Hope And The Horizon

I quit drinking coffee for three days and felt like my old self. Calm, in control, smiling that my old self was still there.

Hope was no longer on the horizon; it was right here in me.

I wondered if Starbucks was manipulating their coffee beans.

I wonder how many Antifa people are coffee addicts? Drug addicts. Their behavior on the streets suggests addictions of some kind. Maybe multiple.

Using artificial means to wake yourself up does not mean awake to reality.

When that horizon moved close and then in, I knew the commitment. I was just happy I didn’t miss it.

I wondered if the realization would go away and I would level off to where I was before I quit.

I brew coffee in the morning, now two cups for Steve only, and although I enjoy the aroma I lost the desire to indulge.

Now I wonder if whatever happened with me and coffee can generalize to other goals.

Now that I have access to my developing self through all the stages – young to old – maybe I can use a channeling process to revisit times when I was slim.

Just as I revisited times when I was young when I didn’t drink coffee.

Even if I drink coffee once again, I won’t forget the rediscovery of who and what I once was absent the coffee, when I was young and slim. I like that.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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