EMPTY THE PANTRY now is good

Empty The Pantry

Your fat is what needs to be used up so it doesn’t collect and become a forever suitcase you intuitively think you need in case of emergency which you know will happen because emergencies always do.

It’s like using food product before it’s expiration date.

Yes, I believe that there is an expiration date for all food, including our fat on/in our bodies.

Gluttony is the same as hoarding; one just stores it’s possessions in different places.

Why not start using it up now before your suitcases make you sick from further excess.

You’ll feel a little queasy and/or nostalgic at first, as you let go of something you purchased then reprocessed into something totally new by using nothing more than your own body. Your body was your only tool.

Truth be told it is one mighty tool at that.

Empty my pantry by feeding off my fat.

I wonder if coronavirus is stored in my fat cells? I would think so, given that I’ve had the virus.

It’s a good time to burn that virus where it’s stored.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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