Top 10 Best And Worst Foods For Brain Health

FFC ClipBoard: Of particular interest to me are the herbs and spices category listed in the top 10 Foods For Brain Health, seeings though I use a lot of them in my animal-free recipes.

At 71 years old I take no medication, the spine doctor said “there’s nothing wrong with your memory” and I can walk and conduct all activities without assistance or devices.

I have spine issues from a few previous injuries, some serious, resulting in chronic pain, but I think losing weight around my middle will help. When I didn’t have the weight, I thought building my middle would help. It didn’t.

I do have dystonia, a neurological condition that causes abnormal contractions of skeletal muscles, which contributes to that pain in addition to tumors, some large, plus herniated and bulging discs at nearly every level of my spinal column and reverse curvatures at the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions.

I still get a lot done throughout the day and evening even though I complain of low energy and bound up muscles while doing it. Half the battle for me is persistence and determination which are my two most important driving forces.

Motivation is a gift, that I rarely have, but I can still accomplish a lot without it. Feeling good, would be a great motivating tool, but like I say, I rarely feel good enough to benefit.

Although I don’t like ‘faking it till I make it, I do a lot of it. I could loosen muscles via medication, but they fog my brain, so I do without. It seems the more I exercise and stretch, the more I hurt, but I still do it.

I injure easily while exercising, feeling the power of the work and liking it, but then the next day and several weeks along I pay the price.

Back to square one has turned into, start from here.


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