Eggs Now Being Sold As Heart Healthy

WebMD supports frying eggs in oil? Almost raw? Are those salmonella-free yolks? How can you tell? You can’t. You take the risk.

WebMD pandering to white people. Eating eggs makes them happy? Where’s the mother?

Maybe it’s the salad and not the egg that keeps some people from getting strokes?

F-FC ClipBoard: Notice there’s no mention of salmonella poisoning?

You can’t believe any of these so-called benefits when WebMD is obviously controlled my government forces that support the slaughter industries. People spent years moving away from egg consumption, and now that the economy is tanking due to the CC Virus and massive protests resulting in massive financial losses to businesses and individuals, the government wants everybody to revert to eating eggs again as their cheap protein source. 

So what does that mean, now that the slaughterhouses and dairy processing plants are closing? Meat is out, eggs are in?

Notice they don’t mention weight loss.

Health Benefits of Eggs?

They Offer Complete Protein? Most people don’t eat only one food at a meal, so it’s irrelevant.

They’re Nutrient Dense? So are nuts.

They Help Your ‘Good’ Cholesterol? So do veggies.

They Can Lower Your Triglycerides? They can? Meaning possible?

They Can Lower Your Odds of a Stroke? They can? Meaning possible? Strokes are caused by many variables, diet is only one. Eating eggs will not save you from stroke.

They Help With Portion Control? Like a 4 egg omelet with cheese, butter, biscuits, jam and sausage?

They’re Affordable? Affordable compared to what, healthcare? They clog your arteries.

They’re Heart Healthy? For whose heart are they healthy?

  • Correlational studies have no basis in fact. Eat an egg a day and you won’t get a stroke? If you live in China? Chinese don’t eat eggs anyway, so why test them.

Chickens Matter. Leave them alone, and you won’t have to wonder why WebMD promotes enslavement, torture and slaughter by eating eggs to prevent a stroke and heart disease.

Source: Health Benefits of Eggs

In conflicting research:

However, more recent research has found that eating a minimum of three eggs per week can increase the likelihood of early death.

A team of researchers from the Department of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University presented evidence that eating three eggs per week or 300 milligrams or more of cholesterol per day can increase the risk of death.



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