This May Not Be For Everyone


Like I said, this may not be for everyone, but it may work for some – or even many.

I discovered by accident that when I wore my back brace, I not only wasn’t hungry, but I felt full even when I hadn’t yet eaten.

It makes me a little breathy though, so I’m not all that motivated to keep wearing it.

I figure a few hours a day after breakfast might be beneficial, if I remember to use it. Maybe I should keep it over the back of my office chair.

Ops; it’s already there.

Okay, that should give you some idea of where I’m at right now. Just giving you the skinny on girdles today. I’ve got some world problems arising that I need to get under.

Later Gators,


~ Choose the independent path. There’s comfort in groups, but confidence in standing for yourself. sldt


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