The body tends to want to stay where it’s at – for survival reasons. If you’re alive now then something is right. Something might also be wrong, but survival mechanisms are fairly simple. How not to be dead this minute is where the brain operates from, not if you’ll be dead next year or next week.

Although there may be instinctual states and processes of the organism that look forward in the realm of survival, the part of the mind that acts on it is not working the front lines.

Weight control therefore in my view isn’t as critical for survival unless you’re at one of the two extremes of fat or thin. That’s probably why it takes so long to get to a remedy and even if we discover one we often won’t pursue it when we think we’re out of the red or danger zone. That could explain the “last ten pound phenomenon” that plagues many of us and in fact our failure to achieve that last goal may be the reason we succumb and begin gaining the weight back that we lost.

At some point the brain might think that achieving that last ten pound loss could lock us into a downward spiral toward anorexia nervosa, so it gets stubborn, digs its heals in and refuses to budge.

It needs to know that you’re sure of the changes before it gets out of resistance mode.

Humans change their minds a lot. If our brains switched from one mode to another as rapidly as we change our minds we would be in a perpetual state of chaos.

So making a commitment is key to weight loss or weight gain. Even then it takes a while for the brain to accept our decision, based on the frequency with which we change our minds.

Stick with it and let your ‘resistance to change mechanisms’ know who’s boss. That can only be done by consistency.

Are you ready to declare who’s boss? The resisters or the changers?

Okay then.

Later gators,

Chef Sharon


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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