Daily Caloric Intake For Optimal Weight Loss

Optimal Weight Loss Per Daily Caloric Intake

At some point on the calorie continuum you will lose the greatest amount of weight for however many calories you consume.

Find that calorie number which produces the greatest amount of weight loss for you. It’s not the same for everyone. There is some truth to eating more to lose more when eating less leads to dramatic drops in metabolic rate, making it more difficult to lose weight.

Fasting won’t work long term, because it slows your metabolism down too much for too long.

People naturally fast during sleep times and in between meals and snacks. The morbidly obese however consume large amounts of food, in fact so large that the metabolism also slows making it difficult to lose what’s gained.

So, your metabolism will naturally slow when eating too little or too much.

Eating nothing over a long period of time will eventually kill you, but it takes a long time as long as you stay hydrated. Many people eat barely nothing and survive for long periods, but the quality of the physical and emotional existence is poor – and damage can result; whether it’s reversible depends on many factors per individual.

So you think consuming fat, protein, and carbohydrate via solids and liquids are the only means to gain weight, in other words one must eat or drink food that can be transformed into energy.

  • The stomach and small intestines absorb the glucose in fats, proteins, carbohydrates found in food and transforms it into energy used for all bodily functions.

Calories are a way of measuring the amount of energy that the body can produce by digesting a particular food. Some are high energy and some low and many in between. If you eat a lot of high energy food that your body doesn’t require, then it gets stored as fat for later use.

In other words, when you overload your body with energy that your body can’t use, because you’re not moving around enough, you’ll gain weight.

Synthetics increasing weight. Drugs and supplements contain no calories yet they can significantly increase weight gain.

No calories no gain may be true if eating no synthetics or chemicals.

If you’re loading up with over-the-counter remedies for all that ails you, they may be contributing to your inability to lose weight and your propensity to gain weight. There aren’t many drugs or supplements on the market that cause weight loss. If anything, they cause weight gain.

So, if you’re on a 500 calorie a day diet and not losing weight, try to increase the caloric intake by 100-200 daily for three weeks, then another 100-200 for three weeks. If nothing happens, look beyond plants for the WHY. Synthetics and chemicals in drugs, foods, drinks, supplements, that contain no calories may contain elements that promote weight gain.

Artificial sweeteners, the most studied candidate is only one of many. Most of the many are hidden in over-the counter-drugs in which people consume in astronomical amounts.

It should come as no surprise that not much has been studied in the area of weight gain as a side effect of a myriad of common drugs, especially since lowering food consumption lowers profits for all those companies and businesses selling food, in addition to those selling over-the counter-remedies.

It is my view that the weight gain feature could be factored out of all drugs and supplements with weight gain propensities. Scientists engineer the drugs. They know how to do it. For some reason they’re not allowed, and it probably has to do with money.

What the world needs is transparency in the drug making process, so people know the side effects and adverse reactions. WEIGHT GAIN or WEIGHT LOSS needs to be on labels like the calorie count on food labels, because there are no calories in drugs yet people will gain weight upon consumption.

Obesity is a disease. The government won’t call it one because too many people would end up on disability because they can’t stop eating and it’s killing them.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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