Horrors. I had no idea. Of course I had no idea, I didn’t weigh myself. Sure my clothes were a little snug, a lot snug, but that ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mentality kept creeping in: the old procrastination trick so I can have today what I promise I won’t have tomorrow. THE LAST SUPPER – before the big diet push. Steve and I have done that ad nauseam. We have had so many last suppers that I can’t begin to count how many.

Promises, promises, promises. Now reverse those promises you never kept – every single one of them – and don’t eat today what you think you can take off tomorrow. You’re never right. Here’s a little brain exercise; this is a test. “I already ate” is a good trick every time you think of food, simply say, “I already ate”, which you did, at some point, so you’re not lying to yourself. But so what if you are? Your brain tricks you all the time, so give it back, trick your brain. If nothing else it will let you know how often you think about food or wanting to eat. Every single time you think of food say, “I already ate”. Even if you still eat, say it anyway to develop the habit and train your brain. Your brain is like the Wild West – uncivilized. Tame it, train it. You be its master, not the other way around.

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