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On 12-18-2020 I weighed in at 165.6 = DIET TIME.

Rather than focus on the short term weight loss plan that inevitably resulted in regaining the weight, all the while putting me into a state of discomfort, I made an executive decision.


I decided to make several small changes now, that will result in a gradual steady weight loss absent the regaining of the weight.


I’ve done most everybody else’s way for years as new diets popped up. Although I wasn’t a fanatic nor even desperate, since I knew I could lose weight if I wanted to, the weight loss always ended up being temporary. As a result I became disheartened, and rather than plow through the present with a plan for the future, I got complacent. Maybe this is the size I’m supposed to be.

What if the added weight is giving my back support that appears to be inoperable, since nobody will touch it? Maybe the fat is protecting my organs from trauma, should I fall. Maybe if I eat a lot less, it will send exaggerated alert signals to my brain, which will result in a conservation of energy, thus lower my metabolism, like next step, comatose, and I’ll gain even more weight.

All that may be true, but I don’t like nor am I comfortable with the weight that I’m at. It may be acting like a support brace, but it also interferes with my freedom of movement and increases my pain level. Sometimes I feel like I have tendonitis of every tendon in my body.

I discovered that developing more healthy habits, which I did, didn’t necessarily result in measurable weight loss. That makes me wonder if people can be fat and healthy? After all, if they eat healthy food, why wouldn’t they be healthy regardless of what they weighed?

For me, however, it doesn’t seem to be a good idea to be fat and injured.

Over-taxing the body with all that extra weight fat people carry around with them is like overloading a mule. The mule exhausts quickly due to the added burden and eventually breaks down.

Eventually the fat around the organs will put too much pressure on them, creating a continual bruising effect, and have undesirable consequences.

So I’m going to start with a few little corrections to make a bigger impact and see where it goes from there, rather than do anything too drastic, which works at first, but eventually doesn’t as the body adjusts and adapts to whatever changes are made, putting me back to where I was.

Bodies do adapt quickly to whatever new circumstances pop up. Oddly, bodies resist imposed change. It’s almost as if the change must be survival-oriented and done on a subconscious level that starts the process in motion before the organism even knows it’s been started. I know how that sounds, like some other force controls our destiny. When you think about it, we were grown from two seeds to make one body plus whatever it was that designed and grew us. So maybe we’re not operating solo as we all like to think.

These little changes/corrections will be small enough whereby my brain doesn’t take too much notice of them. That’s where I am now. Will keep in touch with progress and how everything goes.

Later Gators,



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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2 thoughts on “Sharon’s Way

  1. I like you’re outlook, and you’ve definitely discovered what many in the industry are searching for; healthy habits are the most sustainable path to long term weight loss. I hope that knowledge serves you well- wish you all the best on your health journey!

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  2. Hey thanks Micahlegare1. The journey climb becomes more enjoyable when there’s no rush to get to the top; you can take breaks now and then, renew commitments, find an easier or more complicated path as desired; as long as you stay on the journey, the mountain will shape your success.


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