Blueberry Tarragon Sauce – no added sugar

BLUEBERRY TARRAGON SAUCE – no added sugar Smoky, fruity, savory, tart, naturally sweet. Goes well with vegan meats as a condiment, or spooned over cake or ice-cream. Spread as a jam on your favorite toasted breads! Add a dab of brown sugar if you like! Tarragon and blueberries who would think? Interesting match! The absenceContinue reading “Blueberry Tarragon Sauce – no added sugar”



If you’re not sick and just ate thirty minutes ago and are compelled to eat again and can’t stop yourself while your brain is signally you just ate, and you feel full, then the ‘delay gratification’ mechanism in your brain is out of whack and needs an adjustment to slow it down. TUNE UP TIME.Continue reading “DELAY GRATIFICATION”


People take responsibility for their diabetes and high blood pressure by treating them. People take responsibility for their alcohol and drug addiction by treating them. Judging by the girth and number of strokes plus alcohol and addictive drug sales not nearly enough do. How about you? Are you controlling your diseases, or are your diseasesContinue reading “OR DO THEY?”


Everyone who has lost weight knows that nuts are not allowed on a regular basis, unless you can eat three and three only of any particular nut. Even though they’re nutrient dense, too many become hazardous to weight loss. You know that old adage: First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink,Continue reading “NUTS AND YOU”

Green Apple Cucumber Salad – low fat

GREEN APPLE CUCUMBER SALAD – low fat Sliced green apple, sliced seed cucumber, onion, tarragon and fresh lemon tossed with a low fat brown sugar curry-cinnamon yogurt dressing. Yikes. Smooth and buttery tasting! Serves 6

Potato Cucumber Salad With Fat-Free Dressing

POTATO CUCUMBER SALAD WITH FAT-FREE DRESSING • fat-free salad except for a few olives and what’s naturally in tofu • FAT-FREE DRESSING Boiled potatoes, fresh seeded cucumber, onion, spiced tofu, peas and Kalamata olives. Tossed with lime juice, sugar and Poupon mustard. Tasty and smooth! Tasty enough to put leftovers on a sandwich – withContinue reading “Potato Cucumber Salad With Fat-Free Dressing”

Roasted Sweet Potato Orange Soup Or Sauce

ROASTED SWEET POTATO ORANGE SOUP OR SAUCE Chilled Roasted sweet potatoes, peeled and processed till smooth. Mixed with plain yogurt, orange juice, maple syrup, tarragon and garlic. Served cold or hot. Appetizer summer or winter holiday soup. Sweet, savory, tangy, smoky! Creamy delicious! Makes 5-3/4 cups

Tomato Turnip Tofu Stew

TOMATO TURNIP TOFU STEW Stew, because there’s more solids than liquid. Sauteed celery and onion simmered with parsnip, turnip, carrot and cabbage. Seasoned with garlic, basil and allspice with a touch of smoke. Chopped broccoli, petite peas and extra-firm tofu cubes for added protein and texture. Quite lovely for a root stew. Flavors like chickenContinue reading “Tomato Turnip Tofu Stew”

Caffeine Allergy & Coffee Intolerance: What You Need to Know

FFC ClipBoard: To add to the article on coffee: “…Green Tea May However Contain Mycotoxins Several studies were reviewed for an idea of how much aflatoxin and ochratoxin was commonly in Green tea on the market. Green tea is largely from China and India where heavy metals, pesticides and mycotoxins are more often found on foods.Continue reading “Caffeine Allergy & Coffee Intolerance: What You Need to Know”

Brain Health: 8 Important Resources To Help You Protect Your Brain

Ask someone how to prevent heart disease, and they might tell you to avoid trans fats and animal products. Liver disease: Moderate alcohol intake. Lung ailments: Breathe clean air, and don’t smoke. But what about your brain? What can you do, right now, to optimize your brain health — and protect your brain from diseasesContinue reading “Brain Health: 8 Important Resources To Help You Protect Your Brain”

Big Pharma In Outrage Over Sam Elliott’s Latest Business Venture

Congress took pain meds away from people with chronic pain, except those that have horrific side effects, for the purpose of keeping you from getting addicted? ‘We’ll minimize your pain and take your memory with it’? Over the counter NSAIDS are accused of causing internal bodily harm as is plain aspirin. Pain management programs atContinue reading “Big Pharma In Outrage Over Sam Elliott’s Latest Business Venture”

Don’t Let Go Of The Bad Stuff; Release The Good Stuff

People are always saying, ‘let it go’, but nobody knows how to do that, so why keep saying it? Release the good stuff instead of letting go of the bad. It’s easier and once done, it magically takes care of the bad too. Where did it go? Who cares. A lot of people don’t relaxContinue reading “Don’t Let Go Of The Bad Stuff; Release The Good Stuff”

Are You Vulnerable To the Histamine Factor?

FFC ClipBoard: Do you sniffle and sneeze a lot? Are you interested in histamines? I was, so I did a little research. HISTAMINES AND ANTI-HISTAMINES “Well, there are an increasing number of vulnerable people who are literally trawling around the internet looking for a “proper” food list, for the “ultimate” food list, for the “best”Continue reading “Are You Vulnerable To the Histamine Factor?”