Big Pharma In Outrage Over Sam Elliott’s Latest Business Venture

Congress took pain meds away from people with chronic pain, except those that have horrific side effects, for the purpose of keeping you from getting addicted? ‘We’ll minimize your pain and take your memory with it’?

Over the counter NSAIDS are accused of causing internal bodily harm as is plain aspirin.

Pain management programs at medical clinics costs thousands of dollars and insurance only covers the first few visits, which are more like ‘get to know you’ exercises, then they leave you flat with an empty purse and no pain relief.

The federal government refuses to legalize marijuana. It’s left up to the states and the states move too slowly, and it’s just too expensive, even more expensive than street weed, so here comes Sam Elliott. Add to that all the steps and user cards and yearly renewals you have to go through and the federal government tagging you as a user and being tracked by a clinic doctor, just isn’t worth it. I can’t afford it anyway.

  • To get off the subject for a minute: The government goes way too far in tracking people. I live in Cleveland, Ohio and have to show a picture ID every time I take a bus, because I buy bus tickets, rather than carry cash with me. I can’t buy a bottle of wine at Walgreens without showing a picture ID; they even record my birth date. They used to scan the card. Where are my civil rights? Seniors are okay with it? Not this senior.
  • At seventy-one years old, why do I have to show a picture ID to buy a bottle of wine or six pack of beer? Collective punishment? If you ask young people you have to ask all people? What sense does that make? None.
  • The same thing with the bus tickets. People steal and sell them. Well, they’re selling them to old people, so what good does showing an ID do? I don’t buy stolen property; people know not to approach me. So why should I be treated like a thief? Nobody knows if a ticket is stolen or not, so why ask for ID? It can’t prove anything.
  • When I purchase the ticket I don’t need and ID, but to use one I do.
  • I can’t pick up a prescription for my husband without showing a picture ID. Democrats complain when voters are required to show proper identification when they go to vote, but don’t care about all the other times picture identification is required when it shouldn’t be.
  • It’s humiliating. I feel like I live in a foreign country. Yes. I’m treated like an illegal immigrant everywhere I go. That’s how the government responds to discrimination complaints, they make everyone do it, rather than stop the practice.
  • At Walgreens you don’t have to wear a mask for viral protection. No mask, and you can go into the store even if the sign says no. Employees at Walgreens cannot tell you to put your mask on. So who are the laws for? Nobody knows any more. Laws are often passed with the knowledge and acceptance that they won’t be enforced. Why? To satisfy some people? Put a sign up and some will obey and some won’t, so you get a fifty-fifty compliance to non-compliance rate?

The only reason I clicked on the ad was that Sam Elliott and I share something in common. We both have dystonia – an incurable neurological disorder that causes abnormal skeletal muscle contractions that result in deformity and in my instance extreme pain and fatigue.

I figure if this product, his particular product, works for him it might work for me too.

I purchased one sample bottle of the CBD FARMS Tincture and one sample jar of the CBD FARMS CREAM, shipping and handling only. $10.98 total.

When I receive it and use it I’ll report back on its effectiveness.

P.S. Thank you for standing your ground against Big Pharma, Sam Elliott.

If this is a scam I only lost $10.98. That’s probably what scammers predict what customers will think. But to use Sam Elliott if he didn’t approve is fraud. Hope it isn’t.

Till then, lose a few pounds, it’ll energize you.

Later, gators

Big Pharma In Outrage Over Sam Elliott’s Latest Business Venture – He Fires Back With This! 

By Alice Palmer | Sunday, November 8, 2020

(People) – In an insightful 1-on-1 interview, one of the world’s most popular cowboys reveals how he “wouldn’t be here without CBD.”.

Gifted star, and business genius, Sam Elliott, made headlines after revealing his new CBD line on Live TV last week. Pharmaceutical companies were outraged saying they will be filing a lawsuit against Sam Elliott and his partners for violating their contract and undercutting their prices. Sam Elliott responded with this: “

When I started this whole thing back in 2015, it really was just a part time passion project and a way for me to give back. After being given so much, I figured there was no better time to make CBD Farms CBD Oil available to everyone, as it can help thousands of people experience life pain-free and live much happier lives.”

His product, CBD Farms CBD Oil, has been flying off the shelves within minutes and Sam Elliott says his number one struggle as CEO is being able to keep up with demand. His CBD wellness line is 90% cheaper and five times more effective than those being offered by Bayer and other “Big Pharma” companies.

Bayer and Purdue Pharma were furious after seeing a massive dip in their sales, calling for Sam Elliott to be indicted, saying: “We’re happy Sam Elliott found something to replace prescriptions, but his announcement was a direct breach of contract. His network should fire him immediately and he should formally apologize.“

Sam Elliott appeared on Live TV again the next day, not to apologize, but to offer viewers free samples.

“I’m not going to let these companies intimidate me,” Sam Elliott fired back during his appearance. “Our product, CBD Farms CBD Oil, has helped me my family not just cope with our what ails us but to thrive! I am so confident in it that I’m offering free samples to everyone. CBD Farms CBD Oil is the product of thousands of hours of research and development. I wouldn’t talk about something on air I don’t believe in and give to my family.”

Sam Elliott eventually admitted that big pharma companies are furious with him after noticing a large decline in sales since CBD Farms CBD Oil was launched on the market.

“Users of CBD Farms CBD Oil are experiencing results that before now were only possible through prescription medication. It’s obviously a much cheaper, and safer alternative and because of that pharmaceutical companies are finding it harder to keep patients using their prescriptions.”

Sam’s words coupled with online reports of amazing results got us curious about CBD Farms CBD Oil so we did some research — here’s what we found.

Is CBD Farms CBD Oil Right For You?

Source: when is an exercise an exercise? – Soft Tap


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