CBD OIL IS USELESS, unless taken in large amounts, and then the ratio of side effects to dosage balloons out of sight. It’s also expensive – way too expensive.

The 0.3 percent THC allowable by law is way too low. Stop stealing from the customers. Real weed is what the people want and need. Who’s holding it up? The tobacco industry? Investors wanting to poise themselves to make a killing on the real stuff, and they haven’t done that yet, so we all have to wait for them?

You want to put it in food and supplements, to mask it? If it’s legal, why mask it? What kind of food? Grocery store type food? Convenience store type of snacks? Any food? Did you really think this through?

Who wrote the bill? Why not be transparent; you expect it from everybody else? We know who sponsored the bill; who wrote it?

You take away our pain pills then say suffer instead of allowing an alternative? A plant? A plant that you all criminalize for profit?

I TRIED CBD OIL. From three different companies. The scientists didn’t reduce the side effects, only the THC. Puritanical is what it is – the government doesn’t want the populace to feel good. Feeling good is evil to them and leads to evil deeds – will they ever stop?

Don’t believe the advertisements by famous people, that they can’t live without it. They’re not just taking CBD OIL.

Legalize weed on the Federal level, not just out of medical marijuana shops, since those are too expensive too.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation won’t prescribe marijuana for any ailment. They can’t make any money on it. They’d rather you spend thousand of dollars on a pain management program that doesn’t work long term – you have to keep going back. Insurance companies only cover six to ten visits; the rest you pay for. It’s a medical scam in which the CCF participates at huge profit benefit to them.

Those medical marijuana shops are too invasive. Anytime the government gets involved, you lose your privacy rights. Why should the government know what I’m saying to my doctor about anything?

I won’t sign up for medical marijuana, because I don’t want the government tracking my life and using me in studies, which means using my doctor to manipulate me via the experimental process for the researchers. I don’t want to automatically, by law, become a test subject, because I have chronic pain.



When a behavior is criminalized, it makes it taboo, which makes it alluring, exciting, an activity that adventure-seeking people pursue.

The element of intrigue and danger attracts the maverick in all of us. Stepping outside the boundaries set by adults is natural behavior for non-adults.

  • Maverick: An unbranded range animal; a motherless calf.

When laws were passed regarding the use and sale of marijuana and other plant-based drugs, these human traits were taken into consideration.

Take away the criminal, outside of the law, variable and the allure of excitement disappears. Trepidation takes its place – should I or should I not partake?

The only reason so many people got obscenely rich off of marijuana was because governments around the world decided to criminalize marijuana for profit. You can’t even grow it in your own back yard for your own use, that’s how tightly controlled distribution and consumption became.

Tightly controlled by whom?

The cartels don’t control it. Government controls it. Everybody gets paid. Some get paid to facilitate, some to look the other way.

Don’t waste time passing CBD OIL legislation unless you’re going to make it all inclusive. If you pass a bill restricted to CBD oil, you won’t revisit it for ten years. Don’t wait for the states to do it. There are corrupt dealings happening that need to be exposed. Don’t make people drive from state to state.

Again, the legislation is designed so a bunch of already wealthy people can get wealthier. CBD OIL isn’t effective, because it’s been altered not to be effective.

Go ahead, put it in food and supplements so you can monitor it, but simultaneously pass legislation legalizing the consumption and sale of weed – nationwide.

Mexico is going to do it and you will have a mess on your hands with USA residents crossing over to Mexico to buy it.

Don’t fill the jails back up. Where are you now on drug incarcerations? Get it done. Release them – by Executive Order if you have to. E.O.

Poor folk can’t afford that fancy stuff; they still go to the streets where danger lurks. Don’t let that happen.

  • Pleasure use marijuana is for people who want to experience short term pleasure in a chaotic, world – to slow them down without knocking them out like Pharma drugs do. There’s nothing shameful about it.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic; we could all die, and you all still want everybody to keep suffering as usual. Why? They might get addicted? You allow the sale of cigarettes and alcohol. Where’s your consistency?

  • Medical use marijuana is prescribed by doctors for disease and disorders.


You create a MESS when you mix recreation or pleasure with medical treatment. Where are the boundaries?

It’s not difficult to figure out.

When the recreational marijuana isn’t working, then the medical professional steps in to assist.


You took away people’s pain medication and failed to replace it with something better and safer. The pharmaceuticals alter plants, which create debilitating and dangerous, to the individual and the community, side effects.

Pharmacology needs to extend to pure, unaltered, plants and combinations of plants absent the those side effects created by the altering of those plants.

UPDATE FOR: https://fat-freechef.com/2020/11/08/big-pharma-in-outrage-over-sam-elliotts-latest-business-venture/


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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