2- It was like I was IN A wide awake coma.

I hit the wall after about 4 hours of methodical mild to moderate activity – always with purpose, something I knew needed to be done, while simultaneously enhancing my environment. I’m in the perpetual motion of redesigning my living space – never satisfied with the way it looks or functions, always finding a better way.Continue reading “2- It was like I was IN A wide awake coma.”


1- My Lungs Are Not Congested – Never were and still aren’t

But I’m short of breath. Just talking. During and after any activity too. I do activities in stages now. Cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, writing, computer work etc. – even dressing – is all done in stages. It’s like I felt when I had a toxic mold infection – the fatigue is overwhelming. It’s like afterContinue reading “1- My Lungs Are Not Congested – Never were and still aren’t”

What do I eat now so I won’t want to eat again in a half hour?

Nothing is the only answer. The introduction of food wants/begs you to keep introducing it. So why do it? Stopping requires more discipline than starting in the realm of food consumption. Go the easy route. Wait 15 minutes. It’s time to switch gears to what you need instead of what you want. Most fat peopleContinue reading “What do I eat now so I won’t want to eat again in a half hour?”


Continuous positive airway pressure = CPAP. I don’t have sleep apnea; Steve does. Now maybe I do and don’t know it. I don’t know how or why Steve was diagnosed but he was. Out of all the doctors through all the years I’ve been to for spinal injuries, dystonia and supraventricular tachycardia no doctor everContinue reading “SHARON’S CPAP”


Talking about it isn’t the same as doing it. Consider all the energy we expend by talking and not doing, Wow; I should have no fat at all if my thoughts could burn fat, but they can’t, so that miracle at least for now, isn’t going to happen. Put your fat-burning thoughts into action andContinue reading “LOOKING FOR A MIRACLE TO LOSE FAT?”


Hope And The Horizon I quit drinking coffee for three days and felt like my old self. Calm, in control, smiling that my old self was still there. Hope was no longer on the horizon; it was right here in me. I wondered if Starbucks was manipulating their coffee beans. I wonder how many AntifaContinue reading “HOPE AND THE HORIZON”