So What Are You Taking To Combat COVID-19 Sharon?

Years ago when Steve and I combatted a severe toxic mold injury I took copper supplements.

Before my doctor Zayat – a neurologist – even asked, I told him I was taking copper supplements. He asked why.

I said that I researched it and that copper was an anti-fungal supplement. And since I was infested by toxic mold, I thought it a good idea, since the Cleveland Clinic wasn’t giving me any treatment options for it, except to let it run its course.

He was surprised, but at the same time thought it was a good move. He was impressed.

I’m treating COVID-19 LIKE A TOXIC MOLD. I know that pain. I know that injury.

COVID-19 isn’t an animal and it isn’t a plant – similar to molds. A virus isn’t a plant and it isn’t an animal. A mold isn’t a plant nor an animal

So that’s where I am now.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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