If you’re not sick and just ate thirty minutes ago and are compelled to eat again and can’t stop yourself while your brain is signally you just ate, and you feel full, then the ‘delay gratification’ mechanism in your brain is out of whack and needs an adjustment to slow it down.


It’s more commonly called patience when not referring to consumption. It’s also called waiting. Who likes to wait and who is better at it than others?

Fat people can’t delay gratification unless it’s built around scheming how to eat more without anybody noticing. For skinny people it’s how to eat less without anybody noticing.

People enjoy the scheme.

What if you’re alone? Who sees to care?

Nobody really thinks they’re alone. Even if they do, they don’t act it. But they don’t. Ask those who work in surveillance. People are always on stage in their minds. It’s a fact of life.


Ever notice how when you offer a solution, people invariably try to shoot it down with every reason under the sun on why it wouldn’t work for them?

Ever notice how when you tell somebody something that just happened to you, where somebody else was involved, they invariably think of every reason under the sun why it didn’t happen for the reasons you stated – like they were there, right – like they immediately become the lawyer, judge and jury for the defendant?

Why is that? Why tell anybody anything when you know the entire world will doubt you?

Nobody cares how or why you eat or what measures you take or don’t take to lose or gain weight. You think they care, because you’re judging yourself the same way you would judge others in similar circumstances.

Keep judging just be sure to be accurate – at least in your mind.

If you need two seats on the bus, you have a severe weight problem. If you have to wear several layers of baggy clothes, even in warm weather, you have a severe weight problem.

Professionals won’t help you. Why do you need one? Why spend the money? By-pass surgeries are their answers to everything and then what? More misery.

Something is making your body act deficient, even though you’re full and your brain is telling you that you’re full – of food. It’s telling you that you are full of food.

So why do you keep jumping up to eat when you just ate?

When your body is deficient in a vitamin or mineral, and you know which one, then you take it till you are no longer deficient and then you stop or you should. Treatment is over. Taking too much of a vitamin or mineral will have the same deficient effect as if you didn’t have enough when in fact you had too much.

We make the mistake when taking supplements of taking them everyday. We don’t need them every day.

When you’re sick and you take an antibiotic you don’t take it everyday for the rest of your life. People take so many supplements that heck, why do they even eat? that’s what food is, supplements.

Supplements are like medicines. When you are deficient they correct it. Then you stop taking it when you feel better. It doesn’t take long. Then you eat better. Make better food choices.

If you’re overweight you ate way too many nutrients, so that your body is acting like it’s in a deficient state, when in fact it isn’t. It’s on overload, so your body may have turned off it’s ability to absorb any more nutrients so what you ingest all turns to fat.

Humans like all other animals can survive and thrive on very little. Your body quickly adapts to a smaller dose of everything you consume. Your systems will actually require less of every nutrient.

So yeah, it’s TUNE UP TIME.

No, you don’t have to drink a bunch of smoothies to sweep out your intestines or eat a lot of probiotics to balance the flora in your intestines. You need to delay gratification. Eating all that food is not curing what you think ails you.

Less is more and all you need.

Stop saying you’re starving. You’re not if you’re overweight. You’ve got a ton of fat in storage to sustain you for a very long time, as long as you drink water.

Counting calories every now and then helps to keep you focused on the reality of how much you actually consume in caloric terms. Occasionally take a day to count. Not every day or the same day every week, but when you think of it.

Stop saying that eating is your only pleasure. No it isn’t. You exaggerate to the point of well, look in the mirror. What do you see? An exaggeration of you. That’s what you see. A huge exaggeration.

You are what you eat? Remember that saying from long ago? Well, I’m adding something else to it.

You are how much you eat.

Think on it, and then start delaying gratification. Your body mind soul will thank you for your patience.

In the meanwhile, stop all non-essential supplements and see if you don’t drop a few pounds in a few days.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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