CBD OIL IS USELESS, unless taken in large amounts, and then the ratio of side effects to dosage balloons out of sight. It’s also expensive – way too expensive. The 0.3 percent THC allowable by law is way too low. Stop stealing from the customers. Real weed is what the people want and need. Who’sContinue reading “I TRIED CBD OIL”


This May Not Be For Everyone

CINCHER – SHARON’S BACK BRACE & BELLY PINCHER Like I said, this may not be for everyone, but it may work for some – or even many. I discovered by accident that when I wore my back brace, I not only wasn’t hungry, but I felt full even when I hadn’t yet eaten. It makesContinue reading “This May Not Be For Everyone”


As long as you don’t apply the salad dressing, salads can be made ahead and saved for later. Simply assemble the salad minus the dressing, wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate till ready to dress and eat. We often do this. Sometimes we don’t want a salad now, but know we’ll want one later, whileContinue reading “LATER SALADS”

Can Your Fat Think?

Can Your Fat Think! Does your fat have a brain? If it has nerve networks running through it, then yes. Can it make decisions? Where a nerve meets another nerve as in a tree, junctures I call them, decisions are made through the chemicals the nerves secret at the junctures (aka synapses). The chemical interactionContinue reading “Can Your Fat Think?”

Marinated Rainer Cherries

Cherries, Balsamic vinegar and orange rind, that’s all it takes to make some delicious tasting cherries. Marinate till soft. The juice from the cherries infuses into the vinegar, lightening the acidity and making them good to eat straight up! Serve over or in salads, over animal-free ice-cream or as a side condiment! Delicious all theContinue reading “Marinated Rainer Cherries”

My Body Is A Machine That Bleeds.

My Body Is A Machine That Bleeds. So, I ought to be careful given that vulnerability. Had this thought while back on the treadmill after some time. Today. SLOMO. RESIST THE SPEED. I’m trying to fix the mat that keeps shifting on the treadmill, so I think to slow it down, try it out forContinue reading “My Body Is A Machine That Bleeds.”