Saturday 28 August 2021 DAY TWO TRIFECTA POWER DRINK CHALLENGE SHARON’S SUPERCHARGED SUPERFECTA DRINK 16 oz. warm water 2 T. fresh lemon juice 1 T. apple cider vinegar 1 T. ginger juice Drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. As long as I was burning up my esophagus with this acidicContinue reading “DAY TWO OF TRIFECTA POWER DRINK CHALLENGE”



DAY ONE Friday 27 August 2021 TRIFECTA POWER DRINK 2 c. warm water 2 T. fresh lemon juice 1 T. apple cider vinegar Drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I renamed this 7 DAY FLATTEN STOMACH CHALLENGE introduced by Dr. Mandell, to the TRIFECTA POWER DRINK CHALLENGE, because honestly, drinkingContinue reading “DAY ONE OF TRIFECTA POWER DRINK CHALLENGE”

One Week Flatten Stomach Challenge

TAKE THE POWER TRIFECTA DRINK CHALLENGE How difficult can it be? 2 CUPS WARM WATER 2 T. LEMON JUICE (fresh is best but bottled is okay as long as sugar-free) 1 T. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR 1- Combine in glass and drink on empty stomach upon rising. 2- I guess the rest is up to me:Continue reading “One Week Flatten Stomach Challenge”

Fat-Free Pickle Juice Mayo

FAT-FREE PICKLE JUICE MAYO Get the creamy textures of veg mayo absent the fat. Plus more flavor and sing than animal or animal-free mayo. If you love pickles, you’ll love this. Imagine the money saved by finding a use for what you normally throw away. Some will say the juice is bad for you, thenContinue reading “Fat-Free Pickle Juice Mayo”

An Excuse And A Reckoning

“It could have been worse.” VS “I could have done better.” One lets you off the hook, the other accepts responsibility. TWO STRATEGIES. WHICH ONE ARE YOU? OR ARE YOU BOTH? ONE IS A NON-STARTER. THE OTHER A GO-GETTER. Yes, no matter the occasion or the incident we can always say we could have doneContinue reading “An Excuse And A Reckoning”

Mango Kraut Beans

MANGO KRAUT BEANS Bourbon beans with mango, roasted pepper and green beans. Ops, almost forgot the sauerkraut. What a pairing! All the way around spells success! And it’s fat-free! Sink your teeth into that one. The chew alone is worth the effort. Makes 7 cups

Advertisers Controlling Content – updated

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Advertisers Controlling Content, thus regulating freedom of speech. ASSAULT ADVERTISING FUNGUS FEET AND EAR WAX FEATURED IN YOUR ONLINE RECIPE If advertisers can control the content of bloggers and opinion websites, then WordPress with whom they’re associated needs to be able to control the content of the ads they…