of baking soda directly to the mouth, mix it with the saliva, swallow and it fixes it momentarily. I’ll be able to eat soon.

I don’t know if this discomfort will discourage me from continuing on this course. I’m trying this today as stated, then I’ll rethink everything tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the fourth day. I should be noticing something other than a burning throat and heartburn by then.

I’m still not ‘seeing the miracles’ as Dr. Mandell said.

I haven’t changed anything else in what or how much I consume. Maybe this seven day challenge will catapult me into a serious weight reduction routine that I can live with and still eat delicious tasting food.

In an overall, general sense, truth be told, I’m feeling pretty darn good. My energy level is up a bit as well as my positivity – even though it may not sound it here.

We’ll see what happens by tomorrow.

Later gators,


A Sample Of What I Ate Today

leftover – Collard Veggie Dogs Kraut And Bourbon Beans

breakfast – RumTopf Beets


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