1 September 2021


12 oz. warm water

1 t. lemon juice

2 t. apple cider vinegar

1 t. ginger juice

1 t. liquid aminos

1/2 t. Matcha Green Tea Powder

1/4 t. dark brown sugar

Drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

I omitted the baking soda – I didn’t need it – and increased the vinegar by 1 teaspoon. Maybe I’m becoming accustomed to the acid. The reduced amounts cause a light sting to my soft palate, which is a lot better than extreme burn with the higher doses.

Except for this drink I’m eating and drinking and exercising and sleeping however and whenever I feel like it at the time – no other regimented plans while consuming this drink.

No miracles seen yet as instructed by Dr. Mandell, “SEE MIRACLES”.

I’m not sure what a miracle is right now or what a miracle is to him.

Tomorrow is DAY SEVEN. On DAY EIGHT first thing in the morning I’ll measure my waist.

A Sample Of What I Ate Today

Boiled Fresh Beet Rounds – the ones I used in my Deconstructed New England Boiled Dinner

The glistening beets at the top are the ones I served with the dinner. I sprayed a little oil on them to make them shine without much added fat.

I packed them up after dinner and this morning I ate them cold right out of the box. Like a hearty snack. They’re good like that. I chose to boil them this time, since roasting takes so long and our electric bill has doubled and sometimes tripled and quadrupled, since all those employees decided they didn’t want to work at utility companies because of the pandemic.

These too-big-to-fail giants exploited everybody with higher prices, before, during and after the pandemic, even though their overhead shrank considerably due to absentee workers. Truth be told, everybody was conserving contrary to the utility companies’ claims that they were using electricity like drunken sailors. That’s one thing poorer people know how to do well – conserve.

So jack up the price, so they’ll use less? Of course, but they didn’t have to jack up the price; they already were doing it. So give the money back is what I say.

Pickled Orange Rind

The last time I made orange rind strips I did so for drying purposes. When dried I packed them up, stored them at room temperature and saved them for future use. They were good and, in a liquid, reconstituted to a nice chew.

Steve brought a few big oranges home last week and I noticed one morning after he peeled one, it came off mostly in one piece and he left it on the counter – presumably for me?

I cut it into large segments, skimmed the white pith off with a large, sturdy, broad, sharp knife, then stacked them, then cut them into tiny long sticks.

This time I decided not to dry them, but instead placed them in a jar with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water and a little granulated sugar and salt to taste.

It didn’t take but a couple days before they were pickled throughout – not a strong pickle flavor but a mellow one. Perfect I thought for any dish requiring an orange stick garnish.

The flavor however, of the orange rind was so strong and pleasurable, that now that’s what I’m going to do with any oranges he brings home. PICKLE THEM.

As I was wondering about the orange that produced such a flavorful peel, I asked Steve and he said mini something. I researched them on line and can now identify them as minneolas.

Now it might be that the minneolas have a particularly soft, fragrant and flavorful peel that other oranges don’t sport. I guess I’ll find out the next time he brings home regular run-of-the-mill oranges.

For now, there are two more I’ll be adding to the jar.

They’re so deliciously flavored and textured, that I’m enjoying looking at them in the jar as I walk by.

So yes, a few sticks now and then satisfied my craving for the sublime!

I finished the Collard Veggie Dogs Kraut And Bourbon Beans

This was a low fat dish that shouldn’t be called low fat, because everything about it speaks fat to me. I cleaned the dish out. Breakfast, lunch or dinner it didn’t matter, they were equally good whatever the time of day or night.


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