Slow Isn’t Sexy Anymore

Speed it up and be done with it. Relief is the new sexy. Done. I love the concept the reality the finality. I love being in that space between done and before I start the next thing. No matter how small that space, it exists just for me. I own it. When I feel reliefContinue reading “Slow Isn’t Sexy Anymore”


Delight Soy Chicken And Green Bean Salad

Delight Soy Chicken And Green Bean Salad Most of us wouldn’t think of putting fresh green beans in a chicken salad, but it works. PLANT CHICKEN OF COURSE! High fiber and a nice crunch with tiny cuts. Give it a try, see what you think! We reduce the fat by using Poupon Dijon mustard inContinue reading “Delight Soy Chicken And Green Bean Salad”